If you are unemployed, within 30 days of calling to apply for assistance, you will need to provide the program administrator (Solix/Texas Life Line) with a copy of your acceptance from the Texas Workforce Commission and a copy of your electricity bill so Solix can ensure the information in their database matches the electric service account information you provided. ), Amount Due – Total amount due to Gexa Energy; derived from adding the Balance Forward to the Total Current Charges, taxes, and fees. Total Charges – The total amount charged by the customer’s TDU, Average Price Paid for Electric Service – This statement displays the average price paid for complete electric service from Gexa Energy and the TDU during the billing period shown, as displayed on the Electricity Facts Label, or EFL, for the customer’s offering. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. <>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 16 0 R 17 0 R 18 0 R 19 0 R 20 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Gexa Energy partners with nonprofit social service agencies to provide funding to Gexa customers who qualify for assistance with their electricity bills. Online Information Statements – To help customers better understand their bills, special online resources and services have been provided on the Gexa Energy website at GexaEnergy.com/Billinginfo for a glossary of billing terms used on the statement and to GexaEnergy.com/MyAccount (MyGexa) for a detailed view of charges on the statement and other account information. If the customer pays his/her bills through an automatic monthly payment or bank draft, “DO NOT PAY” will appear here along with the scheduled date and amount for the automatic payment. Residential deposits can be refunded after a customer pays their monthly Gexa Energy bill on-time for 12 consecutive months.

To view your monthly bill online, simply sign-in to your online MyGexa account. 1 0 obj

x��;ێ��r��� ɼ_�� �Y���=gF{�:E�0�"e��X��� A~ U�]�E��u�z����bwu][�ҍ�����w�����݃�~���I|��$�/Lbx^^�v�\}����$����dQ�a���g��B�y���W/2�KCg������}�����٫y�Μ���ݏ���Y�ە�!̸�^ͮ�7�׎��x��������+3ś�Ϝ����{����j>�Cү�oV��s���p�xn�:Q�焞L}���'�Kfwe_T}_��z]/���"����ݜ�S{d8�J���j(��AS�{v��uY]U0�/��UQ�oX�~���}}���O���USv'���]��ɛvx,;��V�׌�?�KF`�]��8��i��(�u�p�V���Vߛ�z��r_6?��yd���5Ա=N0�7'�&�;ە�i�ێ�C���p��v����G_Z5���)>�$H�`����2��dL�����O��1� ��EY}$S$༷�z�x����?�9��۶8� CN҄�_Z΢0ӳ�sB���k�I���'����9��ZL�(T\a��Z'�^� N&V����,�Y�ef�C�X�� %v�2��R�M�P]b�v%a4�p��F13���3���u2{6 y�Cb5$J튌����W�������Ѵ�h� ��C l!�0�.

NOTE: If any one-time charges or credits from Gexa Energy apply to this statement, they will appear as single line items below the Base Charge or Monthly Service Fee line (such as “Late Payment Penalty” or “Deferred Payment Plan”). Por favor llame a Gexa Energy al (713) 961 9399 en Houston o (866) 961 9399 fuera Get a low-rate Gexa Energy Saver Plan with up to 2 FREE Smart Thermostats + free install (up to a $550 value). To pay your monthly bill online, simply sign-in to your online MyGexa account. (If the customer is on a variable rate plan, this area will appear blank. Login Now to Manage Your Account 24/7.

5 0 obj ), Energy Charge – A charge based on the electric energy (kWh) consumed (This is the amount that the customer was charged for electricity by Gexa Energy during the current billing period, based on the Offering’s rate plan. NOTE: If this figure is a negative number, it may mean that the TDU is restating or correcting a previously estimated or incorrect reading. To sign up with Gexa Energy, you can call our Customer Care center at (866) 329-4392 or complete your enrollment online here. You’ll need to provide the information that matches your Gexa Energy account, including name and address. 2 0 obj Request A Quote. /PageLayout /SinglePage Learn more about the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program. Gexa Energy and TDUs pass this amount through to their customers for reimbursement.

The following are considered a “certifying entity”: Office of Texas District Attorney, County Attorney, the Attorney General. Service Address – The address where electric service is provided. Learn more about the COVID-19 Electricity Relief Program, TX_COVID-19ELECTRICITY_RELIEF@SOLIXINC.COM. 1 0 obj Please provide a copy of your valid Driver’s License and your last month’s electricity bill from your current provider indicating that you are not currently past due. Esta información está disponible en Español. Your statement will continue to show your actual electricity usage, but you will pay the level Budget Billing amount each month. You may experience long call wait times as agents work to serve all Texans in need of assistance. The state of Texas has partnered with Solix to administer the list and process all relief applications through the Texas Life Line. /FitWindow true Do I need to call Gexa after applying with LILA? Shop Plans for Your Home. Non-Current Charges sections appear much like the Current Charges sections described above, and their Total Charges are included as line items in the calculation to determine the Amount Due on the statement. A statement required by the PUCT promoting Power to Choose is also included. /Length 5257 We’re proud to be part of the world’s largest producer of wind and solar energy. If you have not contacted Gexa to set up a payment plan for your balance due, please call during normal business hours at your earliest convenience before your disconnection expiration date so we can work with you on a payment arrangement until your application has been approved by LILA. stream To report a power outage or an electrical emergency, please contact your local Transmission and Distribution Utility (TDU) company. ��ĺ��S痧'�/1���������:����ú�0�,8��4�_��҉���� �C�}0X���qL� ���}75��P@o*��9oJ�x���%d*�ӑ#�d�L�W��L�/�~}~=�o��^-�"�?8��M�( The Account Number is the same number, with “-3” added to the end to indicate that this bill is for a single Service Address/account. Power Your Business. <<

), Base Charge – A flat fee applied each month regardless of the amount of kilowatt-hours (kWh) used (Residential customers on certain products pay this fixed charge every month to cover the cost of billing, administration, and customer care from Gexa Energy, regardless of their electricity usage. IMPORTANT NOTE. If you do not have an online MyGexa account, sign up now!

%PDF-1.2 Total Charges – The total amount charged by Gexa Energy. You may experience long call wait times as agents work to serve all Texans in need of assistance. Absolutely! There are a number of factors that determine the first available service start date at your premise. This section always appears at the bottom of the first page. endobj Ensure on-time payment of your Gexa Energy bill by utilizing one of our quick and easy payment options: To learn more about each of these options, please click here. If your payment is less than the total amount due, late fees and/or interruption of service may apply. A leader in providing affordable energy solutions to fit the needs of any business. Moving or switching your home electricity service? For the fastest service, please use our automated phone system at (866) 961-9399 to make payments or for payment arrangements. Estimated – This figure is a reading estimated by the TDU (not read from the meter). Meter Number – The number identifying the electricity meter, Service Dates – The range of dates for which the meter was read (or for which the reading was corrected).

A leader in providing affordable energy solutions to fit the needs of any business. endobj %���� Notification of TDU Pricing Change – The PUCT requires Gexa Energy to inform its customers when a TDU rate change occurs through contract renewal, which may result in a change to recurring and non-recurring TDU Charges.

Such price changes are regulated and approved by the PUCT and are beyond the control of Gexa Energy. Get our 60-Day Happiness Guarantee when you sign up for a new Gexa Energy electricity plan. Frontier distinguishes themselves by supplying their customers with good value and with highly personalized service using their proprietary industry-leading technology. Please provide a copy of your Utility Credit History (Credit Reference) Letter with your previous electric provider indicating you have made not more than one (1) late payment in the last twelve (12) months. Update your account profile; Add Companies to your profile; Share company access to different contacts <> What information will I be asked to provide on the call? Gexa Energy was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jan 04, 2008 and since then this brand received 89 reviews.. Gexa Energy ranks 121 of 746 in Utility category. If the credit exceeds the total of the customer’s final bill, a refund check for the difference will be issued. This portion of the statement contains a list of charges for the current billing period from Gexa Energy. As always, you can check your account and pay your bill anytime through MyGexa. Reading Type – The meter reading may fall under two different types: Actual – A reading obtained from the meter by the TDU. Por favor llame a Gexa Energy al (713) 961-9399 en Houston o … See Billing Terms for more information on the terms and line items that appear on your bill. /PageMode /UseNone

For one-time bill payment options, click here.

Lock in a low electricity rate for up to two years. /NonFullScreenPageMode /UseNone Credits always appear with a minus sign (“-“) before the amount. NOTE: Occasionally, the TDU may include non-recurring charges, credits, or adjustments on its invoice. Balance Forward – The amount owed from the prior billing statement (if none is owed, this will appear as “$0.00”) Gexa Energy and TDU Charges - Totals of the amounts in the Gexa Energy Current Charges and TDU Current Charges sections.

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