Undersizing will cause real misery as the sauna will take an inordinate period to heat up if it ever gets there. Would you recommend the Cilindro? It is not as simple as adding up the breaker totals as no one uses all branch circuits to capacity at the same time. Further, the control can be programmed to automatically start and end a drying cycle and activate the exhaust fan and the end of the sauna session. There is also plenty of exposed rock surface for throwing water thus creating strong bursts of loyly.

expert in the bunch. Electronics don’t like either heat or humidity, and are subject to early failure unless specifically designed and tested for such environments (i.e. | Suppliers | Showroom Tylo, on the other hand, operates their heating elements in stages. Amerec, Finnleo, Helo, and Polar all fall under the Tylo-Helo umbrella and are at best very similar using the same parts, with some models being rebadged units. Oversizing can be an issue also (though less of one IMO) as you don’t want the heater to feel like a blast furnace when it cycles on. The existence of other 240 Volt appliances – These will be double breakers that serve large appliances such as electric ranges or water heaters, or an air conditioning compressor.Look for anything marked 30 Amps or larger. here.Ed Note: This is part 1 of a 2 part post looking at electric sauna heaters. It turns out that most of the available family sauna units are different variations of the same basic wall-mounted design. TP, After reading this thread several times I am not sure the question regarding the Harvia heater was ever answered. These will add one or two hundred dollars in cost and I’m not quite sure I get it. I’m looking at the Camry-type heaters, and one dealer said the Polar HMR heater-mounted controls do NOT make any ticking because they’re electronic. However if there are too many rocks for the heater size then the rocks might not get hot enough to make steam in the first place.

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There are also Excel spreadsheets available online if you google around a bit that incorporate all the NEC rules and allow a DIY load calc. This is all good talk. i don’t need all the wifi bells and whistles but having the electro-mechanical timer on the unit in the hot room leads to a ‘cbs 60 minutes’ effect, with a constant ticking. If you don’t know what you are doing or aren’t willing to spend some serious time doing research first, hire a qualified electrician to do the actual work. In addition, the major manufacturers have only certified their most popular variants.

an outdoor receptacle is great for plugging in tools, a radio, etc. A major selling point of an electric heater is their convenience. Let me share a dirty secret: Amount of sauna rocks is not a reflection or guarantee of lampomassa and/or “ahhhhh” that is achieved either whilst sitting on the upper bench or via tossing water on the rocks. 5’ x 7’ family sauna with a 7 foot ceiling ->5 x 7 x 7 = 245 cu ft (guideline 1), 32” x 16” window ->  (32 x 16)/144 = 3.55  sq ft / 10.75 = 0.33 sq meter. The existing electrical service size in Amps – This can be found on the main breaker, usually labeled “MAIN” or “SERVICE DISCONNECT”.This will be a double breaker that is often larger in size than the others with typical values of 100, 125, 150, 200 Amps, or even higher. If it’s small and you do have existing 240 Volt circuits you will need to do a little more research. There is a real benefit in wear and tear in locating these parts in a room temperature environment. I am also in the process of planning for a backyard sauna in Southern California (a much more urban setting than your beautiful spot). Another website, which seems to have a Polar-looking variant, warns of a ticking sound with these dial-timers and recommends the digital control. i can’t say i’ve seen every electric heater out there but all the ones i have seen with built-in controls utilize an electro-mechanical timer (complete with clicking sound). And you mention there’s typically ticking.

Hi Miller – Thanks for commenting, your post on building your own sauna (assuming it’s the same Miller) was a huge influence on my efforts. military grade).

http://www.saunatimes.com/building-a-sauna/stoves/building-a-sauna-some-electrical-tips-so-you-wont-get-fried/, http://www.saunatimes.com/building-a-sauna/sauna-build-in-central-wisconsin-comes-off-without-a-hitch/, Hi Miller – Just noticed you had replied. Anything above 2 kW (suitable for only small 1-2 person saunas) will require a dedicated 240 Volt circuit wired directly from the electrical service panel. Sentio by Harvia control units for professionals make relaxing sauna experiences possible in hotels and spas. The thermostat knob is next to the timer knob. Hopefully, Sauna Times readers find this helpful. The variety of electric sauna heaters available in North America seems a bit overwhelming on first glance.

Harvia’s mobile switch-on makes preparing a sauna experience easier than ever, ... All you need are the Shelly Cloud mobile app on your phone and a control unit for your sauna heater that is connected to your home WiFi network. That’s how easy it is. All you need are the Shelly Cloud mobile app on your phone and a control unit for your sauna heater that is connected to your home WiFi network. May the sauna gods bless him for his awesome work!

@miller – where can I find the write up on your sauna?

my hot room is insulated well enough that i can turn the whole thing off for the last round and sit in silence but it would be nice to be quiet the whole way through. Some sauna rocks, especially down low, surrounding these electric heaters do not produce heat or steam. If you get a chance please do put your photos up somewhere and post a link as I’d love to see them. The next step up the line uses a wi-fi connection to allow turning the unit on/off from a distance further then feasible using a wired remote. Sauna heaters by design generate high heat levels in a highly combustible environment.

Harvia Xenio control panel and remote junction box (more on this below).

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