Elaine is crushed to learn JFK Jr. is dating Jerry's ex, Marla the virgin (Jane Leeves). In "The Dog", she tells George she moved to New York in 1986, which, by coincidence, is the year Jerry moved into his apartment across the hall from Kramer. In "The Dog" (Season Three) she says she has been in New York for 6 years. In "The Summer of George", Elaine makes enemies out of her coworker Sam (Molly Shannon). Assistant to Justin PittEditor at Pendant Publishing Whether the two uncles are the same person is not revealed. Once fired Elaine on suspicion of opium addiction when she failed a drug test after consuming a poppy seed muffin, and again for her extreme dislike of the film The English Patient. Unlike her three close friends, Elaine is absent from the pilot episode. Comment. Like Kramer, Elaine was very physical. Today, reader support makes up about two-thirds of our budget, allows us to dig deep on stories that matter, and lets us keep our reporting free for everyone. In an early episode Elaine expressed disdain with the world's interest in the Kennedy family, but in season four's "The Contest", Elaine crosses paths with John F. Kennedy Jr. at her gym and becomes so infatuated with him, and the prospect of becoming the next Mrs. Kennedy, that she masturbates, thereby losing the contest. She also often wears high-waisted, tapered black jeans or pants and a bright blazer. Still, Elaine sees him as a good friend: in "The Wife", he argues with Elaine over her love interest, who is threatening to throw him out of the health club.

Sign up for the Mother Jones Daily newsletter and let our journalists help you make sense of what’s happening. (", Overdoses on muscle relaxants, and does an impersonation of Stanley Kowalski (", Upon learning that her boyfriend has been in a car accident, stops to buy Jujyfruits and popcorn before visiting him in the hospital, resulting in their break-up. In "The Postponement", Elaine confides in a rabbi that she is jealous of George's engagement to Susan Ross because George would be getting married before her and she considers George a loser. Learn how and when to remove these template messages, Learn how and when to remove this template message, explain the fiction more clearly and provide non-fictional perspective, "Touching Moments with Leifer? Newman has a long-running crush on Elaine over the course of the series. Previously the female role was supposed to be Claire, the waitress at Pete's Luncheonette played by Lee Garlington, but Monk's Cafe replaced the luncheonette and Garlington was dropped from the role. Elaine's nickname for Sue Ellen was "The Braless Wonder" because she never wore a bra in high school, which enticed Elaine's boyfriend to dump her for Sue Ellen, who appears in four episodes: in "The Caddy", she struts down the street wearing a bra as a top, causing Kramer to crash George's car; in "The Bottle Deposit", Elaine spends $20,000 on a set of golf clubs (owned by Pres.

Inexpensive, too! LOS ANGELES (AP) — Ian Abercrombie, the veteran British stage and screen actor who played Mr. Pitt, Elaine’s boss, on “Seinfeld,” died here on Thursday. George loses his glasses at the health club. In "The Watch" she asks him to pose as her boyfriend so she can dump Dr. Reston, her controlling psychiatrist boyfriend. Like Jerry, Elaine's relationships usually ended over shallow, superficial reasons.

Terms of Service apply. In "The Fire", Elaine reveals her hate for her overly energetic, always-happy colleague Toby. Elaine is, like Jerry and George, a serial dater, a trait lampooned in "The Sponge", in which she is desperate to buy a cache of discontinued contraceptive sponges before existing stock is exhausted. Occupation She is also seen smoking a cigar in "The Blood", but only to make herself look bad in front of the mom of the child she is babysitting.

They, however, dismiss it. Former occupations "The J. Peterman office was so beautiful and so well-designed… I just sat there in the office and stayed.

The character of C.C. The set made me so happy.". In "The Muffin Tops", Elaine convinces her ex-boss Mr. Lippman to start his own business selling just "muffin tops". Elaine is the only main character not to own a car. Jerry Seinfeld | This might suggest that Elaine was raised Catholic. This results in such mental congestion that she becomes markedly less intelligent. Also, the character was partially based on Monica Yates, daughter of novelist Richard Yates, whom Larry David once dated, and they remained good friends after they broke up.[2]. Father: Alton BenesMother: Unnamed MotherSister: GailNephew: Unnamed Cousin: HollyGrandmother: Grandma Mimma The role of Julia Louis-Dreyfus in Seinfeld is, arguably, the most important female sitcom character ever created. Unlike most actors who spend their time between scenes in their trailers, O’Hurley said that he could always be found hanging out on the set of Peterman’s fake office. In "The Fix-Up", Kramer stops an argument between Jerry and Elaine and tells them, "Can't you two see that you're in love with each other?" He briefly considers it but turns her down, saying that the situation was "too weird". His final “Seinfeld” appearance was on the series finale in 1998. The moves are repeated in her bedroom in a short scene of "The Slicer". A couple weeks ago, I dug through campaign data and found a bunch of underreported and surprising celebrity campaign contributions (A-Rod going to bat for Romney, Miami Vice‘s Don Johnson shelling out for Obama, etc.). He sneezed on his hands in the presence of Japanese businessmen, thus setting off a chain reaction that results in the near-demise of Elaine’s professional life. Then, Raquel Welch (who was recently fired from a musical for dancing without swinging her arms), sees Elaine describing the walk to the police and thinks that Elaine is making fun of her and attacks her. On the other hand, she is seen making the sign of the cross before entering Jerry's apartment to retrieve a manuscript while the apartment is being fumigated in "The Doodle", and crosses herself again in "The Betrayal" after turning her back on a Hindu altar. Use the HTML below. With Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jason Alexander. Elaine also has a very refined taste in film, citing many movies, plays and characters throughout the series.

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