Sponges are aquatic, sessile invertebrate animals that belong to the phylum Porifera. Name an animal and a plant with more than one colloquial name. D. sponges. The sponges draw water carrying food particles into the spongocoel using the beating of flagella in the choanocytes. The Cnidaria's digestive system is very complex 2. The food particles are caught by the collar of the choanocyte and brought into the cell by phagocytosis. Medusae are motile, with the mouth and tentacles hanging from the bell-shaped body. at the corners of the square bell canopy, with one or more tentacles attached to each, . Unless otherwise noted, LibreTexts content is licensed by CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Cnidarians have separate sexes.

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Despite their lack of complexity, sponges are clearly successful organisms, having persisted on Earth for more than half a billion years. They have a life cycle that involves morphologically distinct forms—medusoid and polypoid—at various stages in their life cycle. • Phylum: • Sponges belong to Phylum Porifera. are anatomically similar to the jellyfish. Food is taken into the gastrovascular cavity , enzymes are secreted into the cavity, and the cells lining the cavity absorb the nutrient products of the extracellular digestive process. Cnidarians have outer and inner tissue layers sandwiching a noncellular mesoglea. The medusa is the dominant stage in the life cycle, although there is also a polyp stage. Compare the structural differences between Porifera and Cnidaria. Register now! Sponges are sessile as adults and spend their lives attached to a fixed substrate. Groups of cells in the nerve net form nerve cords that may be essential for more rapid transmission. Cnidarians have specialized cells known as cnidocytes (“stinging cells”) containing organelles called nematocysts. Identify the life cycle stages of jellies using this video animation game from the New England Aquarium. They have a one way digestive system.On way meaning that all of food ( digested or not ) go through the same way. Describe the feeding mechanism of sponges and identify how it is different from other animals. 1. Amoebocytes take up nutrients repackaged in food vacuoles of the choanocytes and deliver them to other cells within the sponge.

What is the difference between Sponges and Cnidarians? iii).

However, sponges exhibit a diversity of body forms, which vary in the size and branching of the spongocoel, the number of osculi, and where the cells that filter food from the water are located. In cnidarians, digestion is extracellular.

Eggs arise from amoebocytes and are retained within the spongocoel, whereas sperm arise from choanocytes and are ejected through the osculum. C. phylum Nematoda Cnidarians carry out extracellular digestion . Watch this video that demonstrates the feeding of sponges. All sponges are aquatic and the majority of species are marine.

Sponges have multiple cell types that are geared toward executing various metabolic functions. Colonies may also be free-floating and contain both medusa and polyp individuals in the colony, as in the Portuguese Man O’War (, ). • Food: • Sponges capture planktons by filtering water through their cells. The flagella of the choanocyte cells that line the central cavity create a water current that moves through the sponge, and any food particles present in the water gets trapped in the collar, a structure at the base of the choanocyte cell made up of microvilli. A. phylum Porifera The polyps may bud to form more polyps and then transform into the, most of which are marine. • Cnidarians belong to Phylum Cnidaria. Scyphozoans include all the jellies and are motile and exclusively marine with about 200 described species.

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