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This is, in my opinion, an absolutely worthwhile mod on any Delonghi espresso machine and on most of their coffee automats as well.

Removing the heating element is the most difficult step as it very tough to remove the outer panel (or I was doing it wrong). functionality, and advertising cookies. The larger tubes had a more rigid fixture, they are removed using pliers to clasp the two ends together, and then pulling the fixture along the tube away from the fixture point (see image below).

Tools needed: Phillips head screwdrivers (PH0 & PH2) Security torx screwdriver (T20) Flathead screwdriver Sharp knife (to cut any cable ties) Firstly, remove the water tank from the machine.

If you can't, use a longer hose, they are cheap. The water tubes had two types of fixture.

After experimentation, full dismantling was continued.

Thanks, also any tips to fix sour shoots? Any idea of a part number? Once all these screws and fixtures have been removed, the following components can be taken out: grouphead; grouphead valve; steamer control switch; main button control panel.

As for sour shots, no idea, but a tad finer grind might work. It is somewhat quieter and also has more power. Usage of this website signifies agreement with our Terms and Conditions.

Contact De'Longhi United Kingdom | Barista hints and tips.

In a larger machine with more room it makes much more sense., CoffeeGeek, and Coffee Geek, along with all associated content & images are copyright ©2000-2020 by Mark Prince, all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Another thing I noticed the small hoes goes to the brew head? Details of the components are shown below. I that a pressure gauge? Then once all screws are removed it should pull out easily.

Ensuring any earth cables have been unclipped, the tower can be pulled out. It consists of 4 plastic clips, however they didn’t seem to unclip easily at all.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The main button control panel requires a PH0 screwdriver. The top was taken off again and the sensor equipment removed.

Note that on the second photo I have reversed the flow through the heater, it works but is not a good idea. Firstly, remove the water tank from the machine.

Hackaday API, By using our website and services, you expressly agree to the placement of our performance, I ended up using pliers to pull it off, after a lot of effort (please comment if there is an easier way to remove this panel). The metal casing can then simply pulled off (This may require a reasonable amount of force). Saeco overpressure valve. Subject: Improving the Delonghi Dedica EC680. Log In. It is larger and doesn't fit well so it touches the walls somewhere, vibrating more, than it should.

The last part was drilling a hole in the side, putting a manometer from the aforementioned old Breville clone into it, using a Jura Y raccord to get water both to the manometer and the portafilter. There is 2 panel strips that need to be removed, with the help of the flathead screwdriver as leverage (see image below). First, I have changed the overpressure valve to a Saeco valve with a membrane.

The original portafilter would be easier to mod, though, given that it is made of aluminium, not steel. The membrane valve makes the machine much quieter and the flow steadier.

This is, in my opinion, an absolutely worthwhile mod on any Delonghi espresso machine and on most of their coffee automats as well. Once the panel is removed simply unscrew the heater from the tower.

The top of the machine has a sliding lock mechanism. The valve makes the machine way way quieter.

Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. I have a DeLonghi Dedica 685 and looking for an additional portafilter for DIY naked bottomless mod. As can be seen inside the machine, there is an internal tower which contains the main components.

Subject: Improving the Delonghi Dedica EC680 An article I wrote regarding my experiences with the De'Longhi Dedica EC 680 M, and how some cheap mods or hacks resulted in better espresso shots and better frothed milk.

I have also put it into an old Breville clone, with the same great results, but much more difficulty to install. Yes, that is a pressure gauge from a Breville clone.

I use a SM90 grinder. Give Feedback Terms of Use (0.171349048615).

I actually don't even drink coffee, just enjoy tinkering, be it phones, coffee machines or electric guitars. To open it, first pull the top up, this may require some force the first time it is done. Hey, stumbled upon this old thread while searching for de'longhi mods.

Charity supporting coffee farming communities in Central America.

Nice, effective mods that seem to be serving you well. Create an account to leave a comment.

You'll have to move the pressure hoses in the machine around to make it fit.

There is 2 panel strips that need to be removed, with the help of the flathead screwdriver as leverage (see image below). Privacy Policy

Then unscrew the screws on the back. At this point, the machine was then experimented on to measure water temperature throughout the cycle, details of that can be found here. The ARS CP4 pump (that's the European 230V version, used on Jura automats) is also not a good idea - in this particular machine at least. Everything can then be removed from the tower.

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