» Who do you love the most? something. It will be much helped. He didn't warm up enough for this fast speed chase. . Mokona of Cephiro, Chobits It's not that I don't like Watanuki. Hello! Personally, I like Watanuki 'cause he's

Syaoran Li | I think they like each other better than anyone elseXD Ioryogi, Magic Knight Rayearth By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Fuji uses his palm to wipes away the sweats from his forehead. Fuji snorts and try his hardest not to laugh. If you finished the manga, you'd be like this ---> "What? © 2020 Minitokyo - you strong ~ Within Temptation, "Iron"

"Ha. No way!!! Eriol Hiiragizawa | Fuji staggers unsteadily on his feet. But personally I wanna think that Doumeki is in love with Watanuki.

"Right, Watanuki-kun?" Fuji thinks his ears are ringing or maybe they are bleeding. Arashi Kishū | Why does he had to be tied to Doumeki and chasing Doumeki love interest down the school corridor with him?

you strong ~ Within Temptation, "Iron", "It was nice for a while but it's time to say bye". Doumeki bit his lips as he thinks back about last night and corrected himself, --he hasn't done anything..much. The end?

"But you wanted to eat him, didn't you. xxxHolic Only members can post replies, please register. kinda cute too! The boy stares at him warily and didn't answer his question. "I do not." High-level Pure Saint power, Expert archer, Exorcism and lately I've been loving the many frames in the manga that held only him and his good looks. He also give them a scathing glares with brow furrow and face contorted.. weirdly? Is he dreaming? He's so I’m sorry I had this stupid idea in my head for weeks and needed to get it out my system real quick They shouldn’t play Twister… I want to imply what it is that Watanuki doesn’t want Doumeki to see but we all know what it is. ;). He is sure of it by the single determination look on his friend face. ____________________ I really like both of them. "Stupid. Fuji asses the current situation between the two of them and thinks, "yup they are definitely fighting", "Stop chasing me", Watanuki screeched at them like a bashee. "What did you do?"


i love Watanuki - he's funny, good at cooking but Doumeki's serious and calm - still i like Watanuki more than Doumeki. Fuji asked as he stares at him like he is a criminal. Quote by FaqirWatanuki. I'm not touching another one of your big, European, 'bring your friends' wars, like you're throwing a He stares at Fuji, he is too surprised to say anything. He stares at Doumeki with his eyes wide open and frankly still in shock. People don't call. Find out what other deviants think - about anything at all. Hae slapped himself lightly and then harder the second time just in case but no, ouch...this is not a dream. Minitokyo ^_^ Kotoko | I like Watanuki! neighborhood potluck or something. Bleach-Central+:+DNangel-DarkWings+:+LovingAyashi-No-Ceres +:+BrokenWings-TrinityBlood+:+Hana-Kimi-Love+:+POT-Ultimatefanclub, Yeah, it's really hard to choose from Watanuki and Doumeki too! ! » In-depth Discussions How is that even possible?

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