), Dracul’s Grasp (While it is not the preferred pair of gloves for several reasons, the possibility of adding Life Tap into the mix is a bit tempting.

50% Extra Gold From Monsters Ral + Ort + Tal They can also be shopped by high level characters. If you prefer to fight from the distance and throw javelins, I suggest Lightning Fury, otherwise go for Charged Strike!Which synergies should I max first?The order doesn’t really matter as long as you max Lightning Fury and Charged Strike first.So far, I rely on lightning damage, how do I fight lightning immunes?There are different approaches, the most common are either some physical damage paired with a strong mercenary or – highly recommended – the Infinity runeword. Damage Reduced by 7

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Nef + Lum Strength is prioritized until your Javazon can use a Monarch shield.

Pierce should be skilled before you end with the synergies. 22% 16 Prayer aura from a merc doesn't heal fast enough to make a big difference during combat, but it's a pleasant bonus for the RWM players with mana issues. The last one is sort of kamikaze solution, at least for those who never learnt to abandon using CS in the OKs presence, but it saves some time with the unbreakables (namely Bartuc and Lister). Some mana, resists, and more FRW never hurt. 35 — 6 —3.57 Dol + Um + Ber + Ist

Moreover, Fury embodies a raw power which has little use for tricks and finesse. Strafe - a popular skill perfect against smaller groups and decent against single targets. 6 — 13 — 1.92 It isn’t as powerful as a Lightning Javazon. The cost is one more skill-point compared to the original Fury which still leaves the possibility to max the last synergy at clvl99. +1-148 To Life (+1.5 per Character Level) Equip +mana gear if you don't want to drink mana potions too often: socketed breast plate with sapphires, socketed helm with sapphires, snake charms, lvl 16 - Twitchthroe - another +20%IAS and 20%block on top of it, lvl 27 - 'Lore' helm - +1 skills and 30%LR, lvl 29 - Skin of the Vipermagi - +1 skills and up to +35%resist all, lvl 29 - The Stone of Jordan - ultimate ring with +1 skills and +25%mana, lvl 31 - Moser's Blessed Circle - one of the best shields - probably end-game worthy, lvl 32 - Razortail - piercing is ultimate with LF, lvl 42 - Titan's Revenge - one of the end-game weapons, lvl 42 - Javelin skillers - after you equip ~6 of these and Titan's Revenge, you will become the ultimate killing machine, lvl 45 - Ravenfrost - ring with CBF, Dext, AR bonus, and cold absorb, lvl 45 - Lancer's Gloves of Alacrity - the best gloves for this build, lvl 47 - Thundergod's Vigor - +10% maximum LR, +3 LF and nice Str and Vita bonus. Vitality: The rest (+1 Per Character Level) +1-99% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level), 3 Socket Body Armor 16 — 12 — 2.08 30 — 11 — 2.27 52 — 10 — 2.5 89 — 9 — 2.77 – Can achieve maxed resists – Can easily get 11k+ Charged Strike*) Based on a build using CoH and Moser’s – Can get 4k+ Lightning Fury*) Based on a build using CoH and Moser’s – Life depends on charms and whether you go max block or not Potion Slots: 16 If you have the money, patience, or both any item that reduces Lightning Resistance in enemies is clutch.

Socketed (1-2) (varies) +2 to Javelin and Spear Skills (Amazon Only), 1H Damage: (75-90) to (135-162) Just start shooting away and the amulet will help take care of any complications. You should privilege this one if you’re using Thunderstroke. If there is an enemy giving you trouble, try freezing it in place and letting your Valkyrie and mercenary clean it up.

Basically it's about sacrificing some IAS (1-2 frames) and FRW for more MF. Let's take a look at the available skills: Attack - the cheapest choice for a bow. As a result, this excess of points can be invested into skills common in a Fendazon build. Belt – Socketed with: 2x Rainbow Facets, Stormshield Monarch those with FRW.

Lightning Immune Monsters Moser’s Blessed Circle Round Shield o Titan’s Revenge, arguably the best Javazon spear, is needed as well. High-level Pierce has diminishing returns, offering 75% chance at slvl12 and 85% chance at slvl20. lvl 6 - Death set - gloves + belt combo gives you CBF, 50%PR+ 75%Poison length reduction (handy against Andariel), 30%IAS and 15%resist all, lvl 14 - Vidala's Fetlock - 30%FRW, +150 Stamina, lvl 15 - 1.09 Ravenclaw - ultimate twinking weapon - shoots slvl30 explosive arrows on normal attack. +60-100% Enhanced Defense (varies) We need some +skills and mana leech to make a good use of MS. Minimum Strength: 95 Lightning Bolt [20] – by Ambu... How to build a lite sorc? +15 To Dexterity The Javazon makes use of the power of Lightning Fury to take down groups of enemies literally lightning fast, without being threatened herself. Ort + Sol

We employ the LR-switch on Mephisto to cut through his 75%LR, and the first one of the Three bites the dust. The Java or Javazone is an Amazon who takes advantage of javelin improving skills.

Unfortunately, it suffers from the D/A/E bug (see above), and javelins have generally lower damage than bows or crossbows. Though the Javazon’s pl…

You are all welcome to add any comments and remarks. Level 7 Spirit of Barbs (11 Charges) Introduction:This is guide aims to inform beginners about possible starting gear and builds for a so called “Java”. Durability: Indestructible Durability: 20 Stats:Strength: Enough to wear our gearDexterity: Enough to wear out gearVitality: RestEnergy: None, you’ll learn the drill…. 0 — 8 — 2.77 +20% Increase Attack Speed, Defense: 137 – 159 Andys socketed with an IAS jewel + Treachery allows your merc to reach the 4.5 fpa breakpoint (4.54 attacks/sec.) Finally, three points of life per one point in vita provide her with enough life to sustain some heavy blows that pass through. Javazon Build The Javazon term describes the Amazon builds that rely on “Javelin and Spear skills” tree and use javelins as their main weapon. The core build is finished at clvl79 with 90 skill-points spent.

), Evade – 1+ (Dodge and Avoid both allow you to prevent damage when you or your Valkyrie are standing still. Durability: 20 In general, I suggest you build infinity and upgrade your merc before you consider upgrading your gear! – It can be ethereal and/or upgraded for additional physical throw damage, Thunderstroke Matriarchal Javelin Ultimate Mf / Gf /... How to build The Fury Wolf? I wouldn’t recommend Fort + Gaze, since it has a slower attack speed than the other combinations. 20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items +20% Faster Cast Rate Cold Resist +60% Wherever you’ve struggled before, the pain is over by now. At the very least for the Bowazon, you will not have to make an Infinity mercenary. Howdy, Dear Community! Therefore, they max out Charged Strike, Power Strike, Lightning Fury and Lightning Strike. – This is needed to get 100% pierce, which is a good chunk of your damage. There is a chance of finding a decent rare, and it would be a shame to waste such an opportunity.

Storm Casters in the Chaos Sanctuary are breakable, and big D has developed a paranoia towards the build capable of undoing him in less than a second.

+20 to Vitality

Move speed keeps you alive, so items that boost your run speed are always welcome. 32% 3 Welcome to a blog about all things video games and roleplaying games! Minimum Strength: 165 The pierce on it is nice too. ), Chains of Honor (Remember when I said Fortitude stands out from the others? Attacker Takes Damage of 14, Defense: 1295 – 1450

I prefer Thundergod's when running WSK on higher ps where Souls really hurt, and stick with Razortail at /p1. Multiple LIs can be either re-rolled or separated. This mod alone cannot overcome the immunity, but greatly increases damage done to broken enemies. We take Critical Strike first, then Jab and ev.

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