Smell it in the store before you buy it to see how you like it. It is strange that they would say that. My water is, despite being orangish and tasting tinny, not unhealthy and is quite soft.

We have had readers write in saying they tried our homemade cleaner solutions with another brand or type of soap. Thanks for this article. It is safe for absolutely anything!

I have a feeling it will be different. I filled each dishpan about three-quarters full of the hottest possible water from our sink, added a tablespoon of detergent, and swished gently to work up some suds. Hello Carolyn, The original Dawn was replaced by Dawn Ultra in 1996. I boiled a huge pot of hot water and added a few drops of dawn in it. It looks like the Dawn Platinum is basically Dawn Ultra with an additional cleaning chemical called ethoxylated decanol. It is widely used by homemade-cleaner enthusiasts as an ingredient in DIY cleaner recipes.

Hang on to some old containers, packages and toilet paper rolls and see for your self. This was later changed to just Non-Concentrated Dawn. Many readers have questions about substituting Dawn for Castile soap as more natural option. We use it in pump bottles in the bathroom and porch for washing our hands, there again I’ve told her about the small amount. He is now 17 years old still catches vermin and that is the last time he got a bath.

Add the mixture to a garden sprayer. Works wonderfully. Each time, blue Dawn® seemed to get things up quicker. Then out of the ‘blue’ a few weeks ago I decided to try the Dawn Platinum and got hooked on it. This claim appeared to be true, but I believe (conjecture only) due to addition of an ingredient or ingredients that produced a physical squeak due to the ingredient(s) remaining on your dishes even after rinsing. I thought that Dawn had watered it down like so many things available now at the grocery store. In San Diego CA the Dawn Professional can be found at the Business Costco only. It lasted a long time, it really lathered up and made a lot of bubbles. I have bottles of Platinum. But if the dish soap we use does the job well, we get to go on with the rest of our evening. In the tests, we found very effective detergents of both types, so you can make an informed choice. I found that using dawn instead of shampoo leaves my hair free of hairspray build-up. The original Dawn is believed by many to be better than than today’s Dawn. It also contains natural ingredients that make it gentle—Himalayan pink sea salt and aloe vera. If you call U.S. support that is where they will direct you. We still don’t know what the enzyme profile is for Dawn Professional and how it differs from Dawn Ultra. That’s great!

Granted I typically use glass cleaners and stainless steel cleaners but only cause my clients would fire me on the spot if I walked in with 3 products lol I’m saying all of this because I’ve recently discovered that this specific Dawn is no longer on the market and I’m panicking! A tall cherry tree. The regular Dawn is a non-concentrated version, (also called Simply Clean) so more diluted.

Dawn Platinum Bleach Alternative Dishwashing Liquid. I want to know why they don’t list the ingrediants on the bottle like everyone else does.

Hi Jeffrey,

I’ve been using the original Dawn but will get the ultra formulation at my next purchase. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. They sell Dreft brand instead of Dawn in the Netherlands. Our best-testing eco-friendly brand, Seventh Generation is effective on most food stains. In our testing, we found that even sub-par soaps can get dishes clean with some extra scrubbing, but the best dish soaps will save you time standing at the sink, elbow-deep in suds. I used the Powerwash to spray the places that needed de-crustification, let it chill out in the sink for a little while as I did my other tidying up, and then used a sponge to swipe away the more stubborn hardened food. This is how we have dishwashing liquids and detergents. I have to wear protective gloves to use something with SLS in it, but it does make it easier to clean things. Not only is Dawn great for my dog, but I also found out that Dawn removes grease and grime from bathroom mirrors better than Windex. Then the grit helps to remove the last bits. You and your commenters touched on several good points. Called a family vet she suggested Dawn Blue and we washed him with it. Only a few have been good enough to impress me. I continue to use and love the Dawn Ultra! I cup into a 29 gallon keeps it clean and flowing when time to dump! Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. They will not divulge what chemicals are in it. I like enzymes. It is the vinegar and Epsom salt that is actually killing the plant.

I was wrong. Amanda uses baby wash as a hand soap to keep the skin on her hands moisturized. The only difference is that it takes longer for regular Dawn to penetrate whereas ultra Dawn takes less than 2 minutes. Dawn is designed to strip oil and grease. Let me know if you see it elsewhere. A light haze of bacon grease remained on the test dishes after soaking in a solution of Joy.

The New and Improved Dawn Ultra blue is stronger than all other varieties except the Dawn Platinum and Heavy Duty lines.I had previously wrote that all of the Dawn Ultra varieties were basically the same product with different scents and colors. It has the same ingredients, but the packaging allows for better use on dishes. Nonetheless, the Powerwash is extremely pleasing to use. Sodium lauryl sulfate by itself is irritating to the skin and causes contact dermatitis. 07/30/15 ( I have a ton of information on this if you are interested), Is the products sold in NZ as Fairy the same as Dawn then or quite different, Hello Robyn, . We hear there is no inflation, but there truly is, it is just sneaky product development! In the photo you can see two different bottles of Non-Concentrated Dawn that I picked up at the same store in November 2013. If I remember correctly (and I believe I do) it’s advertising claim was that it would quickly get your dishes squeaky clean, implying that other dish-washing liquids require much rinsing before they became squeaky clean, so Dawn would save you time, effort, and water. I don’t recommend using Dawn as a hand soap. Dawn is great for that! I have 4 two week old kittens with fleas.

That is safe and healthy for my project. Dawn Special Care was available in the late 1990’s. The most recent ingredient sheets and/or bottle labels no longer list enzymes. This is also why so many of our homemade cleaners contain dishwashing liquid, it is truly the BEST HOME surfactant you can find. The regular Dawn is a non-concentrated version, (also called Simply Clean) so more diluted. Hope you enjoy using them! I registered my dissatisfaction. Our vet recommended using it for our dog and his hair is so shiny too! The label says “5X More Grease Cleaning Power vs. I appreciate your input. Thanks again! Is blue Dawn better than the other colors? Wet the surface of the swarm with the Dawn mixture until the bees are eliminated.Texas A&M AgriLife extension has more information about using soapy water to control bees. Regular liquid bath soap probably does a better job than antibacterial bath soaps for just this reason. This compact bottle is 375ml and is bright blue in colour. Hello Rob, Dawn Ultra is pleasant to use with a mild, fruity fragrance, a thicker texture, and a distinctive blue color.

After we ran all of the tests, we ran the numbers to determine which detergent was most effective against food stains. Like all of your other readers, why mess with something if it’s not broke?

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