Most embarrassing on-camera moment? Six or so leagues per year. Red's: In your opinion, how has the meaning of the word “reporter” changed over the past year? Field: In some way, shape or form, my life has almost always revolved around sports. Thoughts on Deflategate...? Boston has seen virtually unparalleled success amongst its four major sports teams in the past 15 years, but the passion of its fans extends back in eternity. Red's: What’s a day in the life like at ESPN? But the stories that still rev my engine the most are those that trace back to the gridiron: an unheralded player making a game-saving play, a last second catch to decide a contest. Red's are handcrafted in Italy by skilled artisans, whose methods are steeped in tradition, precision and integrity. What holes does each team need to fill? Red's: Who do you want access to and why? t, Boston (617) 478-5300 88 772 Boylston Street, Boston (617) 859-8888 284 Washington Street, Wellesley (781) 239-9881 | New York Stock Exchange symbol: FRC. Field: Let’s break these down individually and try to keep it simple: Atlanta needs to add one more edge rusher to pair with Vic Beasley, New York needs to continue to bolster the offensive line and add a linebacker, the Panthers need backfield depth and receiver help, while the Patriots could target pass rusher or offensive tackle depth. Favorite athlete of all time? Do you have certain criteria? Field has often said that Russ epitomizes many of the qualities you would most covet in a friend, let by his loyalty. The city has a deep emotional connection to its sports teams and that’s something I’m always grateful for. Is it just like those amazingly hilarious commercials…? Moments that can be captured immediately but live on forever. Do you play Fantasy Football? What gets you out of bed every morning?

Field: To be honest, sort of by accident.

Allow me to agree with that assessment. I’ve been bench pressed on national TV twice. In between, it’s staying on top of the news, checking social media for updated information and readying for the next story.

Field: Usually a mile a minute. You can get close to reporting a story, but need one final source to feel fully confident and need to wait a while before receiving said confirmation. Field: It’s hard to say specifically who or what type of person I want to gain access to, but the most important part of relationship building for me is trust. The NFL is a wildly popular sport, so rarely does a day pass where we aren’t thinking about football. How do you gain access to those individuals and get the sources you want? Field: Usually a mile a minute.The NFL is a wildly popular sport, so rarely does a day pass where we aren’t thinking about football. Nantucket. Made In Italy. We had the chance to reconnect somewhat recently and he introduced me to Red’s and the first pair I got my hands on – Campbell – is my preferred choice. I count the Nantucket’s Basket purse every time I go. Newer Post →, Please note, comments must be approved before they are published. Red's: What makes a good story for you?

I majored in psychology after taking an interest in it following some introduction-level courses, not because I intended to major in it long before I got to college. 43w 1 like Reply. The news cycle is fast, but getting a story right and getting it in the proper context is still so key.

Recently, it’s been a desire to improve my mediocre golf game!

Nantucket Magazine. Red's: In the 365-day NFL media landscape, what components does an NFL reporter need to use to tell a strong story?

My morning consists of segments on SportsCenter and meetings to prepare for our afternoon NFL-based shows (NFL Insiders and NFL Live).

Bill Belichick recently called it ridiculous.

Since a young age, my intention was to work in sports, specifically in football.

Field Yates, a 2009 graduate of Wesleyan University (CT), is a former NFL employee who spent two seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs and interned for four summers with the New England Patriots. The color is unique and frame shape is ideal. Sources need to know that information can be shared confidentially and that not all information that is shared with me is information to be reported.

My morning consists of segments on SportsCenter and meetings to prepare for our afternoon NFL-based shows (NFL Insiders and NFL Live). Red's: With the NFL Draft less than a week away, how do you see things shaping up for say the Falcons, Giants and Panthers and Pats? How did that lead to you becoming a NFL reporter for ESPN? Handcrafted Sunglasses. My job is not just to report, but, in some cases, also to take that information and opine, analyze, etc. Field: Trey Hanlan and I have a friendship that extends back close to 30 years, as our parents were friends from the town of Lincoln, Mass. jenks1300. Favorite sports moment? Ohio State beating Miami in the 2003 BCS National Championship Game. What’s your favorite place to relax? I just listened to the pod and appreciate the stories shared of that amazing weekend. What I found was that it helped me understand people in a more nuanced manor.

Staying dedicated to displaying that trust is a goal of me each day. That’s something that I believe serves anyone well, regardless of professional field.

Field: While I’m not sure if it’s specific to just the last year, I do believe that the role of a reporter has morphed recently.

Congratulations to you both!!! Designed in America. Muhammad Ali. Field: I got into this line of work because of the game of football itself, but I understand that there’s much more involved: it’s a business. Red's: What was it like growing up in the Greater Boston area? Field: A willingness to stay the course is probably one of the first things that comes to mind.

Oh yes. FIELD YATES. People wants facts and information, but many also want opinions and conjecture on top of that. Red's: You earned a bachelor of arts in psychology from Wesleyan University. ← Older Post A teammate of Field's on the lacrosse field (he, unlike Field, was actually a very skilled lacrosse player), Russ has become like another Yates boy, … Stories evolve. Interpersonal skills apply to almost any walk of life and I believe studying psychology can enhance them.

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