u/PlutoniumRooster. Continue moving through the defenders until you reach a barricade with King Radovid behind it. I defeated him using my Northern Realms deck featuring some Tight Bond Units (Blue Stripes Commando + Catapults), Decoys and Spy/Medic cards. Climb the stairs beside him and use Witcher Senses to find the marked torch near the top of the stairs. Exit the morgue and fast travel over to the Vegelbud Residence to the east of Novigrad. Once again you'll be treated to a scene. Drowners When all three crates have been marked, return outside. Turns out Henckel died a few months back so whoever used their name obviously had some hand in the robbery. You can check out the room to the left for another pair of bodies and some lootables, but the body we are looking for is through the right hand door. You are to bring her, a highly sought after sorceress, to the witch hunters, which should grant Geralt an audience with Menge but, to really make it work, Geralt will also need to persuade them that he has information on Philippa Eilhart. Either way you'll be attacked. DO NOT choose any conversation options that indicate you might not help or this will end the conversation. Once all of the ambushers are dead or dying, Hattori will take off and invite you to follow. In the morgue we'll need to find a specific body. Once you have killed the Higher Vampire, we'll have our objectives updated once again. Find the point at which it is closest and run and jump across the gap to reach it. Return to Sukrus on the lower level of the Golden Sturgeon Tavern to let him know the result of your endeavours. Compared to the first round, with a Northern Realms deck, the second round was much easier. Activate Witcher Sense and explore the room. At this point, we'll need to fast travel back to Hierarch's Square in Novigrad and head into the Golden Sturgeon Tavern once again. Using AARD will temporarily remove his fiery aura; disabling his fire-based AOE smash and allowing you to pretty much treat him as a regular large enemy. For a time, Dandelion sent reports to the Redanian intelligence service. Move through the linear path and kill the first group of Drowners that appear. Head on through to continue. Once you have killed all of them, a scene will play during which you can make a quick decision. You'll be thrust into a conversation with Pricilla at this point and have to make a decision about the building's décor. Speaking with Cleaver will give you some backup whilst you explore the next two areas. Enter the building and climb to the third floor to meet Triss. Commander's Horn: Doubles the strength of all unit cards in that row. During the scene that follows you'll have an opportunity for another timed decision. Head to the yellow investigation zone and dive underwater to find a tunnel here we can swim through. Deck Simply meditate for 24-48 hours. ", "Kill the Wild Hunt warriors near the right portal in the forest.". Make your way inside to trigger a conversation. Switch your leader to Foltest with the ability to cast clear weather to help out if you get in a bind in the later rounds. (Honor and glory!) Unfortunately you don't have your weapons, but you can fist fight and use your signs to make things quicker. Ifrit can dish out some extremely damaging close range melee attacks and will regularly punch the ground causing an area of effect shockwave if you stay too close. As soon as you finish this quest, you'll not be able to attempt it again. Count Reuven's Treasure From the open grating described above, head inside and go down the first set of stairs. Kill the elven aggressors and you'll automatically leave the area.

There are 6-7 level 24-26 enemies in the warehouse who you'll need to dispatch to continue. Use Igor's Key on the small chest on the table by the throne to pick up a Message from Igor. With a well-constructed Northern Realms deck featuring some Decoys, Heroes and Spy/Medic cards, you should be able to beat him at his own game and out-manoeuvre him. ", "Jump into the water to cool off and regenerate. Inside you'll find a spy's note and a way to signal a meeting with them. Activate Witcher Sense and you can inspect the following: Investigating the smashed bottle with Witcher Sense will create a scent trail we can follow with Witcher Sense active that will lead us to the next objective location. At this point, a scene will play and a fight will break out anyway. You'll find a library inside and in the far left corner from the entrance you'll find another weak wall we can use AARD to remove from our path. Start Location: Purchase the Jade Figurine from the merchant in the building behind the notice board closest to the St. Gregory Bridge travel signpost in Novigrad. Note: For beating Marquise Serenity you'll earn 25XP. Once you have seen off the Witch Hunters, we'll need to track down the Halfling. Unfortunately, it's not quite as straightforward as you would hope as we'll need to travel all the way to the Skellige isles to undertake the next portion of the side-quest. If you only got the key, he will not be happy but will still give you a reward. Turn on Geralt's Witcher Sense and locate the footprints nearby. Note: The ‘Gangs of Novigrad' will be failed during the next part of this main quest if we do not turn it in at this point. You'll see that it leads you right to the very same Halfling in a nearby alleyway.

After examining enough of these clues, your objectives will update and encourage you to move onto the next area of interest. As failing this quest can have implications down the line, it is important that you keep Ves alive. As you near the location listed above, a ‘!'

Either way you choose to approach the situation, the scene will end pretty much the same way – Dandelion will head back to the Rosemanry and Thyme and you'll get another task to do.

After another short scene, the vampire will transform into a Katakans. Approach the main gate and convince the guard to let you in. She'll receive a health bar on the left side of the screen and if it depletes entirely, she will die and you'll fail the quest. Prioritise engaging and killing those in close proximity to Ves. Approach the pair of NPCs standing in front. If Menge attacked you though, Triss will scold Geralt before telling him to search Menge's desk. You'll find that Roche has returned to his camp after helping you during the ‘Get Junior' quest. The trader himself can be found on a boat moored at the northern end of the Novigrad Docks. Start Location: From Hattori in the sword sharpening shop in the Fish market of Novigrad. With the Drowners out of the way, Nidas will chat with you once again and tell you to meet him in Novigrad to get paid. When you reach a locked door, go down the nearby ladders until you reach the sewers. Once you have received your marching orders from Radovid, make your way over to the objective marker at the ruins of Est Taymar which are located to the northwest of Oxenfurt. Note: At this point you'll earn the achievement/trophy ‘Assassin of Kings'.

Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a, Crinfrid Reavers Dragon Hunter (Gwent Card), Foltest Lord Commander of the North (Gwent Card). IF you triggered the fight, you can clear out the camp and then follow the dirt road on the far side. As such, you'll need to kill them all. After speaking with Nidas at the Golden Sturgeon, agree to help him track down a Black Pearl.

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