If you are just starting out we suggest keeping either the Black Ant, Yellow Meadow Ant or the Red Ant. no replacement possible on dead arrival. Since individual leaves fan out from the central growth point, you can end up with 4 foot sundews! I've heard Drosera filiformis referred to as nature's anti-aircraft gun for its ability to snipe flying insects out of the air. This species is suitable for keeping in mediteranean community basin. * Our shop has now been open for ten years . It is a very active diurnal hunter. *1: Keeping this ants for 2-3 months around 20°C is recommended. A very robust Acromyrmex species wich don't need much space. Temnothorax interruptus one of the smallest Temnothorax species suitable for keeping in one companion basin (basin with several species). That said, it's a [...]. Camponotus aethiops is a shinny black colored heat loving Camponotus species that nests preferably in stony areas. This species is smaller than Acromyrmex octospinosus and colored chocolate brown. Our 69th Genus of the week is Dinoponera. Their movement is very fast. The mainly black coloration appears shiny blue under light and also shows red highlights. Manica rubida s the largest stingable ant species from europe, very strong and tough ants. guarantee that they are all healthy and fertile. You'll fall in love with the heart-leafed sundew, Drosera schizandra! Drosera capensis 'Narrow Leaf' is an incredibly hearty sundew that I have found hard to kill even through repeated neglect.

This species is also polymorph with minor- and major workers with different shape and size. : Breeding from a Queen is very difficult even with fungus and mated Queen. or Best Offer. They cut various kind of leaves e.g.

$19.95. These outcrops occur south of Geraldton down through Albany and are granite monoliths that rise from the surrounding environment resulting in microhabitats great for D. gigantea. These are always on the trunk of a small tree. can trade for daceton, carebara, neoponera, aenictus, dorylus, myrmecia, ooceraea, and dinoponera. The plant is simple to care for, and if you give it lots of love, it will produce flowers between August and November. The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ Our Project Objective. Trap jaw queens tend to have a similar appearance to that of their workers. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller +C $9.33 shipping. or Best Offer.

They don't cut leaves. Queen . This species favor sunny and dry places and loamy ground.

The color of this species varies from locality to locality. 9 S p R I o 1 F 3 R n M s 8 o r e d. 2 Bamboo/cane ""Arundinaria Gigantea" giant river cane(our native plant) C $14.64. Be sure to check back regularly as once listed they often sell out very quickly. On excitement they raises the gaster upwards similar to a scorpion to defend their attackers with their defense secretion.

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Due to the current situation, there may be some severe delays in shipping. Camponotus cruentatus is one of the largest European ants species. Socialization with other species is not recommended. Great colonies carry on long "highways" their seeds into the nest. Through their strong chemical defenses expel them from the other ants feeding grounds. They will get active on slaves robbery only where they robber brood of their helping ants. This erect perennial tuberous sundew is one of the largest 'dews around, growing up to 3 feet (0.9 m) in height and branching like a carnivorous tree. As there are more and more Lasius umbratus workers, the remaining host workers gets killed. It could be possible that the slaves also be integrate in the defence. You will be shown at various of colors and sizes. We do not charge for ants, they are FREE, you just have to pay the shipping costs. guarantee that they are all healthy and fertile. A noticeable characteristic is the fast and jerkily movement of the ants and also the disproportional large black eyes. Drosera adelae is one queen from Queensland that can be a crown jewel in any collection. This erect perennial tuberous sundew is one of the largest ‘dews around, growing up to 3 feet (0.9 m) in height. Polyergus rufescens are slave-robber ants which are totaly dependent on their helping ants (slaves) like Formica cunicularia, Formica rufibarbis or Formica fusca. *1: Keeping this ants for 2-3 months at about 20°C is recommended. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. 5000 - 10000 workers, and 5 liter Fungus, Fungus size of a tennisball at least 50 workers. ONLY 1 colony or queen is sent and ONLY one species per order or anthill, so choose which one you want. auch "Lasius cf. no replacement possible on dead arrival. They dependent on feed by their helping ants and they don't participate in any nest building activities. Pogonomyrmex species typically harvest seeds, which are stored as an additional food source. Raptiformica sanguinea could as well live without slaves contrary to the "Slave-robbers" Polyergus rufescens (protected specie). niger", Beispiel: "Lasius cf." With 10-30 worker ants (Lasius niger) that were joined before hibernation after foundation. Drosera capensis 'Narrow Leaf' This is your typical "common" capensis. They are sold as "queen only" or "queen + workers". Only few colonies are available from one's own breeding. The host worker ants accept the new Queen and keep care on her brood. The red head and yellow legs are very prominent characteristics of this species besides it's highly aggressiv behavior. Camponotus piceus is a strong polymorph and inoffensive Camponotus species that can be found on dry and warm locations. Queen only means you'll receive just the queen and you'll need to wait for her to raise some workers. 80+ Live Harvester Red Ants & Larva Eggs Perfect For Pet Ant Farm Worker Ants. The upper jaw closes with a speed of 38 to 64 m/s. © Copyright Ant Keeping Depot 2018 - Live Ants, Queen Ants, Formicariums, Ant Farms, Australia, Our queen ants and colonies are from the famous, Trail Ant / Iridomyrmex bicknelli Queen + 2 -10 Workers, Trail Ant / Iridomyrmex bicknelli Queen Only. The AntsCanada Global Ant Nursery Project™ offers a simple solution for those needing ant colonies with a queen for their formicariums, and also provides an opportunity for ant hobbyist to earn some extra money doing what they love. These ants are able to catapult themselfs up to 40 cm far thru sudden lock up of their mandibles. Mostly brown, also light brown and black, but there are also yellow and red colored variants. More recently, in 1992, Allen Lowrie and N. G. Marchant described a subspecies named D. gigantea subsp. 15 workers, Available, please inquire by email. This species is very fascinating because of their "robbery of slaves". This species can be found in grassland or heathland habitates, avoids high meadows and can not be found in lowland (below 400 m). All of our Messor will be shipped with a small container of hand-picked plant seeds that are most popular for the Messor. not recommended for a community tank. Myrmica scabrinodis is a red-brown ant species which is distributed throughout Europe similar to Myrmica rubra. However their size is slightly smaller than for instance Messor barbarus.

They are not very aggressive, and can be kept together with other ants in one communal basin. New Listing Cuspidaria gigantea 45.3 mm USD international shipping. It's very appropriated to combine them in one basin with other ant species.

Also the Queen has such a shaped head to close nest entry during colony foundation. Messor structor is a Myrmicinae like Messor barbarus with minor- till major-worker with all passings. Queen only means you'll receive just the queen and you'll need to wait for her to raise some workers. These beginner ants are perfect for people new to ant keeping. Please consider this before you order! Drosera gigantea prefers humid, damp conditions and will do well in greenhouses where they have room to stretch towards that peak heigh.

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