Website design and development by Stretch Creative. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Apparatus and method for stripping tritium from molten salt, Creep-resistant, cobalt-containing alloys for high temperature, liquid-salt heat exchanger systems, Apparatus and Method for Stripping Tritium from Molten Salt, High strength alloys for high temperature service in liquid-salt cooled energy systems, Creep-resistant, cobalt-free alloys for high temperature, liquid-salt heat exchanger systems, Heat exchanger life extension via in-situ reconditioning, Liquid salt environment stress-rupture testing, LIQUID SALT ENVIRONMENT STRESS-RUPTURE TESTING, Method for Measuring Primary Coolant Flow in a Fluoride Salt Cooled High Temperature Reactor, Creep-Resistant, Cobalt-Free Alloys for High Temperature, Liquid-Salt Heat Exchanger Systems, Creep-Resistant, Cobalt-Containing Alloys for High Temperature, Liquid-Salt Heat Exchanger Systems, Heat Exchanger Life Extension Via In-Situ Reconditioning, High Strength Alloys for High Temperature Service in Liquid-Salt Cooled Energy Systems, Torsional ultrasonic wave based level measurement system, Torsional Ultrasonic Wave Based Level Measurement System, Method for facilitating the introduction of material into cells, High-speed non-contact measuring apparatus for gauging the thickness of moving sheet material, Material forming apparatus using a directed droplet stream. David L. Holcomb has filed for patents to protect the following inventions. Why not check it out? Inventors: David L. Holcomb, Darsh T. Wasan, Alex D. Nikolov Composition and process for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide. David Holcomb was a U.S. State Senator in the Ohio Senate.He served from January 3, 1967 – December 31, 1972. David Holcombe is an award-winning kitchen gadget inventor with over 40 products and over 20 design awards sold in over 40 countries. Beauty. He is ... Born: May 22, 1967 This listing includes patent applications that are pending as well as patents that have already been granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Inventors: David A. Holcomb, Joshua R. Stewart, Matthew Krus Hulling device.

METHODS AND COMPOSITIONS COMPRISING PARTICLES FOR USE IN OIL AND/OR GAS WELLS, Method for Recovering Hydrocarbon from Tar Sand Using Nanofluid, METHOD FOR INTERVENTION OPERATIONS IN SUBSURFACE HYDROCARBON FORMATIONS, Hydraulic fracturing with slick water from dry blends, Method for Intervention Operations in Subsurface Hydrocarbon Formations, Composition and process for the treatment of hydrogen sulfide, Composition and process for well cleaning. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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