Hackett, Jon, and Seán Harrington, eds.

[29], This forest could easily bewilder the knights. A great canon of lore built up around these "wee folk" (who were often not actually very little!). Dangers lurked in the woods and waters. "Perilous Wanderings through the Enchanted Forest: The Influence of the Fairy-Tale Tradition on Mirkwood in Tolkien's "The Hobbit"."

Some say that he has a pale greenish skin, others say that his skin is blue or grey toned.

[22], The danger of the folkloric forest is an opportunity for the heroes of legend. 1 (131) (2017): 39–58. Peasants who seldom if ever traveled far from their villages could not conclusively say that it was impossible that an ogre could live an hour away. I had never heard of these beings before I read your hub. Even the river gods in Greek myths can be classified as fairies. Although men are warned of the dangers she represents, they are still allured by her beauty. Most of the Moss Folk are female, so they are also referred to as Wood Wives.

Sometimes called "The Furious Host," it was led by Odin on his eight-legged horse, Sleipnir. In Valentine and Orson, the Queen is sent into exile and so forced to give birth in the woods; one child, taken by a bear, turns to a wild man of the woods, who later aids Valentine, his long-lost brother. Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on June 07, 2014: This is very interesting, Carolyn. Audrey Howitt from California on October 28, 2014: Very interesting hub!


In folklore and fantasy, an enchanted forest is a forest under, or containing, enchantments. Foraging for food may, in some cases, cause people to ingest psychoactive plants.

Barbara Badder from USA on June 07, 2014: This was interesting to read. They sometimes are known by other names such as Forest Folk or Wood Folk. I like reading about the old thoughts that people had years ago. These "small" spirits (small in comparison to the great deities of myth) represent remnants of the Old Religion that carried on at the local level for many hundreds of years. A mushroom mother and her children. Nice work! Lore surrounding these Wee Folk also survived as living folklore for centuries after conversion to Christianity, when mythologies of the large scale deities were stamped out. How Did A Rare 2,000-Year-Old Gem Seal Depicting God Apollo End Up In The City Of David? Becoming sidetracked to follow a trail unnoticed before could be the work of some unknown entity trying to lure an unsuspecting traveler into another realm. There may be trees that talk or with branches that will push people off their horses, thorny bushes which will open to let people in but close and leave people stuck inside, and other plants that move, or turn into animals at night, or the like. Fear of the unknown influenced people's folk beliefs, and sometimes spiritual answers were the best solution to misunderstood occurrences. Excerpt of a poem about moss people from "A Fairy Family" by Archibald Maclaren, 1874: In a mantel of Moss from the Maple's root, And like the Lichen grey on its stem that grows, "Home of the Nibelung" by Quit007 on DeviantArt, An illustration by Paul Woodroffe for a 1905 edition of “The Tempest” by William Shakespeare. I enjoyed this.

[31] Still, despite their perils and chances of error, such forests are places where the knights may become worthy and find the object of their quest; one romance has a maiden urging Sir Lancelot on his quest for the Holy Grail, "which quickens with life and greenness like the forest. The figure of an enchanted forest was taken up into chivalric romances; the knight-errant would wander in a trackless forest in search of adventure. That is the creature everyone claims to have seen around here. Mysterious Chachapoyas ‘Warriors Of The Clouds’ And Their Impressive Structures, Two Inca Measurement Systems Calculated By Polish Architect, Neanderthals Weaned And Raised Their Children Similarly To Modern Humans, Unique 8,000 Year-Old Child Burial Reveals Its Secrets, Unexplained Teleportation Cases Of People – Ancient Times – Part 1, Ancient Germanic Ghost Warriors – Romans’ Greatest Military Defeat And Nightmare, Polynesian Stonehenge: Enigmatic Ha’amonga ‘a Maui Trilithon Of Tonga, Ancient Site Tres Zapotes Offers Evidence The Olmecs Practiced Shared Governance, On This Day In History: First Battle Of The Mexican War Was Fought At Palo Alto – On May 8, 1846, On This Day In History: The Battle Of Fulford Was Fought – On Sep 20, 1066 AD, Humans In Africa Fled To The Mountains During The Last Ice Age, Fearsome Sekhmet: Lion-Headed Egyptian Goddess And Sister Of Ptah, On This Day In History: ‘The Wars Of The Roses’ – Fighting For The Throne Of England At Tewkesbury – On May 4, 1471, World’s Oldest Recorded Solar Eclipse Re-Writes History Of Egyptian Pharaohs, Ancient Egyptian Guide To Rostau – The Underworld Of God Osiris May Be World’s Oldest Illustrated Book, The Olmecs – Who They Were, Where They Came From Still Remains A Mystery, King Alaric’s Strange Dream, Sack Of Rome And Forever Hidden Grave, Scientists In Antarctica Encounter Something Very Strange, Mysterious Lost Kingdom Of Urartu And Its Enigmatic History, Grave Creek Mound – One Of North America’s Most Curious Ancient Monuments, Surprising Discovery Of Ancient Roman Salt Factory In England, Voynich Manuscript: Ancient Book Nobody Is Able To Read, Hidden Carving Of Stonemason Never Meant To Be Seen Discovered In Cathedral Santiago De Compostela, Monster Water God Gong Gong Blamed For Cosmic Catastrophes In Chinese Myths, Unusual 260,000-Year-Old Modern-Shaped Florisbad Skull Challenges The Theory Of Evolution, Cupbearer – Prestigious And Dangerous Profession In Many Ancient Cultures Throughout History, Magnificent Pre-Dynastic City Of Sais And Its Lost Neglected Ruins.

John Milton wrote in Paradise Regained (Bk ii. No matter what they are called, these creatures are always highly identified with trees and considered to be the trees' guardian spirits. Łaszkiewicz, Weronika. Holle is known by many names in different German-speaking areas, and one of her monikers is "Holda," which is thought to be etymologically related to Huldra. It was believed that spirits jealously guarded their territory and might punish trespassers. Another association between this creature and Frau Holle is her association with the Wild Hunt.

The other give away is that if the Huldra is approached from behind, her body appears hollow! 359) of "Fairy damsels met in forest wide / By knights of Logres, or of Lyones," and such ladies could be not only magical aid to the knight, but ladies for courtly love. Mostly benevolent or neutral to humans, the Leshy has aspects of the trickster type god and has been known to lead unwary travelers astray.

[10], The creatures of the forest need not be magical to have much the same effect; Robin Hood, living in the greenwood, has affinities to the enchanted forest.

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