The Department of Health advises that any fish caught on the western side of Sydney Harbour Bridge and its connecting waterways, such as the Parramatta River, should be thrown back and not eaten, due to high levels of dioxins found in the fish and crustaceans there. - if you fish at night dont bother trying for bream, - 5 catfish in a row change spots ( they will not leave trust me ), - If you are going to use prawns hawkesbury prawns are the go, - If you catch more fish then your mate make him feel better by saying things such as " wow that bream you caught was thick as " or " OMG it has shoulders ", other then that the most important thing is. But when the tide stops don't be afraid to throw one out away from the structure you're fishing, they'll get out there and hunt amongst the Soapies. The government recommends catch and release only in this area – aye aye captain! I guess this one is for the novices, i hear so many complaints about no good fish in the hawkesbury and im no professional. If you want to make a whole fishing trip out of it, head north to The Hawkesbury River.

Recreational licenses can be purchased online, from hundreds of standard and gold fishing agents and from most Kmart stores in NSW. We are beyond stoked to have won Consumer Publicat, Who needs koala-ty cuddle right about now? 7. Powered by Invision Community.

I have been succesful in catching quality bream in the hawkesbury on about 80% of my trips these days from a few simple techniques. Tell us whats biting, where to catch the big ones and what you are using for bait. DONT PANIC. Location: Grays Point ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Situated right by Chowder Bay, Clifton Gardens offers an enormous wharf to sink some bait off, a gorgeous beach to relax on, a sprawling parkland with barbeques and even a public pool. Sign up for a new account in our community. - I've always liked chicken gut when the waters murky (not that aniseed infused crap) if you can find it. Hawkesbury River’s most beautiful fishing locations are only a stone’s throw from Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley.

Let friends and family know where you’ll be in case of an emergency. However, bare in mind that fishing is prohibited in some NSW areas from May to August each year.

You really dont have a clue what your talking about, however i hope our next trip is as fruitfull as the last - a few extra tips that we also follow. It's easy! If possible, remain seated while in a boat. Don't waste it sitting there thinking the bream will bite. Best Fishing Spots in Sydney. Thanks for your submission click here to start the download, Alternatively you can call our in house specialists to discuss your needs over the phone 02 4577 4222, Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley is owned by Cassmar Hotels Pty Ltd. ©Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley 2020, 61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor, Sydney, NSW 2756.

Or you can hire a tinnie locally from Able Houseboats to explore the different areas. As soon as it does add it to one more rod at a time.

Be careful with your movements by slowly holding fish on the water surface until there’s a good flow of water over their gills. Our All Things Pink High Tea is back to raise fund, mate it's always appreciated I like to use Blade steak thinly cut as an option for bait. - use your time mid tide to catch some fresh bait or have a drift for some flatties.

Type of fish: Bream, Flathead, Jewfish. Once you’re on the water, the fishing spots are endless; create a burley trail and try around the surrounding islands for bream, flathead and jewfish.

When handling your catch, remember that metal surfaces can get extremely hot during the warmer months, easily killing off fish lying on the bottom of boats.

Unfortunately so do baby snapper and everything else you have to throw back. Hawkesbury River. Thanks for sharing your tips and secrets. ...and if.

Bait fishing with the Hawkesbury prawns and squid are best for the jewfish. Stocks freshwater fish in dams and rivers when needed. It’s best to wait until the ferries have finished up for the day so the water’s a bit calmer (and there are fewer people around). Having to pay a fee just to go fishing for a few hours on a Sunday morning may sound strange, but earnings are put to good use. Location: Brighton-Le-Sands - Don't always believe burley is essential, i never use it for bream and have no issues. No.1 - Rip Bridge Fishing Spots The "Rip Bridge" located in Ettalong, The bridge connects the Booker Bay area with Daleys Point. Any tips on good shore spots? You have allowed cookies to be placed on your computer.

- In clear water stick to tiny pieces of squid and don't bother with prawns without heads, if it loses the head peel it! - 4lb-8lb in clear water - (you will lose some fish but boy will you hook more), - 10-12lb in Murky Water or on heavy structure. I was just stating that my mate Galini is extremley forgetfull, - Agreed, i have heard of people using chicken brest & parmeson, Chicken, Garlic and Parmesan - they seem to love it, as do flatties. I'll add a tip to your generous advise for the hawkesbo!

At long last, the Sydney fishing spots you’ve been waiting for. Deckee Pty Ltd This is definitely a spot you want to hit up first thing in the morning, or last in the evening to avoid an excess of currents from ferries and boats crossing the harbour.

Everyone wants a piece of this beauty, so get in early to avoid a huge crowd.

Same applies to fishing areas in Cowan Creek, Mooney Mooney Creek, and Patonga Creek. Type of fish: Bream, Yellowtail, Kingfish, Garfish.

Get all the details on The central coast district, extending from Munmorah State Recreation Park in the north, to the southern bank of the Hawkesbury River, caters for beach, rock, estuary and ocean fishing activities. Instead of panicking and trying to swim to shore, you could face downstream with your feet first while looking for a safe shore position.

Bream do feed of the bottoms, and a grey ball isn't really an eye sore if you know what the bottom of most parts of the hawkesbury looks like. You can buy an annual licence for $35, but if you’re just looking for one to last the weekend, a three day licence is only $7. It’s always a good practice to use environmentally-friendly sinkers and non-stainless hooks whenever possible. Gather your mates and hire a self-drive boat or cruise around in a houseboat. It’s always a good idea to have someone with you. Location: Henley Location: Kirribilli

The central coast district, extending from Munmorah State Recreation Park in the north, to the southern bank of the Hawkesbury River, caters for beach, rock, estuary and ocean fishing activities. Return fish that you won’t be needing for consumption back to the water as soon as possible. Pack a strong rod, line and reel.

You don’t have to worry about prohibited fishing areas if you are just fishing for fun and are using a conventional fishing rod. Type: Beach fishing Catch: Bream, Tarwhine and Snapper Best time: Early evening Closures exist for a variety of reasons, ranging from public health and safety to preserving unique aquatic environments. It sure is, as long as you’ve got a valid fishing licence. Check weather and water conditions before your trip to avoid any unnecessary surprises. It’s a top spot for picking up some squid, but you can expect to find bream and trevally from the wharf, or flounder, snapper and flathead from the rocks close by. Teach him how to fish and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.’, Location: La Perouse - dont be afraid to have 4 rods out with different baits. It’s a popular spot to swim so bring a towel and bathers, or for a bit of peace and quiet, there’s a short bush walk at the end of the baths. To get there, drive down a steep hill and park at the end of Ellesmere Road to access the walkway that leads to Gymea Baths. Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley is conveniently located in the heart of Hawkesbury Valley, very close to the Hawkesbury River and its many great fishing locations. It’s also known for crabs if you have a crab pot available.

This area is populated by numerous fish species and amazing scenic riverside locations are waiting for you to explore them! Often schools of salmon, bonito and even kingfish feed around the moored boats so have a heavier outfit ready. Its sheltered in a Northerly wind and can be pleasant. What are you waiting for?

It keeps your fish in good condition. Bring your swimmers for a dip when it gets a bit too warm, then sit back and cast away.

Don’t drink alcohol when fishing on a boat and remember to travel slowly in shallow areas or areas with heavy vegetation. Keep your body dry and warm. Maximise your chance of reeling in dinner with two set-ups; one targeted for pan-sized bream, silver trevally and snapper, and another heavier setup, rigged with a floating pilchard or live yellowtail for any schools of tailor or salmon that may cruise by.

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