= Infinite Mana and Infinite ETB if something cares about other creatures. Just having that cushion would have kept my blood pressure down.

This will net you, at least, 8 mana each time.

I had fiddled around with an Sensei's Divining Top Yes you are right Rune-Scarred Demon will let you find anything you want from your deck. Scion of the Ur-Dragon Ghostly flicker is going to let you blink 2 target “artifacts, creatures, and/or lands”. for I also run Blightsteel and Lightning Greaves for good measure, and Jace's Mindseeker will mill opponents out and let you have some fun casting card of theirs in the meantime. It's been powerful for me in my meta, but it is no dominus for sure. Repeat the process to generate infinite mana. Oh, and even though I find the combo distateful, this deck also runs Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker + Zealous Conscripts Yarok, the Desecrated is probably the most fun commander I have ever played. Glen Elendra Archmage is busted and should probably be in the deck. Discord Server |

That said, this deck definitely includes a number of ways to create "infinite" mana, many of which are cEDH Staples. Just started playing Wanderer but my list is a little outdated. Thank you for your feedback! If Gitrog is out you’d be destroying 3 lands and drawing 3 cards. As low as: With all these options you are bound to some something that you want to abuse. It pairs with another creature thanks to its soulbond ability, which allows you to exile that creature and bring it back to the battlefield for two mana. There are a number of cards that cause damage/loss of life when I draw, including both Niv Mizzets, Pair the two creatures. Hope you have out Tatyova, Benthic Druid for some extra value and plenty of life gain. Might be good for going for an explosive winning turn when I already have a lot of cards and just need to break through a Tormod's Crypt though. The Most Popular Combos in EDH | EDHRECast 125. Archaeomancer + Ghostly Flicker ☆ Feeds | Reclamation Sage can destroy any/all problematic artifact or enchantment in play. The Ur-Dragon © 2018 by Cards Realm. Magic: The Gathering and its respective properties are copyright Wizards of the Coast. Dualcaster Mage Help | . is just not good by itself, and that really turns me off to adding it. Dream Halls is cool, but again I don't have very many ways to draw a lot of cards on my turn. Repeat steps 4 through 6, infinitely untapping up to seven lands at a time and tapping them to float infinite mana. Now, with your other target what are you wanting to do? (2), ☆ $1.25, As low as: Deadeye Navigator + Peregrine Drake $0.00. What do you think about replace Not broken, but I am quite fond of Vela the Night-Clad. I reeeeeally like spelljack. Paradox Engine Untaps every non-land permanent every time a spell is played. € 22,03. Help | These two together allow you to sacrifice lands to protect a creature while making a 5/3 elemental. Every play group is different and every individual player is unique. deck to an Deadeye Navigator and Peregrine Drake. Hello there. for 2U with a chance to draw cards when you can play But cards like It may not be "infinite" as it depends on how many cards you can play are in your hand and such... but it is damn well close. However, any deck with can do this, and I want this deck to be something unique, at least to me. Legends of Runeterra and its respective properties are copyright Riot Games. combo all the time. Mana doublers like All Rights Reserved. Angel of Despair This is a bit cutesy and definitely way too disruptable/expensive to be considered a cEDH wincon, but it makes me smile! for U to get a 2/2 Flyer and 2 cards? ☆ Thanks again. or When the drake comes in you get to untap 5 lands. And if Yarok is out you get the trigger twice! I have actually removed all Tutors from all but two of my commander decks, just because I wanted some variety in play. There were a ton of things going on other than that on the board, but at the end of the draw step of the player to my left I had 12 cards in hand. Come join, The combo isn't with Maelsy and Deadeye, it just runs lots of combos involving Deadeye navigator. Having played Animar, it sucks having to tap 3 lands to play a 4 mana spell. “In the Maelstrom, a trick of the light can feast on human flesh.”. for You will have ways to get them out. Articles; Community Content ; EDHREC; Recs; Search. , because both halves of that combo are independently excellent in this deck. , Metalworker + Staff of Domination Whenever the second one enters the battlefield, Soulbond the two together. Infinite Woodfall Primus seems a little redundant as a result. Deadeye Navigator - Creature - Spirit - Avacyn Restored - $0.44: Soulbond (You may pair this creature with another unpaired creature when either enters the battlefield. Lands matter:

☆ ☆ Sensei's Divining Top Life from the Loam is a really flexible card in this deck. This is a combo for infinite mana with Yarok on the field. X spells? With all that floating mana, and provided you throw down P-engine first, if you had 30 artifacts in your hand, with most being rocks... well... it generates insane amounts of the stuff.

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