Instead of answering one question, tarot spreads can speak more broadly to your situation or life path. You're free to pull a single card for a simple reading or several cards for what's known as a spread. Tarot cards do their "speaking" with symbols and each … no as it’s invasive to the other person and will prove to just give odd mixed up readings. Do you know that it’s actually a good thing she’s asking you questions and that that’s part of the experience?”. I don't know if that makes sense but that's what it feels like to me.

In fact, so many Tarot readers are incredibly nervous or worried about asking the client questions. But I got through it. 6 Signs To Check. Boy, was I nervous at the start, jumping on the tram and going to the festival centre and thinking, “Oh my goodness, Brigit! Susan and Kash and their team of experts cover many topics that guide and help thousands of readers. I call this the Other Reading. I then move on to a brief glimpse of the planets, questions, and I close the reading with a wrap-up spread. We're focusing today on questions that involve reading Tarot for others.

Again, remind yourself that you are here to be of service to your clients and the people that you read for. We often see the same themes coming up in questions, so in today's episode, you'll learn: These are all skills that are important in learning how to read Tarot for others, with confidence.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities Fast – Give It Your Best, How To Get In Touch With Your Psychic Abilities, How To Use Tarot Cards Safely – Creating A Safe Zone, Do I Have Psychic Abilities? All of your stuff, again, can go to the side. 12 Psychic Medium Symptoms | Could You Be One? In my online training program Read Tarot with Confidence, we spend time on “How do you create the space?” because this is a really critical part of the Tarot reading experience. I’ve got all this bad energy around me, and somehow I have to do this Tarot reading.”, The other thing that can happen is sometimes you're doing a number of readings for others, and you're finding this same card keeps coming up for you, and the messages that you're getting in the reading, you think, “These are messages for me, not the client!”. If they’re in their practical mindset, then go to the practicalities of their situation. I can’t condone that!” And yet you need to show up to this reading to support your client.

I also place the deck on a windowsill with direct light on a full moon to charge. Bye for now! Close your eyes, quieten your mind and ask for what you need to know about this person. Our online classes and training programs allow you to learn from experts from anywhere in the world. It is natural to know about your loved ones whether they will do this or not, or whether they will make it in the future or not. I do this by saging the cards before shuffling them. How do you deal with nervousness before a reading?

It’s OK. Just get through this.” It will be fine, and every reading after that will just get better and better. If you’re getting mixed messages, let them know. Luckily, the skills and techniques you have already developed for your self-readings are transferable to performing tarot card readings for others. That helps me to give some separation from the client’s energy. Decide where you would like to conduct your reading. Hello, and welcome back to the Biddy Tarot Podcast. Tarot card images courtesy of the Everyday Tarot, The Wild Unknown and Lumina Tarot. I would actually strongly encourage you to be asking questions during a Tarot reading, because what it does is it allows you to co-create this reading experience. Asking about someone other than yourself is considered a “third party” reading. It’s especially important to choose somewhere with as little disturbances as possible. But as you deal, you should be reading them. The exact same cards drawn for one person may take on an entirely different meaning if drawn for someone else. Sometimes when you're building a business, you think, “What?! Not allowing questions you don’t feel comfortable answering, such as health questions. For her it wasn’t the most engaging experience. How to Read Tarot with the Celtic Cross Spread. I have a 5- and a 7-year-old daughters, and sometimes they ask about death and what happens after you die. I also place the deck on a windowsill with direct light on a full moon to charge. That’s disgusting! Begin pulling the cards and expressing what you see. I remember having a chat with one of my friends who had her very first Tarot reading, and she came back to me and said, “Brigit, I had this Tarot reading, but I don’t think she was very good.”, My friend said, “Well, she just kept asking me questions. Dealing With Silent Treatment From Your Twin Flame, Twin Flame Marriage – Everything You Need to Know, 12 Psychic Signs Someone is Thinking of You, Fifth Dimensional Consciousness – Releasing The Illusions of 3D, 22 Spiritual Awakening Symptoms You Will Notice, Higher Consciousness Symptoms – The 17 Signs. I hope that helps, Julie. In some traditions, the Significator is selected based on age and maturity level -- a King would be a good choice for an older man, while a Page or Knight would do for a younger, less experienced male. Give all these techniques a try, and see what feels right. What does the querent (person asking the question) expect of you? When you're clear on that, then you can start to communicate that through your marketing materials. For example, avoid asking questions that begin with "Will I...," as they run the risk of locking you into a passive role in your own future. When I first started doing Tarot readings online, I started by offering email Tarot readings. You want to also think about how you can be of service to your client. Especially because it is hard to be objective when the matter is important to us.

These are all skills that are important in learning how to read Tarot for others, and if you want to know more about how to read Tarot for others and yourself, then I invite you to check out my program Read Tarot with Confidence. That's almost right, but tarot doesn't tell you what will happen—it tells what might happen, and more importantly, how you should show up to it. The right way to start performing tarot readings is on yourself. Your personal energy may come through as judgment in a reading, and maybe your client is asking about an extramarital affair, and your personal energy comes through and says, “As if! You can deal with that later, and you focus on your client. We’ll go over rituals to start and end a reading with on day 3, but this can be as simple as setting the cards between you two while they explain what’s on their mind. In my first reading, I was very nervous. They represent our thoughts, feelings, experiences, and beliefs.

Then what you start to see is your two white lights start to meet in the middle, and there’s this beautiful flow of energy and connection that happens between you and your client. This isn’t about them evaluating whether you're a good reader or not; this is about you serving them. Rituals help set the energy and ground both of you. If you're a deeply spiritual reader, then your dream client is likely to be someone who values a deeply spiritual reading and who needs deeply spiritual insight in a Tarot reading.

Lighting candles can be a great way to tune the ambience of your space to the right vibrations. Consider how the reading went, how the person felt and what you feel could improve.

It should be clear and open-ended.

The trick to finding the right deck? Oh, I can’t tell you how many people ask me this!

Throughout this week we’ll discuss preparation, rituals, tips, and more to master reading tarot for others. You can do a tarot reading that is centered on another person or subject. The standard tarot deck has 78 cards, and each one has its own imagery and symbolism. That’s what makes this a special experience, because I want to help you get to your own answers, instead of relying on other people to tell you what to do.” That’s way more empowering. Before dealing the cards, you might ask them questions about their concerns and their reasons for wanting a tarot reading. The difference here is that – rather than this being a solo endeavour – this is a shared journey. How To Use Tarot Cards Safely - Creating A Safe Zone, How To Use Tarot Cards On Yourself - 6 Easy Steps, Best Tarot Cards For Beginners - Picking The Deck For You. I’ve done a lot of readings online, email readings, but I hadn’t really done many face to face. Read them first as they tend to offer the most important insight into the reading. Let’s get into it. If you are giving a general reading, you may wish to ask what this person needs to know right now and present it as a Celtic Cross spread. At some point, you will want to graduate to performing readings for others. How to Read Tarot for Others, Part 2: Managing Expectations, How to keep your personal energy out of the reading (see, Reading the cards (cheat sheets!) Nowhere else …, As psychologist Robert Enright and psychiatrist richard fitzgibbons write, forgiveness is a choice to let go of anger toward someone who hurt you and … For example, you can do this by reading …. You can do a tarot reading that is centered on another person or subject. The person you choose should want to be there, so no cajoling an unwilling “volunteer”. For this reason it’s important to value your own time, both the time you spent studying the cards and the time you will read for them. Played as a card game in French parlors and all across Europe, it became a tool Beautiful. It’s important to trust your intuition and really go with that.

Meditate, breathe, even just take a shower sometimes if you're reading at home, because that can just release you of some of your nervous energy, and clear your space. Regardless, there are a few things you should do before you take on the responsibility of reading cards for another person.

So today I'm going to share 5 different ways you can do a Tarot reading online. I definitely recommend doing that. Luckily, the skills and techniques you have already developed for your self-readings are transferable to performing tarot card readings for others. Before you do the Tarot reading, explain up front that you may ask questions as you go and that that’s part of the experience and the value of having a reading with you. Let’s say you’ve had a really terrible day, you’ve had a fight with your best friend, you have run your car into a lamppost, your car is a little bit broken, maybe you’ve stubbed your toe – the worst day – and you’ve got a client turning up for a Tarot reading, and you’re thinking, “Oh my gosh! Oh, Anita – don’t worry!

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