Where there is a diplomatic void, we have no eyes, we have no ears, to detect the next threat or the next opportunity.”, “Boko Haram emerged seemingly out of nowhere. Once it turns ITM, delivery margin block of 50% of the contract value will apply. Please clarify. I have icici 510 ce which today it turned into itm While theoretically, you can choose not to exercise an option, it doesn’t make sense not to exercise an option that is deep ITM(usually, more than 5% of the contract value). Will the positions get netted? This increases the risk for us as a brokerage firm significantly. In modern diplomacy there are a number of ranks below ambassador. ◦The margin requirement for all Stock F&O contracts will be increased 2 days prior to expiry (Wednesday and Thursday of the expiry week) to twice of the exchange mandated SPAN + Exposure margin required. Sir, Is there any charges will apply for this. hello, if i am holding 3000 shares of SBIN in demat account and having short position on SBIN 200 CE. Kindly let me know what should I do to avoid any further loss in these options.

Sir i took one ce position on tuesday.I will closed it on wednesday by keeping approptiate margin.Do i need to take physical delivery of that if i already squared it off? Hi, I have ongc 82.5 CE September 24 expiry .. CMP ongc stock is 68 or so.. can someone please tell me if this option needs physical settlement? E.g I on expiry the spot price is Rs 1000 and I have 1100 PE and 980 CE then can it be netted off as on one leg I will have to give delivery and on other i will receive delivery. The capacity to identify, compile, analyze, and draw correct conclusions from pertinent data; to recognize patterns or trends in numerical data; to perform simple mathematical operations. Another situation – I have Glenmark short call 340 Apr and long future Apr. Is this likely to continue as before? Sorry… You wanted delivery of shares in your demat account. One more query on these lines: 100% margin applies throughout the day or at the end of the day? what should i do? Do I need to pay/keep additional margin ? You can check here https://zerodha.com/margin-calculator/Futures/. Because, if no-one can buy option on Wednesday or Thursday then who will purchase my position ? The quantity to be delivered/received shall be equivalent to the market lot * the number of contracts that result in a delivery settlement. Don’t allow to convert it to NRML. If you maintain sufficient margins, the stocks will be delivered to your account. Sir I have done one lot short today in MARICo @250 weather I have to maintain 100%margin for tommorow .if not done before market start what LL happen. it should be, The capacity to work and communicate effectively and harmoniously with persons of other cultures, value systems, political beliefs, and economic circumstances; to recognize and respect differences in new and different cultural environments, Experience & Motivation Thanking you

How long does it take to become a Diplomat? Index F&O continues to remain cash settled. The capacity to write concise, well organized, grammatically correct, effective, and persuasive English in a limited amount of time, Quantitative Analysis As explained in point 1, there can’t be an early exercise or assignment of F&O contracts traded on NSE. IT SHOES 10* OF IT’S PREMIEUM PRICE. What’s the logic of asking for 2x margin on short deep out of money options? 1. 1000 (2 Lots) Indigo Aug 1200CE sold @53 To answer your query, Zinc is a staggered delivery contract where the tender period kicks in one week before the expiry which is why this is blocked during that period. Thanks a lot Matti.

This will be 50% of the contract value. Next, I went back to Central America for a two-year tour in El Salvador, strengthening democratic processes and then working on the peace agreement. You can reach out to our Support team on 080-40402020 for any support queries. While the test is undeniably rigorous, the best possible preparation is a good basic education. You can pledge the stocks you hold to fulfill the additional margin required. by webchq on August 6, 2018 61.7K views. It is twice the SPAN+Exposure(NRML) margins charged. The capacity to formulate creative alternatives or solutions to resolve problems, to show flexibility in response to unanticipated circumstances, Working with Others The margin reported to the exchange will still be SPAN + Exposure margins(which have to be 50% in cash and 50% pledged). I have long 500 CE Airtel and short 510 CE Airtel, do I still get benefitted if on expiry airtel is say 530 or all contracts value becomes 0 on expiry and I make a loss? Hi sir,I bought SBIN JUN 190CE. There is no country that America does not touch and no country that does not touch us in some way. Part of the initial adjustment period may be devoted to adapting to cultural or social differences that might require, for example, going to an open-air market for most shopping. 1. What does compulsory physical delivery mean? The capacity to recognize and assume responsibility for work that needs to be done; to persist in completion of a task; to influence significantly a group’s activity, direction, or opinion; to motivate others to participate in the activity one is leading, Judgement Call/Put options – ITM options get exercised but expire at 0 value. However, there will be STT charged on the long position(s) as this is treated as notional delivery.

Sir today i bought bank nifty 30100 call at 0.05 paise and bnifty spot closed below 30100 but option settled at 9.35 rs. on 30.10.19, Wednesday…? 4. The margin requirement for all Stock F&O contracts increases 2 days prior to expiry (Wednesday and Thursday of the expiry week) to twice of the exchange mandated SPAN + Exposure margin required.

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