I appreciate your thoughts on this. Stage 1 consists of an ECU flash/tune and a drop-in panel air filter. ENGINE UPGRADES. ), COBB Flat Foot Shift (MT Only): Improve shift times and keep boost built during shifts. Upgrade forever with off-the-shelf (OTS) calibrations for most bolt-on modifications. I am not crazy about the loud exhaust and may look at other options down the road, but other than that I am loving the Stage II feel. Note: The power figure quoted by Ford is 110kW at the flywheel on an engine dyno. COBB High Flow Filters are designed to permit very high flow rates, minimize restriction, maximize filtration and provide a long life filter. I run 98 octane in my FiST (US specs) here in Germany. I love the burble when I let off the gas. Ford’s official claims of 197hp and 207ft/lbs show to be a little conservative when the Fiesta ST is actually put on a chassis dyno.

Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations. Ford Stage 1 Power Package Fiesta ST 2014-2019 $ 650.00. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need. Ford Fiesta ST Stock — 204bhp and 236ft/lbs. it is just faster from the factor than all the other fiesta st I have raced and the camshaft are dialed in perfect from the factory and that makes a big difference in the way it runs and all. The Stage 1 tune will smooth out the power curve a … Thanks for the modding guide! This feature is enabled in COBB OTS maps. Now, The Smoking Tire has already done some wonderful videos on upgrading their Fiesta ST. Because I want you, the reader, to have the best information available here, I will include those videos in this post. Review in the video, gallery below. SWR Performance Exhaust Manifolds are manufactured in South Africa by the same manufacturer of original equipment for Ford, BMW and Volkswagen, They are ISO 9001 and German TUV approved, The kit is simple to install. Stage 2 consists of a cold air intake, a larger intercooler and the tune to go with them.

Note: Feature must be enabled in ECU calibration for use. COBB Change Map Slot: Map switching allows for instant changes to several tables inside the vehicles calibration without having to re-flash the ECU! When a map slot is selected by the driver, the ECU will use the corresponding values as defined in each folder.

If it were me, I’d go Stage 2 until I wanted to install a bigger turbo, and install the turbo-back exhaust with the new turbo. Nothing but a win/win situation! Finally I flashed to the stage 0 map, which I thought was the stock-like map for when fuel economy was desired. The Accessport V3 is the world's best selling, most flexible ECU upgrade solution for Ford. It’s just such a great package for a great price, and it puts most other cheap performance cars on sale in America to shame. I also love my FiST! COBB Burnout Mode: Enabled in OTS (Off the Shelf Maps) This feature allows you to hold the car at a predetermined RPM and perform a burnout. If I could find someone over here to put in an LSD I’d consider the turbo upgrade, but so far no one wants to talk to me about that. Your numbers would likely be higher because you have higher octane fuel over there. ( Log Out /  Again, thanks for the comments, they were very useful. Of course, with any performance-focused car, owners want to know how they can make their car faster with aftermarket parts and tuning. Here is a table with all of the numbers in one place.

I’ve ordered Dynamat and some Second Skin to help with the noise.

Honestly, there isn’t anything that this car “needs” added in terms of performance.

I call it a factory ringer I had a Yamaha 350 two stroke motorcycle growing up samething it was faster by a good bit more so than my friends motorcycle was the exact same bike just mine was quicker. How much of a difference would 98 octane make on these tunes? With our Stage 1 Kit fitted, power is boosted to an impressive 122 Kw on our rolling road dyno, while torque increases from 180 Nm to 208 Nm from as low as 2000 RPM all the way up to the rev limiter Ford Fiesta ST Stage 1 — 208bhp and 248ft/lbs. South American countries such as Brazil, Mexico and Venezuela have different standard ECU’s to ours and will therefore not be compatible with our maps and wiring loom. This 2018 fiesta ST is by far the best handling car I have ever driven that was stock from factory and it is faster than a focus st also in the canons not straight line performance but in cannons driving I can make better time in my Fiesta than the Focus st or the focus RS it corners flat and it carries more speed into and out of the conners as well. MSD OC Motorsport Fiesta MK6 ST150 Custom Remap 180 - 190 - 205HP. The COBB Ford Fiesta ST RMM utilizes unique voids custom molded into the larger 68A durometer bushing and a smaller 85A durometer bushing to absorb vibrations, but still reduce engine movement to aid getting all the power to the ground. Stage 2 gives you the most gains per dollar. For the OCD people out there, Stage 2 will get you to the all-important 200whp mark.

COBB Adjustable Traction Control: Adjust target traction slip on the fly (Slots 1-8) and maximize tire grip to best suit given track conditions (wet/damp/dry/street/slip/burnout/etc). The stage 0 map felt faster to me than stock or stage 1. View mind.over.motor’s profile on Facebook, View Mind_Over_Motor’s profile on Twitter, View mindovermotor_official’s profile on Instagram, View mindovermotor’s profile on Pinterest, View UCZ5SwhTgHTzlZUWh7bnWDWQ’s profile on YouTube, I thought the Ford Fiesta ST had pretty much everything going for it, Cara Meningkatkan Daya dan Performa Mesin Kendaraan - Echo-Turbo - Echo-Turbo, Podcast: Comparing Camaros, Classic vs Contemporary. For those of you who don’t feel you have enough torque steer with a 240hp Fiesta ST, a turbo upgrade may be just what the doctor ordered. And might I recommend some much wider wheels and tires at this point. ( Log Out /  In plain terms, I see Stage 2 as the way to go if you plan to lightly upgrade your Fiesta ST. For specifics on these features please review the Ford User Manual located here. Ford Fiesta ST Stage 3 — 241bhp and 319ft/lbs. Description. (Fiesta ST, Focus ST & Mustang Only.). Power Torque; Stock: 182ps 199lbft REVO Stage 1 Software: from 217ps to 230ps from 241lbft to 273lbft NOTE: Power is dependant on Fuel Quality, Performance Settings and Conditions, if you hover over the you can see power information in … Product Code: 62FX11. Stage 3 adds a turbo-back exhaust to what you get with stage 2. (Fiesta ST, Focus ST, Focus RS & Mustang Only. My cousin had a 1965 Ford galaxie with a 390 four speed my other cousin had the same car but with a 352 engine and it was faster than the 390 of my other cousins car.. * Please enquire before purchasing to ensure your standard ECU is compatible with our maps and wiring looms. Our Stage 1 performance kit is designed specifically for the Ford Duratec 2.0L 16V engine. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fiesta MK6 ST150 - Stage 1 165HP Motorsport Development Evo C Remap. Lucas octane booster racing formula? Further Documentation can be found here. Each "Map Slot" is grouped into a folder found inside the Map Switching Features group. I thought the Ford Fiesta ST had pretty much everything going for it in stock form, but it’s only human nature to want to push things further. SIGNUP TO KEEP INFORMED OF SPECIAL EVENTS, DEALS, OR PRODUCT UPDATES. Another budget option is maxd-out from pumaspeed that a few guys run. ( Log Out /  With these impressive improvements, there is no question that the era of SWR Performance Kits has arrived! The Cobb downpipe should arrive this week and once on the car we’ll go to Stage III. You should know up front that the factory tune on the Fiesta ST is already pretty aggressive. Also, see the table at the bottom for all the numbers in one place. Price £299.99. Quick View. The Unichip Q+ is a piggy-back ECU which comes already calibrated for your car and includes a wiring loom and a wiring diagram. Using propriety Woven cotton and metal mesh with a precision molded rubber base, the COBB High Flow Filter ensures that only clean air passes into your engine for maximum efficiency.

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