She knew they weren’t going to be watching that show.”. I thought she was very talented.”, News director Gordon Galbraith recalls the quirky side of Christine: “Christine had a bizarre sense of humor,” he says. Emotionally flawed in many ways.”, Greg says his sister struggled with bipolar disorder, a condition that was not remedied despite their parents spending nearly $1 million over 20 years searching for a treatment to “help Chrissie find peace.”, For more on Christine Chubbuck’s shocking on-air suicide in 1974, pick up this week’s issue of PEOPLE on newsstands Friday. “We have to hug Chrissie extra hard because we aren’t going to have her very long,” Greg recalls. The second film, Kate Plays Christine, is a documentary by director Robert Greene that follows House of Cards actress Kate Lyn Sheil as she gets ready to play the role of the statuesque 5-foot, 11-inch brunette in a forthcoming movie.

Christine, directed by Antonio Campos and starring British actress Rebecca Hall, chronicles the newswoman’s final days. “She asked him if someone were to kill themselves where they would put the gun to make sure it was effective,” Greg recalls. After it was seized as evidence by authorities, it was turned over to their mother, Peg. “It was her show,” says Greg. “She never really had another boyfriend after that,” Greg said. She knew they weren’t going to be watching that show.”.

“Chrissie then literally quickly came to Florida and sort of restarted her life,” says Greg. She had a lot of things that she was exceptionally good at and once she showed she could do it she lost interest and went on to the next thing. “I learned this from the deputy sheriff. She attended a summer NYU film workshop, and worked at public TV stations in Pittsburgh and Canton, Ohio. After she shot herself, coworkers discovered that the bag she used to hide the .38 caliber pistol also contained two of her handmade puppets.

“She was very gifted and she never felt like she was good enough and she was constantly doubting herself, and I mean morosely doubting herself,” says Greg. Christine, her older brother Tim and younger brother Greg, were raised in the posh suburb of Hudson, Ohio, about a half-hour from Akron. “And never once ever acted in a play again. “She was 29 years-old and she had no problem admitting she was a virgin. The last time Greg Chubbuck saw his sister, Christine, was at their mother’s house for Sunday night dinner. Brother, Greg Chubbuck, has been speaking about his sister's life in the run-up to the films The topic is the subject of two films which are both due to be released this October And I mean morosely doubting herself.”. Her mother paid for designer dresses to make sure she looked good on air. The 21-year-old began dating a man in his early 30s, but Greg says their father disapproved of his age and his religion – he was Jewish – and the relationship was short lived.

But it just never really happened completely for her. "She was an interesting, gifted, flawed person," says brother. John Cloud/Sarasota Journal/AP. Christine moved to Florida to live with her mother after her parents divorced.

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