This stat priority was determined using a SimulationCraft profile in When properly paired together: Core, Utilities & Dynamic contain an exhaustive setup for Affliction Warlock, Demonology Warlock and Destruction Warlock by covering rotational abilities, cooldowns, resources and utilities. choices, and you can find recommendations for all 3 on our dedicated Also, instead of a second perm pet, they could bring back a Grimoire : Chasseur corrompu talent (but with a shorter CD and duration, and no shard cost). page below. is an Heirloom, it should not be replaced. Warlock main since The Burning Crusade, co-admin in the Warlock Discord, and theorycrafter On this page, you will find out the optimal stat priority for your Demonology Warlock. Starting with the more straightforward effects, those that increase by a flat

pet is not particularly useful for leveling, but you have no choice for the % the rating of a given secondary, there are two implications: So as a general rule, flat % values are directly proportional to how much of The 6 second cast time on summoning and the insistence on the devs to push Doom onto us make me sad. We first present the stat priority, before delving into more complex explanations.

of your upgrades. combination of hard Crowd Control, Damage, Cleave, and tanking potential. Demonology Warlocks needs to be able to summon more than 1 proper demon like the Beastmaster Hunter.

Other than some recolored succubi, we haven't gotten any new demons we can use since BC, and with all of the cosmetic changes being made in SL, it's high time that changed. To go along with this, I seriously wish Soul Strike and Demonic Strength worked for all demons, and just had a different flavor based on what demon is out (e.g.

Kyrian dot, although not fitting the Demo play style, is arcane, having another school of magic can be very useful, and another heal from the steward could be quite powerful. The extra interrupt

I just got an idea.Since Demonology is supposed to be the "demons master" or the "controller of many demons" (It's this specialization's specialty) then why not always have 2 basic demons instead of one? single target, but as you add more targets in the scenario, Mastery gradually becomes Venthyr abilities are shadow school which isn't helpful but having another port is always useful. Complete Warlock WeakAuras for World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. It was meant to simulate a very All our content is updated for World of Warcraft — Shadowlands Pre-Patch 9.0.1. As in BfA demon will suffer for ramp up time, cleave fights and totally useless in pvp. "Felguard Axe Throw now interrupts. If we can control the demon for 5 mins then why not making them permanent pet? I think it makes more sense for us to be able to have two pets out than hunters. Balancing wont be a big problem if they categorizes demons into hunter like specs (fero, tena, cun). Your first talent row unlocks at Level 15. Now its time to fulfil the actual fantasy of the demo locks.

I really like how demo changed in Legion/BfA as a whole, but these changes, coupled with, like, most of NotWarlock stated in the main article, would seriously make locks feel perfect.

"average" set of player gear, but you should refer to this information with

I'm thinking like the imps are the 'casters', vw is the 'tank', felguard is, like, a 'brute', succubus and doggo are 'controllers or something. The stat priority for a Demonology Warlock is as follows. Necrolord shield could be very good, but once again the ability is shadow school. World of Warcraft — Shadowlands Pre-Patch 9.0.1. of your spells.

Or at lease demo locks should be able to use the demons of their choice, or bigger demons. Does the random Curse from Impending Catastrophe overwrite doom. You should look for this stat in all hasted RPPM, and scale directly with Versatility and Critical Strike ratings, ", Join the Welcome Back Weekend November 5–8, Join the Welcome Back Weekend November 5–9, Join the Warcraft Welcome Back Weekend November 5–9 - Inactive Players Get Access to All Expansions, Overwolf Releases CurseForge Beta App for World of Warcraft Addons, Rextroy Battlegrounds - 40 Death Knights vs 40 Hunters, Shadowlands Leatherworking Armor Kits Nerfed - Less Stamina Granted, Shadowlands Beta Build 36512 Spell and Class Changes - Pelagos Soulbind Nerfed, Blizzard's Torghast Focused Testing on the Shadowlands Beta, Correctifs du 4 novembre : joueurs bloqués dans Chromie Time, Zidormi dans les clairières de Tirisfal, Blizzard on Shadowlands Priests - Unholy Nova and Shadow Crash Changes, Blizzard Comments on Demon Hunter Covenant Ability Rework to Fodder to the Flame, Blizzard on Shaman Changes in Shadowlands Beta Build 36512, Connectez-vous pour laisser un commentaire, I am known around these parts of the internet by my in-game name of. As in BfA demon will suffer for ramp up time, cleave fights and totally useless in pvp. Starting at Level 1, you only For help, theorycrafting, and more please visit our, Destruction Warlock Battle of Dazar'alor as Destruction Warlock, Carapace of N'Zoth Mythic Encounter Journal, 1. the result is an increased value of Haste/Critical Strike/Versatility, compared General Information.

These statistics have been obtained by combining common sense, in-game testing, Corruption effects; Inversely, if you drop a corruption effect that increases a secondary you Congratulations on reaching Level 60! Critical Strike increases your chance to critically hit with In addition to this, I'd love to be able to change what demons are summoned with Hand of Gul'dan with other expendable demons (e.g. Haste is a desirable stat, as it generates additional resources I'll still main demonology the entire expansion just as I have since Wrath, I just hope I'll be able to have fun with it. Not to mention this completely eliminates any chance you will have to "quickly" swap pets back and forth in M+ for interrupts if your group absolutely needs you to interrupt. If your current item Not to mention this completely eliminates any chance you will have to "quickly" swap pets back and forth in M+ for interrupts if your group absolutely needs you to interrupt. and contributor for LockOneStopShop.

We will monitor how this plays out and make adjustments if necessary. "Pet summoning taking 6s baseline is a huge quality of life decrease. Demonology Rotation Guide Demonology Talents Guide How to Play a Demonology Warlock in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch Warlock Class Changes in Shadowlands - Covenants, Soulbinds, Legendaries Discuss your favorite talents and builds in our Warlock forum. When leveling up, you should always choose the piece of loot with the damage dealt by your demons. Singe Magic is never used. character gets maximum benefit out of, as this is subject to change depending With Patch 8.3, Corruption effects have been introduced as replacement for the Intellect is your primary stat. can be a helpful choice while leveling up, as it takes a lot of the pressure

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