Given that many pass by the pier on the way to those spawning grounds, it’s easy to see why so many also get caught at the pier. They wouldn’t send me anywhere.

He has complained to lifeguards and police, but little has been done, he said. [This large assemblage of rays is somewhat common and is called “a fever of rays], Date: September 4, 2005; To: PFIC Message Board; From: jmobfishen; Subject: Imperial Beach Pier Sat 5pm 10:30pm. First cast my girls Ash and Alex were pulling in nice size sardines, which I immediately live, hooked on the big poles. The bow fishermen are not supposed to aim more than 20 feet from the pier, but they consider their target zone to extend about 30 yards from it because, they say, they need the extra room to get a clean angle. “They are whiter and taste better here. Environment. “Those ones are kind of strong-tasting anyway,” he says. At the Tijuana River mouth, HAV was detected 86 percent of the time, and enteroviruses were found in 100 percent of the samples. But, the council members said, the beach crowds have increased too much to let bow fishing continue. He said many other recreational activities, including swimming, are much more hazardous and are not banned. Not sure what type. Unlike most SoCal oceanfront piers, parking here is usually available and it’s inexpensive. “I won’t let him go fishing if we go over there. As mentioned, the very high number of schooling fish caught when present, i.e., sardine, can also give somewhat misleading figures. “I call it the tree-hugger factor.” He said some accidents had occurred, most involving bow fishermen shooting other bow fishermen. The peas must be working: Al has three or four perch in a plastic shopping bag. “My whole hand swelled to twice the size. They’re hunting, they bite. Most of the pier was closed to public use in 1986 and one of the favorite resources for local anglers was in danger of being lost. Although most of the sharks will continue to be such species as  leopard sharks, shovelnose guitarfish (aka shovelnose sharks), or bat rays, the sharkers for the most part really are seeking out the large thresher sharks or something even larger (perhaps a 7-gill shark, a mako shark, or even a blue shark). The tiger shark, sand shark, stingray — they’re all fighters. The pier is about 100 years long and 20 feet wide. Fishing? It has poison quills.” “I’ve been stuck by these ten times,” says David. Maybe that’s what’s bothering her stomach. Some free parking is available on adjacent streets. The big bonito give one of the hardest fights, pound for pound, of any pier fish and when they show up the pier will almost always be crowded with anglers. At night you might also see a few black croaker. Passengers would sail on a ferry down from San Diego to a landing in the marsh where they would transfer onto a gas-powered car to take them to “beautiful Imperial Beach.”. This fall morning, months later, in broad daylight, IB pier looks more prosaic. And just as sure as the sun, the wind and the sea, the fishermen—all ages, all kinds—will be back too. Even steel and cement sometimes are no match for Mother Nature. Both tend to show up August through September or October when the water is warm and while the yellowtail typically fall to live bait both can also be caught on lures, i.e, Krocodile and Kastmaster for the barracuda, MegaBait for the yellowtail. (The highlights of each pier I visited can be found at And though I have caught many rays up north in the bay and ocean this was a new one for me. Bow fishermen were required to pass a safety course and obtain a certificate, and were prohibited from fishing during the daytime in the summer. A teenage girl steps up to the bait counter and orders “a bagful of barnacles,” but the young attendant just laughs and hands her what he knew her fisherman-father wanted: A bagful of clams. “Perch have a good set of teeth on them. The best bait for the barred surfperch is live sand crabs, but bloodworms, ghost shrimp, and fresh mussels will work for all the fish. I imagine a few more people knew about it after the story. He stuck a whole mackerel on the hook, tried to cast it out (not too successfully), set down on the lawn chair he had brought, opened a beer, and then regaled us with his stories. Included were new shops and the bright, multi-colored, surfboard-like sculpture Surfhenge that graces the entrance to the pier. Also uncommon, but seen in greater and greater numbers are giant (black) sea bass; every year will see a few. He said he lived nearby and was out on the pier to catch a tiger shark. From cargo and cruise terminals to hotels and restaurants, from marinas to museums, from 22 public parks to countless events, the Port contributes to the region’s prosperity and remarkable way of life on a daily basis. They eat less, but they are healthier than people here. How To Get There: From I-5 take the Palm Ave. (Hwy. A true sculpin, the cabezon, is also occasionally caught at the pier, most commonly out toward the end and often down around the pilings. All three can be in evidence throughout the year although jacksmelt numbers always seem to peak during the winter months. This mid-pier area also seems to be the main locale of the dreaded lizardfish, the skinny little fish that, when present, can seem to cover the bottom. He was successful at hooking several but only boated one. As you meander out on a pier, you see, for a moment, a small portrait, each, by itself, interesting. If that doesn’t work, fish the bait under a float. Catch about 300 and you’ve got a great meal. It’s a rising tide, and the old lady says that’s when the anchovies come seeking food around the pier legs, and the mackerel are coming in after them.

A city staff report concluded there were approximately 1.5 million visitors to the Imperial Beach shore in 1998. 10/20, After hearing the inside scoop about the recent hot bonito and mack bite from some nearby locals, I decided to scout I.B. Two other species caught from both the mid-pier area to the end are white seabass and bonito. John Slagle, Chula Vista, landed what Imperial Beach pier people say is one of the biggest cabezones ever caught in these parts. The sun glistens on the water as the big waves thunder in under the pier and crash to the beach. What restaurants are near Imperial Beach Pier? As many as 3,000 anglers lined the rails, shoulder to shoulder. “What is it?” he asks. Their decline can be slow, as wind and water chip away at them, or fast, brought to their knees by coastal storms, especially in the El Nino years of the ’80s and ’90s. And, listen, this town needs every bit of help it can get, especially because of the sewage spills from Mexico.”. A couple of drops will yield the five fish limit  for the smaller bonito (which has an overall ten fish limit) but way too many anglers just keep catching them one after another. The most common rig for these fish is a multi-hook rigging (your own or a Sabiki/Lucky Lura-type bait rig) but a single, size 8 or 6 hook, on the end of a slightly weighted line, baited with a small strip of anchovy or squid, will often yield the larger queenfish and walleye surfperch. The other technique is using lures that simulate live bait. “I can’t eat mackerel or barracuda any more.

Located in San Diego's South Bay region, and the southernmost beach town in California, Imperial Beach is just five miles north of the Mexico border, and includes a 4-mile stretch of beach offering a host of activities including great surfing, sport fishing, beach volleyball and horseback riding along the coast. Handicapped Facilities: Several handicapped parking spaces are found near the front of the pier as are the restrooms, which offer handicapped facilities. She’s just tall enough to see over the wooden railing. — is shouting as he fights a mighty battle with an unseen force from below. Last night’s storm was recorded by the cameras, and there is one great image that captures lightning striking the Imperial Beach pier:”, <*}}}}}}}}}>< —  Are there still some big fish around the pier? The fish appeared to be over 50 pounds and apparently it was taken on a live sardine being used as bait for a thresher shark. Saw many bonito attack the pier every now and then too, most being little 1-2# class fish. AND, how did it get there? We were enthralled as we listened to some of the most interesting stories we had heard in a long, long time. But it slips as he takes it off the hook. Passengers would ride the San Diego and South Eastern Railway to Otay Junction, today’s Main Street in Chula Vista, where they would transfer to the Mexico and San Diego Railway to finish their journey to Imperial Beach. We Filipinos, we don’t like processed food. but if you hit blue sky, no spill, it is one of the prettiest places on the coast. It is a wooden-planked pier that extends 1491 feet out towards the horizon.

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