Announcing our NEW encyclopedia for Kids! Despite being based on ancient Greek mythology, the opera is highly modernist and expressionist. As Aegisth screams and calls for help, Elektra replies: "Agamemnon can hear you.". Horrified, Chrysothemis calls for Orest, but to no avail. Angered by this, Klytaemnestra goes off on an insane tirade, telling Elektra that she'll give the proper information for a rite and sacrificial victim if she were starved.

"), "Nun muß es hier von uns geschehn." "), "Es geht ein Lärm los." It was dedicated to his friends Natalie and Willy Levin. Today, the opera remains a part of the standard repertoire and is performed frequently. As a young servant comes out of the house to fetch the master, he trips over Elektra and Chrysothemis.

Reisberg, Horace (1975). ("Give way! Privacy policy Elektra goes on to praise her sister and her beauty, promising that Elektra shall be her slave at her bridal chamber in exchange for the assistance in her task.

She accuses her retinue of being contradictory in their justifications of her nightmares, so she relies on her daughter for a true interpretation. It was first performed at the Königliches Opernhaus in Dresden on 25 January 1909. Klytaemnestra confides to her daughter that she has been suffering nightmares every night and that she still has not found the way to appease the gods. Orest is dead! They are ordered by composer and name of the opera. Elektra comes back for her daily ritual in memory of her father, who, upon his return from Troy and while he was bathing, was killed by Klytaemnestra and Aegisth and dragged out into the courtyard. ("When the right blood under the hatchet flows.

He claims to be a friend of Orest, and says that he was with him at the time of his death. ("I have no good nights. The opera was the first of many collaborations between Strauss and Hofmannsthal. Subject Operas > Librettos. The web service Alexandria is granted from Memodata for the Ebay search. Letters must be adjacent and longer words score better. Contact Us Du armes Kind?" Wer lungert so vor einer Tür?" ("Alone! Elektra is a one-act opera by Richard Strauss, to a German-language libretto by Hugo von Hofmannsthal, which he adapted from his 1903 drama Elektra. The bitonal or extended Elektra chord is a well known dissonance from the opera while harmonic parallelism is also prominent modernist technique. Despite the protests of a train bearer and a faithful slave, Klytaemnestra climbs down to talk to Elektra. More lights! The sections here follow the DVD chapter breaks of the. In reality, Klytaemnestra has yet again been awakened by her own nightmares of being killed by Orest. Sounds are heard of him being murdered and his calls for help, Elektra replies: “Agamemnon can hear you.”. ○   Anagrams Likewise, if a text is not stored at this site, you must contact the person who holds it if there are any problems.) She asks the gods for the reason for her burdens, but Elektra appeases her by telling her mother that she is a goddess herself. Elektra remains and illuminates his path. ("How can I not hear? "), "Ob ich nicht höre?" At that time, the axe with which she killed her husband and which will be handed to Orest by Elektra, will fall on her. Poor child? She goes on to describe how the gods must be appeased once and for all. Alone? Elektra is ecstatic, Chrysothemis goes into the Palace to be with her brother, and Elektra begins to dance. Coyly Elektra teases her mother with little pieces of information about the right victim that must be slain, but she changes the conversation to her brother and why he is not allowed back. ("Be silent and dance. Five servants try to wash the courtyard of the Palace in Mycenae. The servants continue commenting how she came to be in that state and talk about how they taunt her only to receive insults from her. "), "Was willst du, fremder Mensch?" Chrysothemis does not wish to go on living a half-death in her own house: she wants to leave, marry and raise children. Only one servant shows sympathy for her, but she is taken away by the overseer to be flogged. The opera was the first of many collaborations between Strauss and Hofmannsthal.

She hears that he is expecting to be called from within the palace because he has a message for the lady of the house. ("Who must bleed? [5] Norwegian musicologist StÃ¥le WikshÃ¥land has analysed the use of time and temporality in the dramaturgy of Elektra. Hofmannsthal and Strauss's adaptation of the story focuses tightly on Elektra, thoroughly developing her character by single-mindedly expressing her emotions and psychology as she meets with other characters mostly one at a time. The other characters (Klytaemnestra, Elektra's mother and murderer of Agamemnon, Elektra's father, her brother Orestes and her sister show little devleopment and are secondary to the story. Ro, Cookies help us deliver our services. Much to Elektra’s horror, Klytaemnestra says that he has become mad and keeps company with animals.

"), "Hörst du denn nicht." It was dedicated to his friends Natalie and Willy Levin. Compared to Sophocles's Electra, the opera presents raw, brutal, violent, and bloodthirsty horror. ("It is for us to act now. While based on ancient Greek mythology and Sophocles' tragedy Electra, the opera is highly modernist and expressionist in style. Who spies thus upon the threshold? In 1909 the opera Elektra marked Strauss’s first collaboration with the Austrian poet and dramatist Hugo von Hofmannsthal. Publication date 2002 Title Variation 4 Strauss opera libretti Strauss opera libretti ISBN 1878617419 Aegisth arrives.

"), "Orest! "The Vertical Dimension in Twentieth-Century Music". ("What tumult is this? Determined to do it alone, she digs for the axe that killed her father, but is interrupted by a shady man who comes into the courtyard. ("I can not sit and stare into the darkness. Despite the protests of the Trainbearer and Confidante, Klytaemnestra climbs down to talk to Elektra. Chrysothemis leaves the Palace but, unlike Elektra, she is more meek and accommodating and has remained on good terms with Klytaemnestra and Aegisth, all the time enjoying the privileges inherent to a Princess. Determined to do it alone, she digs for the axe that killed her father, but is interrupted by a mysterious man who comes into the courtyard. She passionately remembers her years of motherhood with her daughter. Followed by a retinue, Klytaemnestra comes to make another sacrifice to appease the gods, but she stops at the sight of Elektra and wishes that she were not there to disturb her. Strauss wrote the music and Hofmannsthal the libretti for five more operas over the next 20 years. Elektra does not relent and a terrified Chrysothemis listens to her sister stating that she must help her to avenge their father. Strauss wrote the music and Hofmannsthal the libretti for five more operas over the next 20 years. "The Vertical Dimension in Twentieth-Century Music".  | Last modifications, Copyright © 2012 sensagent Corporation: Online Encyclopedia, Thesaurus, Dictionary definitions and more. Company Information

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