Later, he would be in the Heavy Metal Kids. ", Gary's troubles in later life were splashed in lurid detail in the tabloids. "When he was in the show Hair in Glasgow he bought half the crew into our pub in Welshpool. He was the only one who could walk into Laurence Olivier's room without knocking. But I'm sure he became a royal pain in the arse at times. "We used to laugh about it. He played a ragamuffin. It wasn't like that in the morning," remembers Ernie. And if you were there, why not share your memories. Everybody loved him. "He was never shy.

"He couldn't care less," says Ernie. Gary also said that he would get Jimmy after filming (a few articles on the Gary website about it) Jimmy also said he just didn't feel as happy as series 1 because of the filming in Nottingham and the disputes with the Unions. The oldest son of Joan and Ernie Holton, he was raised in South London. "You have got to accept that.". Tragically, he died at the age of thirty-three of a combined drug and alcohol overdose.

He and Tim Healy were both series regulars on Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

'", Ernie had tried to steer his son to a better path. "He loved acting.

Contact or (01952) 241458. Associated With. The oldest son of Joan and Ernie Holton, he was raised in South London. It keeps you there.

She sold the story of his drug-taking to the newspapers just before he died." He said to me: 'Dad, bad publicity is good. Gary also appeared at Sadler's Well Theatre, aged 14, as Amahl in Menotti's opera "Amahl and the Night Visitors". Always two sides to a story though. "It brings back too many memories. After Gary's death his ashes were brought to Welshpool for burial. The family hails from South London. "I used to say 'For God's sake, keep away from drugs.' They wanted him to be the entertainment.". Ernie and Joan used to go ballroom dancing and Gary got roped in too. Of course, when your back's turned, you just don't know.". "In 1966 he was chosen for a part in a show called Love For Love with Laurence Olivier at the Old Vic. Gary Holton, Actor and son Red, pictured together at home in London, December 1984.,,,,, Gary Holton, Actor with family, girlfriend Susan Harrison and son Red, pictured together, at home in London, July 1984., We had to chaperone him. Copyright complaints  ~   Although Gary stayed with his nan in London, as he was working there, he came to visit from time to time. In 1977, he dated singer Stella Palmer, with whom he performed his cover version of "Somethin' Stupid" in 1973. Ernie and first wife Joan moved to Welshpool at the end of 1969, where Ernie became landlordg of the Wellington Inn in the Mid Wales town. He should have stayed acting instead of going into a pop band.". He has all Gary's music finds he cannot listen to it nowadays.

"He was a character," said Ernie, as he looked through a pile of photographs, cuttings, and mementoes, including from the days when Gary starred in the hit 1980s TV show Auf Wiedersehen Pet in which he played ladies' man Wayne Norris. At the start of his entertainment career, he performed in productions at the Sadlers Wells Opera Company, the Old Vic Theatre, and the Royal Shakespeare Company.

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