But I think it'd be nice to support the books and Tarkov, but keep receiving bonuses, not to mention you couldnt even use them if the book was released mid-wipe (unless you reset). The team uses many so-called normal maps in the textures, through which one can miss objects a structure and depth. Most of the bonuses pertain to stash size and starting equipment, but the most expensive edition also comes with the season pass and a couple of neat perks.

Really enjoyed the book, hopefully there is more coming.

Discussion. It should be there by now.

-books-creepy-UpliftingNews-gadgets-sports-nosleep-nottheonion-GetMotivated-photoshopbattles-WritingPrompts-history-DIY-Documentaries-listentothis ... Any dev interaction is a Bonus and is entirely at the dev’s prerogative.

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Seems like theres no code or way to link to your profile and no bonus on my profile page.

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