Use Stride gambits and Warp spells to be able to come to their aid as soon as possible. ├ Bow Knight ├ Chapter 16: Lady of Deceit ├ How to Get Abyss Exam Pass

Lekain | Hetzel | Numida | Valtome | Oliver | Seliora | Kimaarsi | Istvan | Lombroso | Sergei, Begnion Central Army ├ Professor Levels This page contains a list of every Paralogue Battle in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. ├ More Information on Dark Flier Class Jarth | Degenerated Dragons (Duma), Friege ├ How to Defeat Monsters Lundgren | Zugu | Erik | Bauker | Bernard | Roartz | Arcard | Leygance | Devias, Fomortiis | Lyon | Riev | Vigarde | Valter | Selena | Caellach | Orson | Tirado | Gheb, Daein You will recieve the Scythe of Sariel, a powerful spear weapon after the battle if Caspar successfully defeats the knight. Each paralogue gives more insight into the characters’ backstories and personalities. ├ Archer ├ Chapter 3: Mutiny in the Mist In his final words, he feebly says her name before breathing his last. ├ Advice Box Below is a list of paralogues that occur during the pre-time skip. His presence was a surprise to Byleth, but Edelgard assured them that the Death Knight is on their side. └ Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge ├ Lorenz Hermann Gloucester Full Name Despite his strength, he fell to the Kingdom's forces. Lorenz receives a letter from his father, Count Gloucester, who wishes for his son to resolve a territorial dispute that is about to escalate to violence. ├ How to Defeat the Death Knight Crimes

├ Hanneman ├ Character Base Skill Levels └ War Cleric and Other Speculated Classes Confirmed ├ Lorenz ├ More Information on Trickster Class, Anna Battle Merchant Costume in DLC └ Skill Level Experience Bonuses

Murdock | Brunya | Narcian | Galle, Black Fang ├ Auxiliary Battles ├ Lecture Room Bonus Motivation ├ Ignatz Afterward, Jeritza is no longer part of the Academy staff and can not be found in the monastery, eventually causing everyone to realize he is the Death Knight and a traitor to the Church of Seiros. ├ Permanent Events This is a list of all of the Paralogue battles in Fire Emblem: Three Houses (FETH, FE3H).

Felix has been called upon to help restore order back home. ├ Battalions Duke Aegir | Lonato | Miklan Andchutx Gautier | Acheron | Pallardó | Gwendal, Múspell

├ Class Stat Growth Rates

├ Chapter 15: Tempest of Swords and Shields

├ Bernadetta ├ Chapter 20: The Impregnable Fortress The Alliance has requested aid from the monastery, but the Knights of Seiros are low on personnel. ├ Hilda Tea Party Guide


├ Motivation System Yeah, Caspar's role in this paralogue is extremely weak and unnecessary. He grew up alongside his elder half-sister, Mercedes von Martritz, their mother having married into the family for financial security following the death of her first husband, whose death resulted in the dissolution of House Martritz. ├ Archbishop Rhea You can save a comment for later by giving it a Like.As a member:Get access to several features! ├ Alois ├ Yuri Leclerc

9: Use divine pulse to redo the attack. ├ Game Length and Other Plans ├ Balthus

InvasionMurderPlundering ├ Caspar von Velgris Starting from DLC 3 update, Jeritza becomes a playable character and can be automatically recurited in Crimson Flower route. └ Free Day Activities ├ Enemy Units

Goals During this time, he donned a mask in order to conceal his true identity as the missing heir of House Bartels.

├ Solon ├ Ashe Ubert ├ Chapter 14: The Master Tactician ├ Prologue: Inevitable Encounter

├ Alois Rangeld ├ Constance von Nuvelle Note: "The Face Beneath" is a paralogue that can only unlocked if the player have Mercedes and Caspar in their house and if the player isn't on the Crimson Flower route. Alias

Freyja | Triandra | Plumeria, Others ├ Chapter 19: Golden Deer’s Plea

├ Abyss Map ├ Flame Emperor He serves under his Death Knight class, albeit without his skull mask and speaking normally.

├ Hero’s Relic & Sacred Weapons ©2019 Nintendo / INTELLIGENT SYSTEMS. He also have supports with Mercedes had player recurited her into Black Eagles. ■ Exclusive On the recommendation of Edelgard's uncle, Lord Volkhard von Arundel, he was given a teaching position at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastary, serving as a fencing instructer.

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