Erina was unaware that Sōma is also the son of her idol, Jōichirō Saiba, though she did once see a visage of Jōichirō over Sōma. Immediately upon her loss, Erina revoked everything she gave to Ikumi and cut ties with her. The abuse that Erina suffered caused her to develop a severe fear of her father, leaving her terrified whenever she was in his presence. During her time there, she has befriended most of them and personally trained them all to pass the Promotion Exams in order to take down her father. Due to Mana abandoning Erina during her childhood in order to pursue her own goals and being fundamentally absent during her life, including during her father's torturous training regimen, Erina deeply resents her mother. Not much was known about the relationship between the mother and daughter, however Erina reveals that Mana is in control of BLUE and had set Erina's bracket to match against one Noir Chef after another. She even giggled at Soma's clownish behavior. She even partly named her own dish after her friend, leaving Megumi crying in gratitude. Ryō is Alice's assistant as Hisako is to her. While he compliments her smile, referring to her happy self as pretty, Erina became shocked and flustered while trying to maintain her focus on the task at hand.

In the epilogue, Erina gets a call from Sōma telling her that he's returning to Japan and plans to challenge her again, to which she gladly accepts by calling all of their friends to oversee them.

Nevertheless, Erina was generally happy to be with Alice and even wanted to communicate through the mail when she moved to Denmark, though this endeavour was ultimately stopped by Azami.

Erina did not directly interact with Megumi until they were partnered at the French restaurant Excellent for the Stagiaire event. This led Megumi to think that Erina was describing Sōma as her ideal man. However, Erina seems genuinely happy to see him again and even admits that she genuinely became more interested to see Sōma again and taste his dishes every time they meet. Wanting to make usage of her abilities, the Polar Star residents were eager to have her sample their dishes and give critiques, which she obliged.

Epilogue and Source. Erina Nakiri; Megumi Tadokoro; Takumi Aldini; Jōichirō Yukihira; Azami Nakiri; Eishi Tsukasa; Rindō Kobayashi; Asahi Saiba; Dishes. You can do that using the entry form on the respective character profile. Erina NAKIRI Quotes – is a character of anime »Shokugeki no Souma: Shin no Sara« and of manga »Shokugeki no Souma«. Admitting to herself that she believed he would stay with her competing and cooking together, but felt sad and disappointed that he left without saying a word to her.

After hearing her traumatic childhood, the residents immediately welcomed her into the dormitory for the time being. He then nominates Erina as the new Headmistress of Tōtsuki as Sōma claims that she is still stronger than him, but also to give him a reason to challenge her in the future.

Born into the prestigious Nakiri Family, and the wielder of God's Tongue, Erina Nakiri has a huge influence in Tōtsuki as the top prospect of the 92nd Tōtsuki Generation. She lives with her parents in America she was a former student of an another culinary academy it is also known as the Chevare Culinary Academy.

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