The framers had in mind the First Amendment, basically. site map + press reaction + dvd/vhs & transcript + credits + privacy policy + journalistic guidelines Not all editors are capable of directing major projects. The need and the desire for a press that acts like a check on government, that acts like it's working in the public interest, as opposed to just trying to ingratiate themselves with the people in power and get invited to the right cocktail parties. Recognize that hiring is the first and most important step: consider the applicant’s track record, their commitment and their toolbox during a rigorous interview process. Should news media teach the public what to think or should they just report the facts? I replaced that headline (which I had written and attached to the story Friday) after hearing from two readers. How do magazines serve a democratic society, it has transformed the U.S. from a producer society to a consumer society. We've actually got to institute these things. We need to invite the community — through the Internet, through partnerships with broadcasting, through forums, to help us with this. [10] They're already on the outside. Why or why not?

I think we have to do big-J journalism and little-J journalism. We should expand our idea of watchdog work to local reporting and issues in the lives of interesting people. Do newspapers today play a vigorous role as watch-dogs of our powerful institutions? The Constitution does not make the president of the United States the decider when it comes to the flow of information. Introduction to Mass Communication Media Literacy and Culture (9th ed.). Get the Poynter newsletter that's right for you. What impact will the downsizing the closing of newspapers have on this watchdog role? What role should newsroom policies and systems play in the health of a watchdog culture? ... Where's the adversarial role, for example, toward the judicial branch of government when the United States Supreme Court comes out with a liberal decision? Introduction to Mass Communication Media Literacy and Culture (9th ed.). It is very interesting to know that Newspapers are still making money out there. Discuss the positive and negative effects of this bias.'

Bennie Ivory, Editor, The Courier-JournalRon Royhab, Editor, The BladeBarry Sussman, Editor, Watchdog Project, The Nieman FoundationGil Thelen, Publisher and President, Tampa TribuneJulia Wallace, Editor, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. What they have tried to do here is to try and shut down the only real oversight left in Washington. It changes the way you, as a media strategist, look at a campaign as well. The publisher and editor will stand united in their commitment, talking about watchdog journalism so often that it will become part of the culture. That is why we have the first amendment to protect our newspapers from being quieted by the government. Our role is not to say to the American government, "Don't do this." Whereas I used to have to send a little box overnight to news stations, now we can just punch a button, and it's digitally sent immediately. Readers should expect to see stories that hold institutions accountable; aggressive ongoing coverage; a skeptical, investigative attitude that extends through every story and every section of the paper; attention to what’s under the radar as well as to big international and national stories; consumer focus; enterprise reporting.2. ... We had what was I thought a very civil and constructive exchange in which he completely recognized the public service function of our publishing the story. But many times we did not serve that function well, and many times we have acted like the special interests that people like Bush and others -- Democrats or Republicans -- complained about.

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