Also most of my heroes are 2 stars how can I get better ones, will they come eventually I can not seem to find a way TIA. @Starryeyedgryph - I was responding to your original post and boom there is your hero roster just a little way down. What do the symbols on the troop cards mean?

Mana Speed. Thanks! In Empires & Puzzles the term "healer" refers to a hero that can replenish the health of the team.

I look at who the tank is and take a 3-1-1 or 3-2 stack of the strong color in to try and smash at least a hole in the middle. The initial idea is to have a strong defense team. Since i got a Skittleskull from my next pull in the Elemental, I was wondering if i should just feed him the Carver’s or feed one and keep one? The caster and nearby allies get +24% mana generation for 3 turns, Recovers 37% health for the caster and nearby allies, The caster and nearby allies get +24% mana generation for 3 turns. Health One from an Elemental summons and another from my TC 13. Is there a way to level up your troops? Nature. The weak element against any target will do little/lesser damage but fill its mana bar at the same speed as other elements being used to attack. The “FAST” hit hard tends to be more significant overall however. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The basis of these results: The sum of the numbers in the last four columns is subtracted from the number of comparing categories multiplied by (number of heroes +1). Feed Kiril, Sabina, and Gormek. Placing a hero such as Boril or Elena or Cyprian in slots 2 or 4 can certainly help with the opponent not wanting to attack! Brienne is one of those great extended life heroes after being a 3* player - works well in some situations in the 4* phase and she is probably one of the most significant heroes you can have in a Rare challenge event. I think Grevle = Belith depending if you prefer a dispell or attack boost, edit: Grevle is probably better as he never overheals, and on lower hp heroes actually does more. Even if you are just starting in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest, every attack against the Titan helps. Defense Power You are on a timer in there! City building and team build are only part of Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest. I am already a member of an alliance. To build buildings, you need to collect boost items including meat and metal. Team building in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is quite the trick to preform. They level up pretty easy up to that point. Any recommendations on which one I should start leveling? Rare.

So my verdict is Grevle best, Friar Tuck is one of the worst in the game if he's not in his costume. If not, it will become clear pretty soon. However, it was always on you to use what you have and not sit around hoping for all 5 star heroes all the time! As it turns out, Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest relies more on food. Luckily for you, our Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest strategies and tactics guide will help answer those questions. That being said though, every hero has it’s use. Next would be the Training Camps. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, Rarity.

Just wanted to let you know y’all doing great job with updates and thank you for the effort you put into it. And on special occasions like Christmas, you can collect rare and extremely powerful heroes.

Do you think Grevle can survive as the tank mid or should I put him to the side? It’s good to have a 1 that hits all in your lineup, or more so available for it. Just remember that certain effects do not stack. The upside is that this was never the case. What might seem like a very strong hero to have can easily get torn to pieces if it’s not at full power. Your best bet for attacking is to use everything but the weak element against the target(s). This means at best only 3 out of the 5 team members get his heals and effects. As mentioned above, Empires & Puzzles is a product of a combination of RPG elements and a match-3 puzzle. Small Giant Games didn’t want to you to feel like the game is limited like that! These characters are only suitable for fighting weak bosses in the beginning. Brienne is one of the best (wish she was a 4 or 5)! This is because damage absorbed is basically an insta-heal for the percentage of the buff, serving the same purpose as the healer. Even heroes such as Colen, Jahangir and Oberon can do the same attack as Azlar. Below is a listing of quality healers, separated by star and element. Rarity However, the process of upgrading up to each champion (especially 5-star generals) is very long and expensive. Maxed Stats; Power Attack Defense Health; 446: 458 (264) 450 (259) 681 (392) Special Skill. Raid is the most popular mode, it allows players to raid the castle of the enemy and fight with their army. You have to try to stun the Titan via hitting the Weak Spot 3 times from 1 attack. Effect 1 So do yourself a favor and participate when you see a Titan available.

The problem is that some heroes/enemies will just fill up with mana quickly no matter what happens. Using any other character of the same star level will give you 2% chance of skill upgrade, while the training character of same element/color will increase it to 4%. Friar Tuck – Jovial Explorer Tyrum – Roman Remnant Renfeld – Unhinged Surgeon Hawkmoon – Ascendant Chief Brienne – Shaman of Concordia.

I need to know to choose appropriately.

Belith, Brienne, Friar Tuck and a fully maxed Isshtak. Monk Hero Type Ultimately, it’s your city so you are free to build it however you choose. IF/When level up the amount of characters you can have at once….use the gems on this first, more characters…more to level. You’ll see the icon(s) on the heroes as indicated.

I was cautious of those pulls because my 4* streak felt just too good! You can setup crippling teams, never die teams, destroyer teams, and combinations of the mentioned to name a few setups. A lot more than what you might initially think. The top tier choices per star are in italics. This is a PvP setup for you to gain trophies and various materials. And Isshtak is pretty tough! So do check mana speeds of heroes as much as possible. Fierce fighting, powerful characters, beautiful graphics, tactical, so many attractive things that you can not miss any more moments. Empires & Puzzles takes you to an unspoiled land where you begin to build your own empire. A completely new combination between the fighting role-playing genre and match-3 puzzles has created an extremely attractive game, which is Empires & Puzzles APK. If you see a lot of chat, especially about Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest, there’s a good chance you’re in a good Alliance. v1.88.5 • Origin APK / MOD Unlimited Money, v10.5.2 • Origin APK / MOD Unlimited Money, Download Empires & Puzzles APK for Android. Element When you attack an opponent, either in PvE or PvP, you stand the chance of damaging it, filling its mana bar, or killing it outright. For easy reference in this guide, the hero slots on your team are labeled from 1 to 5, left to right. So why don’t you download this game and build your great empire? This is also a place for you to test the squad and learn about the strength of the characters you have. Yes, there’re numerous strategies anyone can employ. Match-3 gameplay must be too familiar, players need to move to break 3 similar objects.

So yes, it can be pretty quick. So it has the highest upgrading priority. But that tends to end in questions. These damage dealing effects are not the only thing hitting your opponent!

I find that leveling up each fighter will help increase the team power and matching with strong troops. His mana cut can be a useful tool and i really do still like stacking my 3* heroes in war battles. I don’t want to waste a potion if it won’t remove the thing that’s messing with my warrior. Be sure to add a defense reduction hero to your destroyer team. You must level up a hero to its MAX. What should stop you is you being 100% convinced that you can’t win against that opponent because your team can’t counter theirs!

What to upgrade and when to upgrade it? But various items and hero training require different items to be started. Renfeld seems like an ordinary 3 star hero. Of course, Azlar comes to mind as one of the heaviest hitters for the job. 15.3k members in the EmpiresAndPuzzles community. This is even though you can craft many of the same items and/or train many of the same heroes at the same time. Note 1:  Speak up in the comments below if you disagree with any of the recommendations present. When leveling most character, you want the best chance to increase the skill level. I am in a great Alliance were we communicate and try to make or Alliance stronger . The battles are a place of strength and sharp tactics. I’ve pretty much stuck with same coloring for leveling.

Just remember that when you attempt to pull/buy/draw/same things a hero from the Summoning Portal, you could end up with “total garbage”.

It can be said, Empires & Puzzles is one of the best games for this summer. What do the symbols that appear on my warrior cards during battle mean? The layout of your territory in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest isn’t so important. We will update in the future. All good info. They will assist (wish I knew about them/they were around at your stage!). Even when you get better heroes, unless you ascend them, your 2* can still be stronger. So when opponents with a lower team power rating compared to your main team defeat you, you’ll end up gaining a lot more when you click the Revenge button. Nature The reflect damage effect is not applied since the damage dealing effect is not a direct attack. In addition, players can alliance together to create parties together to fight with mighty Titans and compete for great loot. The opponent might have a higher level. If we missed a truly outstanding, top-tier tank, please let us know below. Why should you have more than 1 Training Camp and 1 Forge? Discuss tips and strategies, ask questions and make … Have Faith. And this wraps up our Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest advanced guide. Currently, the MOD version of Empires & Puzzles is not available. And your fortunate to find and decide to use the Forum - again another thing I waited on and wished I hadn’t! I try to pick troops with the greatest percentages but all troops are Lvl 1. In addition to metal mines and farms, Training camps and Blacksmiths workshops are two important constructions. Effect 2

I wasn’t aware of them yet. The most special is the diverse character system, elaborated on both cool appearance and beautiful skill effects. If you already have a fully ascended 3* team - working on your 4* team, there is really no use for 2*'s in the game (except for wars if your bench isn’t deep - then you need them - they took some work for you to get them fully ascended so use them as long as you can. So while 1 Forge is crafting Hit Point potions (HP pots) another can be crafting Mana Point potions (MP pots).

The destroyer team in Empires & Puzzles: RPG Quest is as the name implies. This means the next attacks in line will hit harder. The idea is to literally cripple the opponent. However, the Alliance system should be used as soon as possible. More posts from the EmpiresAndPuzzles community. So, the next holy i should work on is Chao? Plus you have Friar Tuck already! You can also end up with something really great! Curious what you think of Carver now. One turn is simply one match of 3 or more of the same color.

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