I asked once why there are no support groups in the churches that I’ve seen. The bible teaches in this passage that Women is to dress like Women and Men is to dress like Men. We have mostly a young church and most of them know nothing about modesty as was taught to me upon entering the COGIC years ago. First, I want to say (without any harsh feelings or anything) that your church isn’t nearly as strict as the one I’ve attended for nearly the past three years. I came in a rape victim but there was no one to talk to about it. Who knows – you may become the “Go to Queen” at your church and set up a kit with some essentials to help the ladies at your church! If earth is a globe (oblate spheroid) then how exactly does the rapture work. I’ll be covering lots of topics, including presiding, speaking and teaching; praying for different occasions; dressing modestly; altar work and laying on of hands and more. For they had golden earrings, because they were Ishmaelites (heathen people).'

It was kept quiet. Check out this cool YouTube clip by Tiffany Hubba about Apostolic Holiness! Create your own unique website with customizable templates. On one of the stories, a farmer serving God was sent to hell for eating of the eggs found in his field without trying to find the owner of the fowl. “Gaposis”: The first time I ever heard that terminology was from a former human resource manager. We desire to minister to the total man; spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially. Men did not wear pants that did not exist during that time so how could that scripture pertain to pants? The Prostitutes under the authority of Estarte was purposed to service men  of substance and the rich merchants throughout the empire. These are man-made constraints and have nothing to do with Jesus and His teachings. I lost five years of my life when I joined a Pentecostal group and its phony leader. Why because in 1Tim 2:9 “.. women adorn themselves with modesty and SHAMEFACEDNESS” Pants revel a woman’s every nook and cranny, every line every curve. He did say we would be hated for his names sake. As I said earlier, I have been in the Oneness church for almost three years. WE LOVE OUR JESUS AND WE LIVE OUT OUR CHRISTIAN LIVES LOVING JESUS AND RESPECTING OURSELVES THROUGH JESUS. Just seems as if much of what you believe is how you look.

These are just a few gentle reminders for us to continue to dress modestly as the Bible admonishes us.

(It is long-held holiness practice in some circles, however.) I’d say that very thing is proof enough that God is real!

I saw in the New Testament about Paul writing not to let the outward beauty being from adornment, but a meek and peaceful/humble spirit precious in the sight of God, or something similar. In countering with my mother’s church having more lenient standards, my church has fellowshipped with other churches with much stricter standards than ours (see above). The General Supervisor of Women desires all women to dress,“as becometh holiness.” In particular she desires all Credential Holding Women to, “walk by the same rule and mind the same things.” We have rules of dress for the women in the Church of God in Christ Official Manual and in the Handbook for the Department of Women. I’m 100% positive slacks/pants weren’t made which means they made robes for women and robes for men just as they do today with clothing. Now notice the word covered according to the hebrew lexicon means "veiled" The women in the church of Corinth was confused on Pauls teachings on grace. 8:4-13 to be a rule of of thumb walking among the Saints because I realized that the truth ( if given and others aren’t mature enough for it) can divide or keep people from growing. Well my brother, you are going to have to pray for those people.

Particularly when we come to church, we must remember that it is the house of the Lord and treat it with reverence and respect. Relay the Triune God.. You’re right that salvation is the most important matter.. Apostolic’s,holiness, Pentecostal, churches diminish worship service with the babbling they call speaking in tongues, first off scripture says this was to follow the apostles to establish the word, it has ceased.. Now, we have the issue of many cults doing this same thing, which is blasphemous to the Holy Spirit.. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. I did not know what to say or what to do. Also, as a woman I do not want to be looked at in a vulgar way; it does not make me feel sexy, instead it is extremely uncomfortable for me! There is nothing wrong with wearing different colors. Sometimes these fashions are modest, but most times they are not. I WEAR MODEST PIECES!. In aligning with what you have said, women always wear skirts (some sleep in pajama pants, others don’t), and they do not cut their hair. AMEN*. Eternity Race shows under “the Time is UP” where many believers were lined up and almost all the time the line at the entry to Heaven turned black instead of red like it was supposed to. There was one unbalanced woman who kept at me until I finally accompanied her to a Pentecostal show with the phoniest old leader I ever had the misfortune to encounter. And while summer is a time to shed our bulky winter clothes, let us not shed off our modesty. the united apostolic holiness assemblies international ascribes to the following dress code for men. The first scripture that alot of false churches wont accept today is, "The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman's garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the Lord thy God.". (Tomorrow I want to talk about our hair and our holiness standards for our actions because yet again I went on in this post for longer than I thought and I was not able to talk about hair! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. 22:30 specifically state a FATHER’S SKIRT? His word is true. Saved women can't come to church with short dresses on, high heel shoes, pants, short shorts, showing legs,breast etc. Camisoles will also prevent what they call "raisins" from showing through your blouse.

If we are going to win this word to Christ we have to be nice to people. It is a preoccupation with outward appearance being used to reflect the church you belong to. the bible instructs women to adorn(dress) themselves in modest apparel...again if God don't care about dress code why did Gods Apostle tell the women to dress modestly, obviously dress code does matter other wise it would not be recorded as a testimony in the bible.

I would not try adding to the word of God, however. Also a sign of being delivered from the hold the world had on a person. Day Something or Other! 1 Tim 2:9-10 – “In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; but (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.” ~ We should be modest, and another reference to not wear jewelry. It’s 2013, a brand new year, and I will be focusing on church decorum – those things we wished someone told us so we wouldn’t have felt out in left field while everyone else was in right. My pastor has also taught a couple of sermons about how when Adam and Eve were evicted from the Garden of Eden God made them clothing from animal fur. However, other pastors at other churches do not feel the same convictions on the standards of holiness and will not teach them to their individual congregations as our church does. The Mothers and the Pastor seem to have given up teaching on the subject. I didn’t mean to offend you good folks.” He said, “Woe to you lawyers as well!” Jesus confronted legalism as sin.

There are a few items every woman should invest in: seamless panties (that won’t show under your clothes), supportive bras (keeping the “girls” in check when the Spirit moves on you), a good girdle (not the kind grandma used to wear, but necessary to tuck in the “jellies” and “love handles”), and some camisoles (read on and you’ll see why). ), You may have noticed that us Apostolic/Pentecostal girls, and yes even the boys, tend to dress a certain trademark way. This information is really needed. I certainly understand about not wanting to teach the dress code right away especially with people just joining the church. ( Log Out /  All that matters is that God’s will be done.

My church is kind of known for having slightly stricter standards than the majority of the others. She is also given the title Queen of Heaven, by the Prophet. God created animals too so why do people think it is ok to let them go extinct, and also treat them cruelly? I say to those pastors, " If you did not write. Again, it depends on the pastor. Thank you Angelina, that was beautiful and I felt it was said with a lot of love. In other words it can kill there walk. JESUS DOESNT SEE THE SKIN BUT THE HEART OF WOMEN AND MEN!. I did and apostolic doctrine according to the bible stands true. Some people are seeking God and don’t know that the church wants them in a dress. The Veil Covering. IM NOT A HOMOSEXUAL.

Its real. I pray in Jesus Name you find the revelation of one God and baptism in Jesus Name and the infilling of the holyghost.

We must allow the holy ghost to govern our entire lives. I always thought Our Lord looks into our hearts, not eyeballing us from top to bottom to see what kind of garments or hairdos or “ornaments” we adorn ourselves with. AS HE DOES FOR YOU. I for one feel so much more beautiful and feminine once I started dressing modestly. Then when they wear one and it shows all of their goodies, we embarass them they never come back. This is an excellent bible study material for young girls as they are at times confused on how to dress and feeling good about themselves. It changed my life forever. People will fail you, but not God. Therefore, we learn why the Bible says that us ladies should not wear pants, show cleavage, wear makeup or jewelry, etc as listed below. This would not make a good first impression and you may offend them. Pray and forgive those who did not live right before you. It’s that time of the year! On a high horse feeling more righteous than everyone else because they aren’t dressed the same.. i’d call it a proud look. She had just crossed off an interviewee from her list because of it. People which includes pastor’s may have their own beliefs concerning this matter. Seek God for the truth. And it isn't all holiness women, there are Islamic women, Jewish, all kinds of us who make the choice to not expose ourselves as much as others do. Pingback: Daily Service – Holiness standards about hair for men and women – Guam Christian Blog. Seeking a deeper relationship with God, like that experienced by the apostles with Jesus, Holiness Movement Christians made this idea of holiness through "sanctification of the Holy Spirit" into a primary goal, forming a new brand of Christianity in the early 19th century that highlighted the ministry of the Holy Spirit and set them apart from the others, according to US Church Info. no loud, flashy, flamboyant, or obtrusive colors that draw attention to yourselves are to be worn While the information was very useful, I was surprised that we needed to be told some very basic things. It is a preoccupation with outward appearance being used to reflect the church …

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