It was a success at the box office, earning over $56 million in the U.S., and almost $1.2 million in foreign markets. Released December 10, 2002,[20] it reached the number 61 spot on Billboard's Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, number 10 on the Top Soundtracks list, and peaked at 133 on The Billboard 200 in 2003. College life starts well for Devon, as he has the girl and a spot on the field. [8] At Metacritic, the film has averaged a 63 out of 100 rating from critics, based on 28 reviews. Was this review helpful to you? The Crown, dans la bande-annonce de la saison 4, Brave New World n'aura pas de saison 2, la série SF est annulée, Il ne devrait pas y avoir de saison 2 de Moloch (Arte), Netflix commande la saison 2 du Baby-Sitters Club, Les Tiny Toons aussi vont faire leur retour avec de nouvelles aventures, Le Jeu de la Dame est tout sauf un échec (critique), Grey's Anatomy : de nouvelles révélations sur le début de la saison 17, Nicole Kidman s'engage à long terme à la télévision, sur Amazon, Validé : Franck Gastambide annonce Rohff dans la saison 2, Deux minutes de Baby Yoda avant la saison 2 de The Mandalorian, La saison 3 de Narcos: Mexico officiellement annoncée par Netflix, La saison 17 de Grey's Anatomy "pourrait très bien être la dernière", Premières infos sur la saison 2 de Why Women Kill. Get ready for a rockin’ comedy with a whole new beat in this electrifying sequel that’ll lift your spirits and leave you cheering! A&T is not fazed by this and performs their mix of retro and current sounds. The film opened to highly positive reviews, with most critics liking the energy and playing of the musical bands in the film. He initially flounders in his new world, before realizing that it takes more than talent to reach the top. Toutes les informations sur Beat Battle, film réalisé par Charles Stone III avec Nick Cannon et Zoe Saldana sorti en 2002. In appreciation for all his help getting the band ready for the Classic, Dr. Lee tells Devon he can return to the band the following school year. Qui est Moff Gideon, le vilain de la saison 2 de The Mandalorian ? Though Devon is still not playing for the band, he cannot give up his drumming. Drumline is a 2002 American coming-of-age teen drama film directed by Charles Stone III.The screenplay, which was inspired by the Southwest Dekalb High School Drumline, was written by Tina Gordon Chism and Shawn Schepps. "[13] For the Chicago Sun-Times, Roger Ebert gave the film 3 out of 4 stars, giving the film credit as being "entertaining" and "admirable. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. For all those who do (and even those who don't), here's an energetic film that manages to entertain while eschewing content that could conceivably offend anyone (unless they find even the tiniest amount of innocuous, lightweight hip-hop too much to take).The thematic ground here - young hotshot learns to sacrifice for the good of the team; underdogs strive for triumph - has been covered countless times before, so DRUMLINE wisely boils the plot down to its barest elements, for the most part sidestepping the obligatory contrived obstacles and setbacks, and plays to its strength: the music.This is a story about college marching bands, focusing in particular on the members of the percussion section, and a good 50% - if not more - of the film concentrates on the lively and elaborate performances of the bands, which are complimented by equally lively cinematography and editing.No, it's not deep and, yes, it's old fashioned. The A&T band separates itself from its competitors by requiring all members to read music, by focusing on various styles of music rather than what is currently popular on the radio, and by dedication to the teamwork emphasized "one band, one sound" concept. (as Erskine C Johnson), Upscale Parent /

After receiving cassette tapes from his estranged father, Devon gets some ideas for new drum arrangements. (critique), Good Doctor : Shaun contre le Coronavirus dans cet extrait de la saison 4, Ils ont incarné De Gaulle avant Samuel Labarthe, Tokyo Vice : la série de Michael Mann recrute la star de Legion, The Boys : Victoria et Ashley prendront du galon dans la saison 3, The Witcher : premier teaser monstrueux pour la saison 2. Les séances dans les cinémas les plus proches The two present their idea for an entrance cadence to Dr. Lee who decides they will be used during the Classic. Directed by Charles Stone III. (uncredited), associate producer (as Joe DeOliveira) / associate producer, executive producer (as Alexander A. Motlagh), visual effects artist / visual effects editor, camera operator: "a" camera & steadicam operator, first assistant camera: "b" camera (as Freddy Thomas), script supervisor (as Mari James T. Wilson), assistant to executive produer / production assistant, production accountant (as V. Jeanie Daniels), production assistant (as Marquis C. Mosley).

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