For example if you are feeling angry about something then am sure you would not like to elaborate it then you can simply write ‘feeling angry’ for this. Buying expensive gifts is not just enough these days.

Friendship is the only ingredient which smells fresh all the time.

You just feel like the world has come to an end for you. It is a waste of time to argue with an idiot, 8). Like doesn’t as love, it can be a friendly nature.

It is something special and you want to make it more special then WhatsApp is just the perfect thing for you. You never known the value of the people until you loss them, 5). If you had a fight with someone you love then this is the best thing to show your anger without even saying a word to them. A real friend is equal to 100’s of relatives, 14). Sometimes silence is the best answer. Be it facebook or other social media, all you want to do is just tell the whole world that you have got the best feeling in the world. These Whatsapp statuses really compliment your display pictures. And for this you need some great Whatsapp status ideas. A type of compartment that rises out of a desk. You can talk to many people by creating group of up to hundred people. I never stop caring you, but if you decided to push me out, I will move, 2). Create good names for games, profiles, brands or social networks. It is the happiest thing to see your face when I wake up early in the morning. The surprised thing is two lovers get separated, if love is there no question of separate whatsoever may be. If people owe this much to your WhatsApp updates then you should always keeps on updating your situation on WhatsApp. You can put a Whatsapp status for some events. Have you ever tried to imagine your life without your cell phone? It’s pain full when comes to you that you are happy without me, 8). rev 2020.11.5.37959, Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled, Where developers & technologists share private knowledge with coworkers, Programming & related technical career opportunities, Recruit tech talent & build your employer brand, Reach developers & technologists worldwide. Instead it returns the statuses: @Remi_Zacharias not really it actually does return the status, im running it in my user status command rn, I fixed tasks not defined but uhhh, it doesnt work unfortunately. Whatsapp is really helpful and it is very much user-friendly too. And will surely implement also. The medium can be anything. Whatever you are feeling right now you can express it all through your WhatsApp status. 1). Whatsapp Status Ideas: Today I am going to share cool and funny WhatsApp status ideas for Whatsapp lover. I hear my heart beat when I listen to your phone call, 9). These statuses can be cool or funny or short enough to tell people that whats you are up to. They really work to express your love without even saying anything. Never say good bye to the people who helps you in your need, 7). When you are away from me I thought of telling you so many things, but when you are in front of me my mind becomes black.

Hot is the past it is time to be cool now. Love the work you do and it become easy for you, 4). If you fall in love then be ready for the tears, 2). By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. You will find yourself in your friends, 13). A real friend share the most memories, 11). Your display picture on WhatsApp reflects the glimpse of your personality whereas the status of your WhatsApp is seen as your current situation these days. Opportunities don’t come to us, we make them, 2). Now the problem is, I want it to keep iterating over and over again and I couldn't think of an idea to do that! All you need to do is just put a cute friendship or thanksgiving status for them and tell them that how much special they are for you.

Best Discord Status. I wonder what happens if Doctor’s wife eats apple a day, 11).

Whatsapp is an app which provides the facility of chatting with many friends very fast an easily. Pain also can’t be measured, though you feel it, 6).

I wonder the time you spare for me, thanks a lot, 4). This task will run every minute. Your lie “I love you” is the prettiest one for me ever, which ringers in my ear, 5). It shows your outlook to the worst situation and also your idea of living. If you wish then you can elaborate it in a line or you can simply write a short WhatsApp status.

You can also use the sad smiley for your WhatsApp status. Darling please burn all my worries with your sweet words, 6). Whatsapp is the new app which is favorites of many people these days. And in such a situation even the updates of your social media accounts changes. 1-Have an option to show your status only for: Everyone, friends or friends of friends.2-When you click to set a custom status, you can choose some pre-defined status like: At school; Out from Discord, but read DMs; Sleeping; Very Busy, etc.3- Set your own accurate time for your status…

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