BOTH have sagging dresser drawers. Related: Adding this furniture wrap to the MALM changed everything. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The spars don’t look structural, you can pull the old one out in two pieces If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. With all the drawers opened, it will tip over. There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.” Thanks for posting this hack! Measure the length and height of the spar. You’re bound to find something to inspire you. Both nieces have 2 dressers and one night table in their bedroom and I have 2 dressers. Pilot holes are always a good idea. I ordered 4 supports (part 123833) and 8 screws (part 105344) and got an email confirmation this morning that they’d be sent in 7-10 days , Your email address will not be published. Yes, with my method, you can attach the new spar onto the dresser without dismantling the whole thing. It’s free of any charge / free shipping. The guy on the phone hadn’t heard of the piece but I gave him the item number, he put me on hold, and came back a minute later to ask how many I wanted! Unfortunately no, sorry. I’m in the UK I emailed them using their website form for spare parts yesterday. (not sure what they are in UK though..) it takes 2 screws per bracket. And it’s as simple as it could be. How to paint Ikea furniture. hacks from all over the globe.

Do you know if there is any other place that I could find this part? Looks like is supposed to be like this in the first place. Follow me on facebook and instagram, or drop me a note if you'd like. Assuming that you nailed everything the way you are supposed to, and DIDN’T glue the dowels (I generally glue them on permanent pieces that get screwed to the walls now, Billy and Sektion mostly). IKEA supports their products.

first of all, remove the tape – that will never endure and it’s the wrong tool for the job. here’s a direct link to the info you need on

(Oh yeah, and I noticed that the drawer bottom had just started to bow so I gave it the ol’ fixeroo but there’s no sense in writing a how-to on that again.). For free. Order as many as you’ll need. Now I can extent its life and love a bit longer with this EASY and COST FREE hack. Cut a piece of scrap wood according to the measurements.

― Thornton Wilder, Small hack: Portable Parts Storage Case by StoreHouse. The best place to look is local craigslist. Your email address will not be published. Then touch up the white on the front (maybe tape all the way across?). Replacing your spar 64 of metal braces and 128 screws! I'm a home improvement enthusiast, living a very merry DIY lifestyle. 68 braces? We are redoing my nieces bedrooms and rather than buy new furniture we are painting the malm furniture but they have saggy drawers! Crazy question. No further questions were asked. If you can’t access the back to screw a piece on you can use wood glue and clamps to attach a piece of wood across the break to achieve the same thing., #garden2020 #, 32 oz., reserved for the brave #homeg, Nothing says “let’s stay home all fall, too”, Found one rogue volunteer tomato today nestled in, August gardening was exhausting but I’m still he, Most of our yard consists of this studly grass tha, choose a badge and share the love, Less Is More: How to Remove a Fireplace Surround, The Easy Way to Hang Art on Brick or Stone, Tips for Dying Pasta Different Colors (+ A Special Halloween Recipe), Painting Everything White: We Chose Snowbound, By Sherwin Williams, Javalicious, A Gel Staining Reveal (Update #3). you know it only need one brace per drawer bottom! In other hand we do have lots of old style MALM’s. 8 kids were killed in the US because of this design defect (and parenting fail/not anchoring). Thank you for posting this information.

From top to bottom. Attach a bracket on each end of the cut scrap wood., “But soon we shall die and all memory of those five will have left the earth, and we ourselves shall be loved for a while and forgotten. Alternatively, you can use a tie plate to properly reattach the two parts of the piece (link to example: ). 3, 4 or even 6 drawers, doesn’t matter. You could also just re-enforce the existing one with a board and 6-8 (or more) screws. they do not send these with the braces. Let’s do this! I’d wait to see if IKEA respond due to this COVID-19 no one answer phone and email period. My wife and I have a complete MALM bedroom set. My partner did a bodge fix by putting white tape around it, but it naturally stays in a bent position now. This fix looks a lot easier!!

Add corner braces (either use two per end, or use one with 4 total screw holes per end, to prevent spinning) to the cross-pieces first, making sure the screws you are using are not too long, otherwise they will go all the way through the wood. Let me start with this – I do hate new Malm’s drawer chests.

Put them on opposite sides of the piece (so one on the front and one on the back, or one on the top and one on the bottom), and offset them so their screws don’t interfere with each other. Especially all metal parts, will thank me later . Just ordered 6x part# 123833 with a phone call to customer service.

Can you tell me what I need to do? Dude. You may find them really cheap or even for free.

Just call this number 1 (888) 888-4532 IKEA Customer support, tell them you have bunch (or just a few) MALM drawer chests, all drawers are saggy and in order to fix it you need to place an order for part number 123833. You’ll just need to remove the drawers. The real issue then becomes the installation. I ordered 12 of these under drawer braces and I got them for FREE!! They are getting hard to find nowadays.

Amazing tip, thank you! Pulling the front of that panel out

Even memory is not necessary for love. You might even damage other pieces doing this. All too often, I need to repair a drawer bottom that bows and separates from its track, usually because I’ve tried to force fit too many pairs of Wigwam socks into a non-expanding space, but that wasn’t the real issue this time. 2. Spare parts are generally only issued for items that have damaged or missing parts upon receipt if the request is made within 365 days of the purchase date. I love notes. I ordered enough of the metal brace parts and screws to do my dressers and theirs! I let it dry all day, and dropped the drawer back into place before bed. I have a new Hemnes living room cabinets that are junk – not square, warping drawer faces, etc. Makeover a simple IKEA Malm dresser into a modern dresser perfect for your bedroom. I also tried calling them just now and there is no way getting through via phone right now. If you like it, don’t be shy to drop comment or two, or just share it – this would be very helpful for us! Expected to receive them within 4 days free of charge. Thanks! Remove the existing hardware from the MALM dresser. Good to know. I just leaned on it while moving the drawer and it snapped in half and I want to replace it?

Yes, with my method, you can attach the new spar onto the dresser without dismantling the whole thing. Cheaper would be to use 1-2 pieces of wood (another spar, plywood, 2×4, ..) instead of the metal braces/strong ties. Fixing old IKEA Malm saggy drawers. You can imagine “sagginess” of drawers we picked up from CL…. Just call this number 1 (888) 888-4532 IKEA Customer support, tell them you have bunch (or just a few) MALM drawer chests, all drawers are saggy and in order to fix it you need to place an order for part number 123833.

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