The 1958 models saw a new grille and quad headlamps along with new circular gages. In 1953, Ford celebrated their 50th anniversary and the B-Series saw a redesign with new B-"00" designations added to the name. The Auto Editors of Consumer Guide Ford Truck Chronicle Lincolnwood, Illinois: Publications International. In 1985, Ford took out the "F-O-R-D" lettering in the center of the grille and replaced it with a larger version of the blue-oval logo being phased in on most Ford vehicles starting in 1982. For 2000, Ford re-entered the medium-duty segment with the F-650/F-750 Super Duty. With few changes made to the chassis, the B-series retained the same steering column and instrument panel used since 1980. Coinciding with the late 1996 sale of the Louisville/AeroMax heavy-truck line to Blue Bird, Ford phased out the medium-duty F series and the B series following the 1998 model year. In 1980, Ford redesigned the F-Series medium-duty trucks and B-Series to look more like their heavy duty siblings.

While primarily used for school bus applications in the United States and Canada, the chassis was exported worldwide to manufacturers to construct bus bodies for various uses. Both the B-Series and medium duty F-Series were to gain their own look. To complement the new design there was a new set of gasoline and diesel engines that became available starting in 1980 and more in 1983. They were an all new design implementing styling cues from the Louisville line of trucks. Trucks Wiki, Buses, Stepvans, RVs and Millitary vehicles Wiki, International-Harvester S-Series (School Bus),, Ford was the only non-International chassis to be bodied by AmTran. During the 1980s and early 1990s, the engine offerings would undergo several revisions. The Ford B-Series was a Type C (conventional) bus chassis manufactured by Ford Motor Company from 1948 to 1998 and was used primarily for school bus applications. After a 50-year production run, the final B-series cowled bus chassis was produced as the sixth-generation medium-duty Ford F-Series ended its model cycle after the 1998 model year. For its entire 50-year production run, the B series paralleled the medium-duty F series in its development. Trucks Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. The quad head lamps were replaced with single lights integrated into the grille.

In another change, the grille shifted its design influence from F-Series light trucks to the L-Series "Louisville" heavy trucks. The front hood was now flush with the fenders creating a more boxy look. After 1968, the Mercury-branded version of the B-Series was discontinued in the Canadian market. One further generation was produced, introduced in 1980 (with a minor update in 1995). The new buses were taller and wider with a large grille utilizing much of the space of the front fascia. Redesigned less than a year before, the Louisville/Aeromax heavy trucks were reintroduced as the Sterling brand of trucks. The new chassis and front fascia made the truck look lower and wider than previous years. Again sharing model commonality with the medium-duty F-Series, the model line saw significant external design changes; in place of the long-running full-width hood, Ford shifted to a narrower hoodline combined with separate fenders. For 1991, the Caterpillar 3208 and Detroit Diesel V8s were withdrawn (following the discontinuation of the latter); it would also serve as the final year for the 6.1L gasoline V8. In 1953, Ford celebrated their 50th anniversary and the B series saw a redesign with new B-"00" designations added to the name. For the most part during the 1980s the B-Series saw minimal changes in design.

In 1951, the grille trim was redesigned, with the horizontal grille bars replaced by wider-spread vertical ones. The trucks remained much the same until 1951 when a new, single bar horizontal grille was fitted to the front along with different hood trim. Ford B-800 2.00 listings IC Bus AC Series 7.00 listings starting at $33,900.00 IC Bus AE Series 6.00 listings starting at $12,500.00 IC Bus BE Series 4.00 listings starting at $6,995.00 IC Bus CE Series 282.00 listings starting at $8,500.00 IC Bus … By the end of the 1990s, the number of major school bus manufacturers had dwindled from five to three; faced with potential closure, the remaining manufacturers entered into business agreements with chassis suppliers. Subsequently, Ford sold the B-600, B-700, and B-800 (prior to 1991, diesel-powered versions were badged with an extra "0"). For the first time, a tilt-steering column was offered as an option (distinguished by Ford-badged steering wheels sourced from International). The grille was still horizontal, but was two bars as opposed to the one large one in the previous model.

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