Includes people named Tom, Thomas, and Tommy. Maybe because he didn't spend every waking moment talking about Thomas Edison. Tom Arnold is on this quiz and you aren't. Edison was, more than any other person, responsible for the adoption of electric light. There is no such person as Thomas A'becket. Famous Toms Quiz.

This Tom is a Welsh singer. Free UK general knowledge pub quiz questions, Cold November Rain - A November Music Quiz. As Mr. Trump might say, sad! Considering that Edison only improved upon the light bulb rather than inventing it, you would be better off choosing a different example. Only 69% for Jefferson and he's the pic of the quiz.

Maybe because he didn't spend every waking moment talking about Thomas Edison. There are too many stories of his thefts of others' ideas and inventions, and the strong-arm tactics he used to push down the competition for me to retain any respect for him. Question #1. Only 69% for Jefferson and he's the pic of the quiz. Fun: (2.6) Difficulty: (0.89) Quiz ID: #28967 Category: People Submitted By: didem666. History is written by the winners. He announced that he was Gay in 2009.

Average person: "Edison invented the lightbulb". I just skip these and don't even bother. Level 55.

Miscellaneous Quiz / Famous Toms Random Miscellaneous or Famous Quiz Can you name the famous Toms, Tommys or Thomases? What about Thomas Paine? by Vexillologer Plays Quiz not verified by Sporcle . Well, why doesn't it exist yet? If you look far enough into it, you'll find things about everyone you don't like, @Lelokelo. Enough with the musician questions! Why don't you just type Riddle? ponnuki +2. Even more insufferable know-it-all: "Virtually every invention is a mere improvement on previous models. Since when does "Marvolo Riddle" contain the words "Tom" or "Thomas"? His name was Thomas Becket and he is on this quiz. His full name is Tom Marvolo Riddle.

I feel that way about Harry Potter questions. Thomas Edison was a winner. I don't care about musician's names, sports players' names, which country hosted the Olympics in 1946, which sports team won a bowl game in 1980, etc. You must be in Wales, where it its Jones the Baker, Evans the Butcher etc. Yes, I think Didymus, Apostle, and Disciple should also be accepted. Shouldn't be able to type Jones and get two answers. Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats ... Five-time Super Bowl champ who married a super model, "It's Not Unusual" to like this Welsh singer, Actor who starred as Bane in "The Dark Knight Rises", Mötley Crüe drummer; Ex-husband of Pamela Anderson, Author with many novels about CIA analyst Jack Ryan. A wonderful Simpsons exchange regarding Edison:

I thought of Thomas Aquinas, too...without even looking at the clues.

Tom Holland is another of the actors named Thomas. Popular Quizzes Today. I know "Doubting" would be a more common answer, but "Didymus" is no less correct. Ergo, Thomas Edison both gets and deserves the credit for inventing the light bulb. Enjoy!

Blog. by jimborama Plays Quiz Updated Jul 5, 2014 . Thomas Cook Most recently starred in the title role of the TV thriller The Night Manager.

Ander, those are stories. Wow, some people just can't handle criticism.

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