any one help me my email I try to reset this but do not see a SEL/RESET button on the steering wheel. The initials VSA. I have checked all 4 tires and put the appropriate amount of air in each one, but the light still won’t go off, even after having driven a while.

What are the requirements to become a Automotive Locksmith? when the car is getting started dashboard indicates red oil and battery.what it means? Other manufactures have different flashing security lights on dash. It was so easy. They may appear red or amber, but they are generally quick fixes that the driver can accomplish themselves. Honda dashboard warning light symbols and meanings Honda has a variety of dashboard warning lights that will illuminate from time to time, but there is somewhat of a trick to understanding them. Am told you get more for your money these days with Hyundai and KIA.

Means. where else can we look? Take a look below at some common Honda condition indicator lights! How do I shut this off? Would you know what this means?

The vehicle is still driveable. I have Honda Fit 2005 Further, D light goes off with IMA light after 15-20 sec, Please get me your kind instruction Afterwards, the car stop and the Check Engine sign showed up even after I restarted it. Do Vehicles with AWD Also Need Winter Tires? I also have to change the oil at -305 (flashing)? Early very cold mornings a dash light comes on in my 2019 Honda Civic after driving one minute that I cannot find on the manual.

Do I need to take the car back in to have it checked? Thank you! I have a 2015 Honda CRV and the red Brake (parking) light, yellow Tire Pressure Monitoring System, VSA, and Electric Power Steering lights come on. I have a 2012 Honda Accord 2.4 A/T.

Can you tell me what blue warning light on Honda Accord 2001. Don’t know why, since I had the car serviced less that 5K miles ago? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. You might also be interested in: How to prepare for roadside emergencies in winter. Has anyone ever seen this. I still have 3/4 tank left. A critical warning light will be red or amber colored and requires immediate attention. I have a Honda fit hybrid.What does letter “I” with a circle around it mean?

If one of these lights comes on and stays on, your vehicle may be in need of some attention. Matt, I want to let you know that I really appreciate your clear, detailed and easy to understand information. In the Information Display (where the odometer, mileage, engine oil life are displayed), a warning light came on which said “KEY” and then “Batt”. is it a fault? It keeps happening – whatever is it?! what does the supplemental restraint system mean, Notice your office is in Dayton,Ohio. I just bought the vehicle 2 days ago. What do Honda’s dashboard warning lights mean? Can i get a Car Key Made without Original? Have questions about a specific dashboard warning light you don’t see shown above?

You can skip to the end and leave a response. So everytime the door is opened it moved the seat back and reclines the seat all the way back and it also moves my rear view mirrors.

Our 2011 CRV started acting up with the driver door locking and unlocking while driving. My VSA flashed twice while driving on my 2008 CRV. Hi guys my imobiliser light is flashing on the dashboard, an electrician has tried to code the two keys into the system, twice it has asked if the light has gone of, (which it had) but when switched of as instructed the light started flashing again when switched back on. The motor warning light came on along with.

I called the service writer at the dealership and he had no clue.

The low oil pressure light came on last night. Lowe oild pressure? Your Prelude may also have a problem with one of these components. The information I was looking for was a great help. Any ideas what this might mean? However, today it just won’t start. Flashing green light on bottom right corner is security light for Honda vehicles. My Car won’t start flashing green key on dash. Hi I had a camera in a windscreen light come on on the dashboard this morning and don’t know what it means it’s a camera in a windscreen 3/4 are black and a bit white with a hand above the fuel gauge on left side above the steering wheel.

This entry was posted Click here to subscribe. The flashing green key light on dash is the security light on most Honda vehicles. what does “service A” mean and the fact that the Oil Life does not display but “Service A” shows negative miles. Oil life 10% came on and I changed the oil and filter, the oil life 10% remain unchanged. wrench icon light on dash of 2017 Honda CRV, have a 2016 Honda Fit . These 2 lights are on in my 2013 Honda Accord, Vehicle stability assist system & electric powering steering.

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