If there are words for Him, Then, I don’t have them. And we will finally be – united with our Saviour for eternity

He's great; everything I've always said I wanted and more. Just laugh. For my God knew that man-made words – would never do You described the emotions you went through beautifully and though the story is sad instead a feeling depressed feels rejuvenating at the end when you accept the events and decide to move forward. Thank you for transcribing this – I was just about to, but you beat me to it! Preformed at the 2013 WOWPS 2013 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5frn8TAlew0, Women of the World Poetry Slam 2013, performing during prelims. This is a hilarious spoken word poem by the talented Denice Froham. Lend me your ears. Thanks iha for sharing this. Here are 50 spoken word/slam poems that might change your life, in no particular order. ( Log Out /  To the way that you feel

You see – if there are words for Him, Then, I don’t have them, My God Hopefully you'll be happily married too so that I don't feel as guilty, but I know it will happen. Dear Straight People, I keep thinking of you though, and that time you were drunk and crying on the phone because I couldn't be there. That He lovingly endured the grave

He is truly God. This poem was absolutely amazing. Now I know that asphalt highway Waoooo me quede a tónica al escuchar estas palabras del pastor refiriéndose al Señor de Señores.y no me canso de escuchar y mis lágrimas no las puedo contener .Dios te bendiga Isaac. JOY has a name! We have so many memories, that I don't know where to start. Dear Hip-Hop, Hope to be brutal We were sitting at the bar I haven't spoken to you in almost two years. You make young poets make bad edits. I am smitten with the vapors LOVE has a name! Dear Straight People, I’m tired of proving that my love is authentic. Sexuality and gender? Even though you were so great, it took me seeing my fiance for me to see that we weren't that perfect. Depression became my best friend and loneliness became my new boyfriend... My dreams became nightmares as you wrote off our future as the past, Combined Water Colored Dreams with Acrylic Possibilities, I sculpted our offspring with clay of Purpose and placed them in a kiln called Destiny, But you were too busy chasing these copies, You would rather plagiarize my Happily Ever After instead of trying to be a part of it, Don’t you see Glen Patterson Jr. To hear the words of love spoken Honey, I've got visions of your flesh And more rolling around my brain Hear angel voice choruses Around each and every bend When I come to you With my bleeding little heart in my hand Tough time getting it off my sleeve But I knew you'd understand Now I know that asphalt highway Lies and steals It pays no attention

And diverse temptation That it’s hard to even send the praise up Jorge Mercado? I can only hope that you stumble across it one day and think of the girl who broke your heart. To the way that you feel I'm truly sorry for that, but I was convinced that there was someone else out there for you and I both. So He sent His Son Jesus Christ as – THE Word Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Dear Straight Men, If I’m flirting with you, it’s because I think it’s funny. Dear Straight Bullies, Praise Him as the Risen King, Lift your voice and sing He has made Himself the object of my sight Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. ( Log Out /  You were the first boy to kiss me, make me cry, comfort me when my family got crazy, tell me I was beautiful just the way I am, and you were the first person I was intimate with. So it’s not just words that I proclaim Kissing my girlfriend in public without looking to see who’s around is a luxury I do not fully have yet. That's where I've been for two years, waiting for that second wall but it hasn't come. It was self imposed I know, but it was there.

It defies all known description "Dear Ursula" Melissa May-Dunn I gave you all of me and you left me with nothing but my low self-esteem. ETERNITY (SELAH). Sakia Gunn? I have gotten engaged to that guy I told you about. LIVING PROOF. We have so many memories, that I don't know where to start. Today's world has gone astray, purity is scarce. An annotation cannot contain another annotation. UVNAmerica asks Chance The Rapper to help distribute life-saving, ultraviolet light therapy device to HIV patients globally. Note: When you embed the widget in your site, it will match your site's styles (CSS). I don’t think God has a sexual orientation, But tonight, I am drunk in my freedom, from too many parents? ( Log Out /  To the way that you feel, Vigilantes Of Love Lyrics provided by SongLyrics.com. Why do you have to stare at me when I’m holding my girlfriend’s hand like I’m about to rob you? Dear Straight People, An expression of worship – to A SAVIOR Lies and steals Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. You kill everything that’s different, I preserve it. ( Log Out /  My words and thoughts and actions are inadequate to praise him. is alive and well in too many lunch rooms, So I’m calling for reparations. Every current nomenclature And in trying to capture the one true God She is saying that the only reason that being “gay” is a problem is because “straight” people make it one. CONQUERED me in my sin Watch and read these three beautiful spoken word poetry pieces about […] I'm marrying him. Did you notice that hate I trusted you with my heart... took a chance on love because for some reason I couldn’t get you out of my mind; That imaginary tape was stuck on rewind as I based my decision on your promise that "You would never hurt me", But in this life lesson learned I came to the realization that hurt is inevitable, So you justify your actions as unintentional, I was mind-fucked by jealousy and raped by resentment. All Rights Reserved. Gay people rap. Constant through generations, King of every nation

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