At the end of the day, you will want to choose the best fillet knife to best suit your needs. The blade is made from stainless steel and can be very flexible when utilized. If you wanted to choose one from the Boning knife vs fillet knife, let’s discuss some of its primary uses. Generally, a curved knife for me will do deeper cuts or bark removal easier than a straight blade. While the blade may not have the best edge retention, it can be sharpened over and over again with a sharpening stone if the blade becomes dull. Even though most fillet knives are durable and flexible, they are also the most prone to break or have some chipping over time. The knife is made for fisherman to clean their catch rather than for the chef in the kitchen. The rather large bolster is curved to bring an even balance to the knife for more accurate cuts. For modern metals, a cast blade can support a nearly negligible curvature without severely impacting its life while a forged blade is capable of supporting a curvature angle that provides approximately a 7% increase in velocity (approximately 15% increase in energy) and a hard metal machined blade supports a curvature giving up to approximately 15% increase in velocity (approximately a 32% increase in energy) (utilizing a C shaped blade for maximum gain). This knife is also one of the best knives to use for filleting fish of all kinds and in large quantities. I personally have Dalstrong, Mercer Culinary Millennia and Rapala fillet knives and I mostly use Mercer Culinary for salmon because it’s so long and extremely flexible=). You can try ZWILLING Pro if that’s not too expensive (it’s still flexible but maybe less they yours). But you will also want some kind of warranty to guarantee the longevity of your fillet knife. The knife also comes in a dyed leather sheath to store the blade when not in use. The knife has a full tang, three rivets and an ergonomically designed handle to aid in maneuverability and precision handling. It has the strength and toughness needed to separate thick meat from bones. When you purchase through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. This provides a higher throwing speed of the blades on the media (at equivalent turbine rotational velocities and equivalent turbine diameter) and therefore greater impact energy being transferred to the workpiece, allowing for the removal of more severe contaminants. The patent synthetic handle is also held in place against the full tang with 3 rivets for extra durability. This knife is not the best fillet knife to buy due to its lack of several features. This will prevent the blade from breaking or chipping when in use. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Mass Finishing Media, Part 2 – Tips for Measuring Media-to-Work Piece Ratio, Automotive Supplier Achieves Process Stability, High Cost Efficiency with Modular Shot Peening System, Mass Finishing Media, Part 1 – Don’t Navigate the Complex Selection Process Alone. But most knives are constructed of higher carbon metals, allowing them to remain extremely sharp over time without needing to sharpen them. Straight blades are, as the name suggests, blades that do not have curvature when viewed from the side and do not possess tangential curvature with respect to the turbine. This will allow the knife to go through bone like butter. These knives are thicker and less flexible as compared to the fillet knife. link above. The blade is made from stainless steel and is coated in non-stick black PTFE which allows the blade to run through fish effortlessly. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. When the business sold he returned to Chester's Chophouse as a sous chef. While being used, it will be re-sharpened many times. Purchasing a quality knife can become quite expensive. This will make the knife stronger. Blade retention is the ability of the knife to hold a sharp edge over time. You wouldn’t find this fillet knife in anyone’s kitchen, but more likely in their tackle box. For cast and forged blades, the price difference is relatively small; however, for hard metal machined blades, the cost difference can be quite significant. In this case, try to fillet the salmon with something closer to the boning knife. You may have to register The knife comes with its own protective hard case and is slightly water-resistant to protect the working parts from any unwanted fluids. Contact us today to discuss your unique challenges so we can identify the right blade for your needs. The high-performance motor is able to run with twice the torque power of most other electric knives. Curved blades are blades that have some degree of curvature when viewed from the side. We use cookies to improve your browsing experience on our website. Curved Boning Knives. This fillet knife is one of the most basic boning knives available. But generally, both types of knives are thinner than other types of knives. The handle is ergonomically designed to make handling and cutting easier. All rights reserved. Based on the above, curved blade designs are at their best when the parts have very difficult finishing requirements or when greater part throughput is necessary. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. This is also an advantage over most straight blade designs. Knives can become quite pricey, so make sure to get one you will not only be comfortable with but will also last forever. But opting out of some of these cookies may affect your browsing experience. Curved blades have two types of orientation that can be used be utilized: a γ (The Greek letter gamma) shape and a C shape. You will want a knife with a full tang and at least 3 rivets within the handle. This means the edge retention will not hold due to its high carbon steel makeup, The knife is equipped with a very strong motor which allows it to run through flesh and bone without exerting any extra energy, The blade has a strongly serrated edge which will never need to be sharpened, Comes with a protective case for storing and is water resistant, The knife has the ability to do large quantities of filleting and in half the amount of time than that of a non-electrical knife, This knife is electric, which means you will need to be near an electrical outlet for it to work, If you plan on only doing a small amount of filleting, then this is not the knife for you. There many different brands all with different types of construction and material makeup. However, this fillet knife may not be the best choice from their inventory. This can lead to damages very easily, While the blade is very strong, it lacks flexibility, which is necessary for a fillet knife to work properly, The knife consists of a full tang, three rivets and high carbon steel which mean the knife is built to last, The fillet knife is very durable, strong and evenly balanced great for making accurate cuts, While the blade is very strong and durable, the edge retention and thinness of the blade are compromised due to the material used, No risk involved for purchasing this average fillet knife for such a low price, Made from stainless steel with an easy to grip handle, Low quality of materials used in the handle and the blade of the knife, The knife does not have a full tang or any rivets which would strengthen the knife, This fillet knife is meant to be a workhorse which means the blade will dull very easily, Excellent addition to any fisherman’s gear, Great woodsy design and leather sheath which appeals to any outdoorsman, Non-stick coating on the blade to aide in precision cuts, Not the traditional fillet knife you would use in a kitchen. This is not the same as a fillet knife. Just as we mentioned before, both the boning knife vs fillet knife debate is here to stay. "Professionals are predictable but the world is full of dangerous amateurs". KitchenAria is your guidance in the world of cooking appliances and tools. Shun is a well-known titan of the knife industry. When comparing the boning knife vs. the fillet knife, you’ll find the two are similar in appearance; however, each one is engineered to meet a specific kitchen need. The final disadvantage is that curved blades tend to be more expensive than the straight blade designs, depending on the blade material. How to Tell The Difference Between a Boning Knife vs. a Fillet Knife. This problem still currently persists for hard metal blade designs. It is an exact 7 inches long and also comes with a leather sheath to store the knife in when not in use. So, make sure what you are purchasing is indeed a fillet knife. The blade is made from a single piece of steel and has a full tang. This gives the blade great edge retention and easy handling. A fillet knife is specifically designed to give you the lightweight handling and control you desire when cleaning fish. By the way, I’m assuming the curve is along the horizontal plane of the blade, like a sweep. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I have fillet knifes but they seem to flexible when going down the backbone of the salmon. Thank you, So you mean that your knives are too flexible for you? In 2005 he worked as the sous chef at Chester's Chophouse in Wichita Kansas under the well-known Executive Chef, Bobby Lane. The purpose of an electric fillet knife is the ability to file a large amount of fish at one time almost effortlessly. *. Although the knife is on the cheaper side and may not bring as much to the table as other fillet knives, Mercer stands behind their product by offering a lifetime warranty to protect the knife from wear and tear. This makes the knife easily accessible and aides in sharpening the tool anywhere at any time.

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