He also pointed out that while most people are aware that soccer is the most popular game in the world, with big names like Messi, Ronaldo and Maradona, the player with the most international goals is Canadian soccer captain Christine Sinclair. I’m so tired of Sports anchors trying to be comedians and laughing all the time, pausing for seconds on end, making inexcusable errors while they speak, etc.

Send a news tip or press release to Eric Thomas.

When does he start? But hey ! Members of the media also attended to cover the event, including Sportsnet, Omni and City-TV News.

There were 400 to 500 people in my classes,” Thomas said. (L to R) Eric Thomas; Laurel Walzak, Director, GXSLab and Assistant Professor of Sport Media at FCAD; Bart Yabsley, president of Sportsnet; Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi; Sports Media student Natasha Kis-Toth; FCAD Dean Charles Falzon and Carly Agro, Laurel Walzak speaks to the importance of gender diversity in sport media. AND I am sure that he has many assets other than being forced to get on his knees over hockey …..please there are so many sports played daily in Montreal, winter or summer.

With the landscape of journalism undergoing a massive change, Thomas urged students to take advantage of Humber while they’re here, with the exceptional amount of resources at their disposal and precious one-on-one time with teachers and colleagues. Read the associated press release, external link, opens in new window.

Congrats Eric u deserve all the best coming your way! The insult was hurled by FOX television host Laura Ingraham towards Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James, who had insulted President Donald Trump over the gun debate. Eric Thomas made the move to Montreal from his hometown of Atlanta a decade ago to pursue a career in sports journalism. Sportsnet also sponsors a scholarship for Sport Media students with high academic achievement.

Top industry leaders are committed to this change, so it’s time to mobilize.”. When you take off that jersey off you’re a citizen, a father, a husband, a brother,” he said.

Eric Thomas’s first show on-air at CTV Montreal on Friday, Oct. 10. Add to Media list. And as a father with a young daughter, Eric added that he wanted these same doors opened for her also.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is grounded in Canadian values but with a truly international perspective and scope. He then said that, “Sport brings us together, and that allows us to enjoy each other. Sportsnet anchors and the press conference emcees, Carly Agro and Eric Thomas, opened the presentation by sharing personal stories of how they broke into the sports media industry. “You have people that think that these people should just be athletes,” and keep quiet about social issues. Charles said: "This was a transitional moment that will change society", Ryerson President Mohamed Lachemi is interviewed by the media, Current sport media student Natasha, stood at the podium surrounded by her peers. Fast-forward to today, and Thomas finds himself established in the industry as an anchor and reporter for Sportsnet in Toronto.

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