‍We changed our name to Generation Y Not. But by using discomfort as our compass, we felt like we’d found the cheat code.

Ideally I don’t want to have regret for things I didn’t do throughout my life whether that’s skydiving or traveling to a dream destination. We hit one million subscribers on YouTube. ", "On the day to day, Seek Discomfort acts as a reminder to reconsider everyday decisions and actions, and not take anything for granted. "Seek Discomfort is a huge motivator for me. Telling myself that if I just live through this little fear once, I won’t have to fear it again. 66.4k Likes, 1,916 Comments - Yes Theory (@yestheory) on Instagram: “We're MILLIONAIRES!

Omg. Cold. Yes Theory is far more than just a YouTube channel to us. We finally started to hit our stride together. Ammar, Thomas, and I (hey, I’m Matt) met in 2015 in Montreal, Canada through a series of serendipitous encounters. We'll send you tips, advice, and experience.

It’s a philosophy, a way of life, and a community.

Our goal is to be a daily reminder that the best things in life are outside your comfort zone.

By the end of the 30 days, we’d done a bunch of small things like -- get our ears pierced, try stand up comedy, create a secret handshake with the Mayor. It was crazy and wild and chaotic and the very reason we started this project together in the first place. ", Shipping, taxes, and discounts calculated at checkout. We realized, in skydiving with strangers, throwing fashion shows, and pushing ourselves beyond our limits that--life’s most beautiful moments and meaningful connections exist outside our comfort zones. So, stay tuned. ", "To me, seeking discomfort means to venture outside of your comfort zone. It means wanting to continuously improve and evolve as a person; to achieve bigger goals, to fulfill bigger dreams and live life to the fullest. A continuous process of improvement.

But I guess we all need that little push. Can't wait to see the…” 63.3k Likes, 618 Comments - Yes Theory … Those two words had changed the course of our lives.

Sweet. So much of this story is still unwritten⚡️.

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One day, completely out of the blue, we got an email from Snapchat--pitching us to leave frigid Montreal, move to Venice, CA, and get paid to make videos for them.


And when you say YES to the above, then your soul is filled with love, adventure, and happiness.

Instagram About

Create an account or log in to Instagram - A simple, fun & creative way to capture, edit & share photos, videos & messages with friends & family. ", "Seek Discomfort to me is to do what you think is too crazy to be done, and to follow your heart wherever it takes you. Made with love by Yes Theory.

‍Yes Theory is far more than just a YouTube channel to us. Start here with Yes Theory and sign up for our newsletter. It was a grind. We believe life's greatest moments and deepest connections are outside your comfort zone.

Between the public wins, we have gone through immense private struggles - with families, insecurities, finances.

No bullshit. Our clothing serves as a reminder of what matters most in life and helps connect you with like minded Seekers all over the world. We call it our 1,000 Year Project because we hope to keep creating content, tools, and spaces for people to come to connect and seek discomfort together.None of us knows exactly what the future holds, but we’re committed to building that vision… together. Along the way, we realized our mission was simple: Seek Discomfort. It helps me stay away from routines where I feel that something becomes mundane and loses the meaning and excitement it once brought me. We had maybe 1,500 YouTube subscribers and were flat broke.

Yes Theory on Instagram: “We did it. Yes Theory.

It’s a philosophy, a way of life, and a community. I live life around the goal to not have any regrets when I’m older. @seek.discomfort is finally out and we launched it in the most epic fashion show to ever hit a backyard.

We launched an apparel line called Seek Discomfort.

So many of our dreams started to unfold. ", "For me, Seek Discomfort is not a phrase as much as it is a lifestyle. ", "For us, seeking discomfort is having an ultimate will to blindly and fearlessly pursue what you think will transform and grow you despite all the doubts and question thrown on you. I mean... Oops! ", "To me Seek Discomfort means wanting more from life!

We call it our 1,000 Year Project because we hope to keep creating content, tools, and spaces for people to come to ", "To me, Seek Discomfort means getting out of your comfort zone as often as possible so that you can be a stronger and more experienced version of yourself. Seek Discomfort is about the power of community, a daily reminder that we are all in this together. We shared a one-bedroom apartment with a bunch of friends, did odd side jobs, and created videos in our spare time. But what’s kept us going is the massive dreams we had from the beginning, and the friendship we share. ", "To achieve our full potential, to be the best version of ourselves and to inspire others is within any of us.

Seek Discomfort gives you the opportunity to unlock a part of your mind and soul that you would probably never see otherwise.

If we just step outside our safety bubble, or even our daily routine, we can find so much joy and even life changing experiences. To try something new that you would have never dreamt of before. Wild.‍Then, we started prepping for our first documentary, with the Iceman, Wim Hof. ", "Sometimes the most amazing opportunities or lessons are outside our comfort zone. Sweet!

Ready to accept my fears and face them, Ready to grow into the human I want to become. But people,…”

Bonded over a desire to shake things up, we decided we would do 30 things we’d never done before in 30 days, and make a video about it everyday. We fooled the internet into believing Justin Bieber eats burritos sideways, which was one of our big “viral” moments.

We called it Project 30. ", "Seek discomfort for me is not just about getting out of my comfort zone, it's also challenging my inner critic and proving to myself that I'm capable of so much if I just let go of my fear. We thought it was a prank.I mean, wouldn’t you?

Ready for a life lesson. 337.9k Followers, 1,196 Following, 183 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Ammar Kandil (@ammar) Ammar Kandil • a free child • On a journey to build the world’s greatest city. Money’s necessary to a certain extent. Seek Discomfort is the voice in your head that inspires you to say “Yes” or take that leap of faith outside your comfort zone. Bobby Derin, 28 Former Yes Theory Popularity Web Group #255 Web Group Launched in 2014 #17 Friend Web Group #25 Yes Theory Fans Also Viewed Dolan Twins …

‍After challenging him through a YouTube video, Ammar ended up bungee jumping out of a helicopter with Will Smith into the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday.

Not talking money here. Whenever I’m insecure or scared, I try to take a moment to realise what I am feeling inside.

", "To me, seeking discomfort is about reaching beyond our so called limits.

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