[42] For example, TYT journalist Emma Vigeland has attended US President Donald Trump's political rallies and interviewed supporters.

[16] Hosts including Thom Hartmann and John Amato filled in during the event, to allow the show's regular hosts and contributors to rest or take breaks.[28]. With the help of friend Ben Mankiewicz (with whom he had previously worked), his childhood friend Dave Koller, and Jill Pike, Uygur began The Young Turks as a radio program in February 2002 on Sirius Satellite Radio. Hasan Piker started his time there in advertising in the year 2014, before moving on to a full-time producer and eventual on-air talent for the brand. It was the second news and opinion program to air on Current, alongside Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and was part of a strategy to refocus the network's prime time schedule around progressive talk programming (which was followed by the debut of The War Room with Jennifer Granholm in January 2012). [12] Its online subscription membership has two plans, "insider" offering full web content access and discounts, and "activist", offering additional access to its townhalls and political events.

Eastern. [50] The network has spoken out against corruption in politics and for the need to remove corporate donations out of the political system. [116][117][118], The show's name Young Turks has been criticized due to the original Young Turks political movement in the Ottoman Empire being responsible for committing the Armenian Genocide,[119] as well as a 1991 article Cenk Uygur wrote in The Daily Pennsylvanian in which he promoted Armenian Genocide denial. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, so I am going to refrain from commenting on the topic of the Armenian Genocide, which I do not know nearly enough about. In late 2010, TYT announced through its Facebook page that it would discontinue carrying the program on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio; the last edition of The Young Turks to be carried on the service aired on November 19, 2010. [12] As a result of ongoing TYT membership drives, its base of subscribed members has grown numbering 32,000 in 2019.

The Young Turks (TYT) is an American liberal[7] and left-wing[8] news and opinion show on YouTube that additionally appears on selected television channels. [16], Support by viewers for alternative media outlets like TYT adopting new technology has meant the network was able to overcome being a small sized organisation of the traditional alternative media landscape. TYT rejoined Sirius/XM in 2017 with the show being run on SiriusXM Progress. Also since Reily Reid is on twitch now, naturally you must get Janice started on twitch too! The Young Turks also maintain a partnership with Al Jazeera's digital channel AJ+, in an arrangement first announced in March 2015. In addition to being carried on the TYT Network and YouTube, it is also currently available on Amazon Prime Direct, iTunes, Hulu, Roku, on Pluto TV through a 24-hour feed and on social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. [46] On January 21, 2018, TYT confirmed that it will show The News with Dan Rather, a half-hour "untraditional evening newscast" weekly on Mondays in the time slot before the main Young Turks show. [9][10] The program was created by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, and Dave Koller. [50][51] Employees expressed support for an open ballot and a bargaining process followed. Acronym TV – a commentary program focusing on policy and national security issues, hosted by Dennis Trainor Jr. In 2017, TYT won the Shorty Awards Audience Honor for the Best in Overall YouTube Presence. [17][18], The Young Turks was originally developed as a radio talk show that was similar in format to a Los Angeles-based public access television program that Cenk Uygur had hosted, titled The Young Turk. [38] In December 2016, TYT Network launched a crowdfunding campaign aiming to raise US$2 million for the hiring of four further investigative teams. [111] Other Justice Democrats congressional members like Ro Khanna and Rashida Tlaib have appeared on TYT discussing progressive policies and issues. [32] The station has defended the whistleblower WikiLeaks organisation and its data disclosures on several issues such as the TPP, the DNC email leak and the Hillary Clinton email controversy. Hasan Piker is an American Youtube star popular as the on-air host for The Young Turks’ YouTube channel series Pop-Crunch. I think your chadvice streams with poki, raj, yourself and another very knowledgeable charismatic lady would be an amazing stream to watch biweekly would do amazing for wholesome content. Official subreddit of left-wing Twitch streamer Hasan "Hasanabi" Piker . Oh also noted that the network's representatives were speaking with other media platforms about expanding its programming. The Young Turks[74] has spawned a multi-channel network of associated web series and shows, known as the TYT Network. The Young Turks has won and been nominated for numerous Internet content awards, including, but not limited to the following: Other awards won by The Young Turks in the 2010s were "Best Political News Site" and the "People's Voice Webby Award" in all 5 of its categories.[12]. The Young Turks is broadcast in a two-to-three hour live stream format, which airs Monday through Fridays at 3:00 p.m. Pacific Time. The program maintains a liberal/progressive ideology in its political commentary. [12] Viewers also have the option to send video questions to the network if they are unable to be present at the townhall. [32] TYT has criticised politicians from the US Democratic Party for alleged attachment to financial interests and for appearing to be progressive. [47], In late February 2020, the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) sought to unionise the production and post-production staff at TYT. 106.

[22][23][24][9] Co-creator and host Cenk Uygur describes himself as an "independent progressive" and asserts that the show is aimed at the "98 percent 'not in power'" and what he describes as the 60 percent of Americans who hold progressive views.[25].

The program was originally based out of the living room of creator/host Cenk Uygur, but it moved production to a small office in Los Angeles after the show hired a limited staff to produce the program. [42] In the late 2010s, other TYT townhalls were held with Sanders on the climate change crisis. [113] TYT's online platforms facilitate the encouragement of civic participation with the political system that in 2018 assisted Justice Democrats in getting 7 congressional victories, 25 candidates during the general election and 78 in the primaries. Archived.

Programs produced for the TYT Network that are no longer in production include: Programs no longer produced or owned by the TYT Network, but are still in production: TYT promotes itself as the "Home of Progressives". [26] The second hour – which is co-hosted by Uygur and Ana Kasparian – provides social commentary on a wide range of topics, both domestic and foreign. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. ‡ = category was renamed, influence of money in the political process, corporations, neutrality and establishment political thought, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential election, "A network view of social media platform history: Social structure, dynamics and content on Youtube", "The Young Turks: Rebel Headquarters : News : Politics : Commentary", "Company Overview of The Young Turks LLC", "YouTube's Rapid Response Partisans Game the News of Tragedy", "The Trailer: What the election looks like to the media that love Sanders", "WME Signs Political Hosts The Young Turks (Exclusive)", "Life after cable: The Young Turks Network launches a Roku app", "The Young Turks return to cable TV for election-focused show on Fusion", "The Young Turks Raises $20 Million From Jeffrey Katzenberg's WndrCo, Greycroft, 3L Capital, More", "Progressive media outlet The Young Turks has raised $20 million in venture-capital funding and plans to double its staff", "The Young Turks Celebrates 10th Anniversary Today", "Cenk Uygur on the success of The Young Turks", "Fox News' Glenn Beck's right-wing rants go way too far, critics charge", "Cenk Uygur Sets Out to Take Down Traditional Television", "Cenk Uygur's The Young Turks: This YouTube news bulletin is challenging the fogeys of US TV", "On the media: For Young Turk Cenk Uygur, TV is the next frontier", "TYT – Let's Build It Together! [68] For two years, the two separate shows were produced each Monday through Thursday, with a one-hour break between the production airtimes of the television and web shows. [32] The network has been critical of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) trade deal and its supporters like Hillary Clinton, whereas TYT approved of Senator Bernie Sanders' opposition to it. [112] In 2018, TYT also featured other progressive political candidates on Rebel HQ such as Richard Ojeda during his congressional run, gubernatorial candidates Cynthia Nixon who ran in New York State and Christine Hallquist in Vermont to discuss their policies. By October 2016, the total number of views for the TYT Network's YouTube channel had surpassed 3 billion.

Prior to signing a distribution deal to carry the program on Air America in 2006, the show was broadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio,[16] on Sirius Left 143 and later 146, airing weekdays from 6:00 to 9:00 pm. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

[42], In November 2017, TYT fired field reporter Jordan Chariton over sexual assault allegations made against him by the Huffington Post.

[16] Through likes and shares of TYT content on many online platforms, audience members have become a "virtual word of mouth" expanding the network's reach to other people with similar views and stimulating the growth of the TYT community. By August 2016, Cenk Uygur reported that number of paid subscribers had increased to more than 23,000. [114][115], In mid-November 2019, Uygur filed to run for Congress in California's 25th district, a seat recently vacated by the resignation of Katie Hill, an office also being pursued by former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos.

[42][32] For example, TYT townhalls are hosted in local communities involving a moderator asking questions of the expert panel followed by audience questions, with the events streamed on YouTube and on-demand web access for its subscription membership. Currently co-hosted by Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and John Iadarola,[11] it is also often accompanied by various other in-studio contributors. [40] In August 2017, it was announced that The Young Turks have raised $20 million in venture-capital from 3L Capital, WndrCo (owned by businessman Jeffrey Katzenberg),[41][17][18] Greycroft, and e.ventures. [37] In 2014, the company received a US$4 million investment from Roemer, Robinson, Melville & Co., LLC, a private equity firm led by Republican former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer. During the 2008 elections, the show developed close ties to Brave New Films.


Each Friday, The Young Turks features a panel of guests from the worlds of politics, journalism, pop culture, sports and comedy – dubbed the "TYT Power Panel" – that is led by Uygur and John Iadarola in the first hour and Kasparian in the second hour. The first hour, which is occasionally hosted solo by Uygur but frequently has Ana Kasparian among other co-hosts, focuses on American politics, foreign policy and breaking news headlines. report. [10] By engaging with social movements, the station has called on its audience to become part of its "TYT army". [20] Progressive social policies and liberal values are promoted through commentary by TYT.

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