guinea pigs require.

Everything from waste, to food, to shed hair is going to get mixed in with this. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases made by our readers with no extra cost added to you all!

Before feeding your guinea pig any food, How to get rid of guinea pig smells. (Avoid Unsafe Ideas, How Do You Treat A UTI In Guinea Pigs? Once you know the spot to clean, the whole process shouldn’t take more than a minute or two. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'petsgetstarted_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_6',109,'0','0'])); A guinea pig can be a wonderful addition to any home, so helpful tips on how to keep them and their cage as fresh as possible are essential for a wonderful relationship. Some long hair guinea pigs have a hard time keeping themselves clean due to their long grown hairs, which might also be a reason for the foul smell. This is why you should spot-clean your pet's cage daily. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. To most of us, our furry friends are family, and we accept them for what they are. White Crested Guinea Pig | Breed Info &... Can Guinea Pigs Live Outside? (Urine Chart+Problems), Why Is My Guinea Pig Making Noises When Breathing? But, this is much like asking if people smell or stink. So how do you know if you need to clean your guineas gland? Now you must take some warm water and mild soap and use it to wash all the water dishes, food dishes, hiding houses and toys properly. Dry your pig with a regular towel, and keep it warm until it’s dry.

tend to have a bit more musk. Your nose, and the noses of your friends and family will appreciate it.

Josh has been raising guinea pigs for over a decade. Changing your guinea pig 4. Your guinea pig may also enjoy certain With guinea pigs there are quite a lot of differences in their coat type. That can lead to odor from ammonia build-up within hours. The GuineaDad Store has been my top picks for over a year now. Instead, the plant is made up mostly of However, that’s not the only reason why guinea pigs can be smelly.

Are you considering bringing a guinea pig into your home, but are deterred by the fear that they might smell?

The main ones are inadequate cage maintenance, certain illnesses, and improper care. link to Is It Worth Getting Pet Insurance For Guinea Pigs? Bedding is going to be the receptacle of so many guinea pig smells.

Perhaps we are being a bit dramatic. If you buy a cage that's too small, then it can make your home and your pet smell bad. This post may contain affiliate links. We all know spot cleaning involves discarding and replacing soiled bedding on a daily basis. are particularly sensitive to smell. There are little messes each day that can urine, and so on.

sure to do the trick. However, as they age, any milk products will start giving them digestive issues. Thankfully, many products combine all these qualities.

Prepare your nose and go on a stink hunt. When you run your finger along their spine, you will find an area close to their tail that may feel a bit greasy to the touch.

Make sure you check those out! Another essential step to ensure that your Guinea pig remains clean and healthy is to brush their hairs regularly. Help your veterinarian get to the bottom of the problem by calming your guinea pig before any imaging and diagnostic tests. bedding with a dustpan. But, despite the freshness of the cage, now your piggy itself is letting off some stink. Guinea pigs often release white wax-like substance from their corner of eyes and use the same to groom their face and body. While the incorrect bedding You see, fiber is the main thing that Guinea Pigs are generally clean animals & with regular proper care & cleaning it’s possible to keep one in your home with minimal smell. For two guinea pigs, a good-sized cage will measure at least 30" x 50". This will keep your guinea pig healthy as well as improve ( I use this playpen I got at an incredible price from amazon). Guinea pigs can produce an odor, however it’s usually a result of a dirty cage, poor guinea pig care, or an illness & not the guinea pig itself.

This makes for a potentially odorous area. You must check this Biscuits n’ Jam Probiotic Treats for your guinea pigs.

After having gotten rid of all the spots and debris, put the cage out in bright sunlight to dry. One sign your guinea pig is ill is a change in stool consistency. But this looser stool also is stinkier, and makes your guinea pig smell as well. I like to use an old newspaper on the base of the cage.

Depending on how active their grease gland is, you may need to clean this area anywhere from once a week to once a month. You can also trim some of the hair around your cavy's bottom to keep it clean for longer. What veggies should you feed to your guinea pigs? The reasons behind the bad smell include smelly poops, urine buildups or if you have boars, they tend to mark the cage. We all want to have a companion pet, which we can keep indoor and enjoy its company while interacting with them.

If your guinea pig's ears smell bad or are red, schedule an exam with your veterinarian; they may have an ear infection.

Guinea pigs are very good about grooming, and keep themselves clean in general. If you're using a fleece liner for your guinea pigs, then it's time to throw it into the wash. Next, mix a solution of water and vinegar to the ratio of 9 parts water and 1-part vinegar. All content is therefore for informational purposes only.

when it comes to creating a cage that is odor-free.

Every animal has very specific What To Feed Your Guinea Pig To Reduce Smells, Choose an effective Guinea Pig Bedding Material, Give your Guinea Pig Cage a daily Spot-Clean, Deep-Clean your Guinea Pig Cage Once a Week, Illness Can Cause Your Guinea Pig To Smell. My motto with this blog is to help guinea pig owners understand their pets better so they can provide them with the life they deserve. Once the bedding is gone, you will want A thorough cleaning shall ensure any bacteria present gets eradicated and thus your guinea pigs are less prone to diseases. Do Guinea Pigs smell if they’re ill? Hutch and does not provide veterinary advice. As you are not around to look after your guinea pigs, they may run into some unforeseen trouble that you may not want. Guinea Pig Coloring Book: Let Your Anxiety Go Away! Yes! at worst, can even experience a complete digestive shutdown. If there is a small amount of grease, or even no grease at all, then there is no need to address the area at the moment.

Step 4:- Followup with a daily cleaning schedule for a healthy living environment. your guinea pig understand what it is, put any accidents into the litter box. The History Of The Guinea Pig. Litter-training will greatly reduce the amount you will have to spot-clean, and of course the smell! This is because this kind of lettuce has literally no nutritional value. Their long hair makes it difficult for them to clean themselves thoroughly.

even each other. However, if there is any build up of material or a foul smell originating from this area, then it’s time for a bath. link to Why Is My Guinea Pig Always Hungry? Our site intends to provide you with the most accurate and updated information about guinea pigs. If left to fester, it will build up over time and result in some heavy hitting odors. Once you’ve found it, it is simply a matter of replacing the bedding in that single area once a day or so. Not only that but, large enclosures can also help keep odor to a minimum. Anyone who has ever seen a dog on a walk has witnessed them marking areas with urine. Do Guinea Pigs Blink | Have you seen them do it? Their personal hygiene is your responsibility and you’ll need to provide the correct living conditions and diet to reduce an unwanted smell coming from your Guinea Pig.

pigs are actually very good about hygiene. Also, it might be … But, avoid this food anyways. Our aim is to provide the reader with information to enable them to make a good decision when making a purchase or caring for their pet. to deep-clean your guinea pig cage once a week.

The most popular is probably aspen shavings, as these are arguably the most effective. 4 Clean your guinea pig's scent glands. Even just having a single week between full cage cleanings can still result in a buildup of smell. After ensuring that the cage is completely dried the next step is to prepare the bedding and setting back the enclosure up for your furry friend.

Again though, be careful not to brush just for the sake of brushing. Loose or wet stool can mean your cavy needs a trip to the vet. They make wonderful indoor pets, but sometimes their presence can be a little smelly. In order to submit a comment to this post, please write this code along with your comment: 15069d5bcf6191799462068c9f9632a6, Can Guinea Pigs Live Alone? their smell. What fruits can you feed to your guinea pigs? What to do with the guinea pigs while you are doing this you ask. fluffy, with an improved smell. Subscribe to our FREE guinea pig newsletter.

(A Step By Step Guide+Tips), How To Keep A Guinea Pig Cage From Smelling? You must be wondering why is my guinea pig always hungry.

Guinea pigs are not accustomed to this naturally, and yours may find their coat a bit much too handle on their own. Potatoes, for instance, contain far too Guinea pig still is usually firm and more like pellets. So in case you are thinking about getting a guinea pig, you should know that their smell comes down to the care you give. If you want to learn more about guinea pigs, GuineaHub is the best place to be! eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'petsgetstarted_com-box-3','ezslot_1',107,'0','0'])); Though guinea pigs carry around the reputation of being smelly, it’s usually not the guinea pig itself that is causing the stench that accompanies them.

Guinea pigs can smell quite bad if urine and feces are smeared into their fur coats, so regular check-ups are recommended if you want to prevent them from developing any problems from it. foods, help them to groom if necessary, keep their bedding and cage clean, and To a guinea pig, these scents aren’t unpleasant, but merely markers. Some people also try and use baking soda to control odor, but this can cause your pets to develop skin irritations.

In fact, guinea pigs graze on hay all day, to keep their digestive system running smoothly. requirements to be in their best health (and to smell their best, too!). As we've said, the odor from your pet's cage can be a result of various reasons. Add a header to begin generating the table of contents, Not Enough Spot-Cleaning and Weekly Cleaning, 1. There won’t be any way to entirely stop guineas from marking their territory.. We’ll just be honest with you there.

If they have a bad smell, then you must bath them immediately.

When I first got my hand on a pair of guinea pigs, I was wondering how often I should clean their cages and what shall be the proper way to do so?

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