By all kpop logic, they should have had decreased sales. Awarded for: Outstanding achievements in the music industry.

I thought to make a blog on list of daesangs BTS have. I didn't know much about EXO until recently when my best friend started to really like them.

It is more than enough to shove it into haters face who said they are going down. They will for sure be remembered as legendary icon, esp physical sale wise. Growl on One Summer Night!'

It was originally called the Korea Visual and Records Grand Prize Award, but the name was changed to the Golden Disc Awards in 2001. 최고그룹상' 수상텐아시아", "'한국PD대상', 고(故) 김종학 PD '공로상', 주원 엑소 유희열 '출연자상'", "EXO – MAMA - 2014 | work | Red Dot Award: Communication Design", "EXO – XOXO / Growl - 2014 | work | Red Dot Award: Communication Design", "SMTOWN now - '2014 대한민국 대중문화예술상' SM 프로듀서 겸 작곡가 유영진 '대통령 표창' 수상!

While Exo did not actually do bad during their debut (I mean they had the physically best selling debut of all time and that record still stands despite multiple monster rookies having debuted already), most fans are talking about others perception for that.

(YYT Album Chart), EXO Lay’s Lose Control was #1 on the real-time chart for 50 days, #1 on Weekly chart for 8 weeks (YYT Album Chart), EXO Lay’s Lose Control reaches a perfect score for the month of November (YYT V Chart), EXO Lay’s Lose Control breaks 3 (out of 8) Yinyuetai weekly records and 6 (out of 8) Yinyuetai Monthly records, EXO Lay’s Lose Control stays #1 on Chinese Billboard for 6 Weeks. I wonder how come some of their fans say Exo had such a hard time during their debut era. That was just the beginning, we have more to achieve!

To my surprise, the most selling physical albums in Korea each year is from BTS, from 2016 to 2019. Now that you know about daesang, lets learn about the list of daesangs BTS have achieved! They will not slow down and that's crazy to think about with how much they have already done.

*, XOXO was named Album of the Year at the 2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards, making EXO the youngest ever boy band to win the award. Like seriously, try competing with EXO when your group have 3 members withdrawal, 2 dating news and still breaking records, They have done amazing people shouldn't discredit them. I was sure that EXO would win album of the year... 242 41 ㅇㅇ |2016.11.19 22:59 신고하기 If you have eyes, look at this f*ck 이미지확대보기 224 36 (1.

I would like to add EXO is the only artist to debut at #1 on Gaon weekly album chart for 10 consecutive album releases.

1st Daesang: Album of the year at MMA.

BTS is the first Kpop act to Win at daesang at GDA that's not from SM entertainment to break 10 years record with a mini album 'LOVE YOURSELF HER' that is the best selling korean album in 16 years who sold 1M+ in both Hanteo and Gaon without repackage. I hope they are happy and proud cause as a fan since pre-debut era who honestly did not expect them to hit so big, I know I am. Countdown for 2016 and the fourth highest scoring song of all time, Ex’Act breaks record for most album points in Music Bank history with a total of 8785 points, “Monster†charted number one on melon for 145 consecutive hours and 139 hours on Genie, EXO's "Monster" MV is currently the most liked kpop mv on YouTube for 2016 ( 947k likes), “Lotto†hit number one on Billboard World Digital Songs Chart and number 2 on Gaon Digital Chart, Lotto Repackaged album ranked number 10 on Billboard World Albums Chart, Ex’Act reached number 1 and 2 on YinYueTai V-Chart, Ex’Act reached number 1 on Itunes Digital Albums Chart and number 8 on Global Itunes and Spotify Charts. On November 19th at The Melon Music Awards, three years after debuting with and working against the odds for not coming out of the "Big 3" companies, BTS took home two awards: Top 10 and one of the biggest awards of the night, the Daesang for the “Best Album of the Year” award for their first compilation album 화양연화 Young Forever. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

In the age of streaming, only super-fans buy physical albums to show their support for their artist. The Mnet Asian Music Awards (commonly abbreviated as MAMA) is one of the major K-pop music awarding ceremonies held annually by CJ E&M through its music channel Mnet.

*, W Korea’s EXOclusive became the best selling fashion magazine issue in Korea of all time *, Became the first artist to hold six consecutive concerts at the Olympics Gymnastics Arena *, Ex’Act reached number one on World Albums Chart, “Monster†hit number one on Billboard World Digital Songs Chart, with “Lucky One†at Number 3, Ex’Act hit #4 in 2016 Worldwide first week sales with 500,000 + sales, “Monster†becomes highest scoring song on M! *, an average viewership rating of 1.175% (July 10, 2012) *, was the best selling album in Korea for 2013, Album of the Year at MAMA + Song of the Year at Melon Music Awards, Broke the record for most pre-ordered album in kpop history with, peaked at No. The Golden Disc Awards is an awards show founded in 1986 that is presented annually by the Music Industry Association of Korea for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea. The Seoul Music Awards (Hangul: 서울가요대상; RR: Seoul Gayo Daesang) is an awards show founded in 1990 that is presented annually by Sports Seoul for outstanding achievements in the music industry in South Korea.[1].

2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart, EXO at the time became the highest charting kpop male group on the Billboard 200 peaking at 129 *, EXO were the best selling Kpop artist in Japan for 2014, Overdose became the first mini album to top yearly chart awards and to win album of the year at the MAMA awards *, Broke the record for the fastest sold out concert for a Korean act by selling out in 1.47 seconds *, "Overdose" has over 1 million downloads / sales, Overdose was the best selling album in Korea for 2014, Won 4 daesangs ( Daesang at Seoul Music Awards + Disk daesang at Golden Disk Awards + Artist of the Year and Album of the Year at MAMA ), Broke the record for the most amount of fans attempting to buy a concert ticket (1.2 million) *, “Call Me Baby†was the most watched kpop mv in the first half of 2015, “EXO Next Door†became most watched web drama of 2015 ( over 50 million views) *, “Call Me Baby†wins 18 music show awards becoming the second most awarded song in history and the most awarded song of 2015 *, "Call Me Baby" wins on music shows during the first week of promotions, EXODUS became the longest charting number 1 album on the album chart (4 weeks) *, Broke the US billboard 200 record as the highest ranking Korean artist at number 90*, Became first Korean group to enter Canadian Billboard Hot 100 at number 98 *, EXODUS sells over one million copies, EXO become “double million sellersâ€. thanks for putting in the time to compile all of this. On 1st December 2017 at Mnet Asian Music Awards, BTS did not just receive a daesang, but also made history!

Only Korean artist to hold a concert in the Philippines for two consecutive days, Ex’Act is currently the best selling Korean album of 2016, EXO rank number 9 in worldwide album sales for 2016, Became the first group to win all 3 daesangs at MMA *, Won Album of the Year at MAMA for the fourth year in a row, EXO is the only korean act on Fuse's best 20 songs of 2016 with Monster, First korean boy group on Japan's "ViVi" magazine *, First boy group and first asian group to appear on L'UOMO VOGUE cover *, First international group to sell over 100k in the first week in Japan with Coming Over (Coming Over's first week sales was 140k) *, EXO D.O’s Hyung movie reached 2.8 million views and was #1 in the box office, EXO D.O.’s web-drama "Be Positive" surpassed 30 mil views, making it the fastest web drama to reach this amount of views within 18 days from its release. The group was divided into two subgroups, EXO-K ("K" Korean in English) by South Korea and EXO-M ("M" Mandarin) by China. I want to know how many daesangs BTS achieved, The pictures for MMA is in MAMA please edit it, This is a Community where everyone can express their love for the Kpop group BTS. I'm pretty sure they have 9 daesangs : 5 MAMA (2007, 2008 , 2012 and 2 in 2015) , 1 SMA (2007) , 2 MMA (2015), 1 GDA (2015) Share this post.

EXO- CBX’s “Hey MAMA†has the highest 24 hour YouTube views for a subunit *, EXO were the #1 Top Trending Artist on Twitter for 2016, EXO were the only musical artist in the Top Ten Trends for Music for Twitter in 2016 coming in at #10, Won 5 daesangs (still counting) ( Daesang at Golden Disk Award + daesang at Seoul Music Awards + MAMA Awards + Asian Artist Awards + Melon Awards).

The annual music event is broadcast to South Korea, China, Japan, Indonesia, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan and the United States. I mean to sell so great consistently for almost 5 years wow. EXO Chanyeol’s OST “Stay With Me†(X Punch) was #3 on Billboard’s World Digital Songs Chart.

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