The film will move to the new position, and the remaining films in your list will be renumbered accordingly. © Letterboxd Limited.

directors, progress against milestone lists, genre, language and country breakdowns, and lots more. Yes. We’ve been described as “like GoodReads for movies”. Yes. 1,513 When editing a list on our website, temporarily enable the Ranked List option if it’s not already checked.

We do import entries marked ‘Video’ if they have a theatrical release date listed. Visit the other member’s watchlist and filter by ‘In your watchlist’ (to show films you both want to see) or ‘Hide watched films’ (to show films you haven’t seen)—or both!

We keep temporary caches for many different types of content, including counts of films watched and logged. ) on either side of the content you’d like to format. Our Members page lists popular accounts. Type a new position and hit Return. (and add it to your Diary,

With this option active, you can click the list position of any film, type in a new position and press Return on your keyboard. If your subscription lapses, and you lose your stats pages, you can restore them in full by renewing at any time—nothing is lost that can’t be restored by upgrading again.

Yes, you may gift a subscription to another member if their subscription is paid via PayPal. Ratings attached to previous diary entries or reviews are not updated.

Letterboxd is named for our love of the widescreen format, and has nothing whatsoever to do with orienteering or that thing in Stand By Me. Please direct your feedback here. Some features are only available by upgrading to a Pro or Patron account. Pro we compute detailed stats based on all your These roles do not count towards ‘Most Watched’ stats. If your subscription is via our website, use this link to make payment for the difference between the two tiers. 25 Films about Politics—Selected by Boys State's Steven Garza. If you would like your content hidden from search engines, please contact support. This section shows our most popular lists, and a selection of recently added content. By popular demand, we’ve added support for a special tag to denote digital or physical ownership of films, available now for paid members. Mobile site.

Each film you mark as watched is added to your profile, allowing others to see what you’ve watched, and the site to optionally hide films we know you’ve seen when browsing some pages. We do not pro-rate this upgrade price, but we are happy to cancel any remaining days on a Pro subscription if you are keen to renew as Patron immediately.

This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. Your watchlist is where you keep track of films you’d like to watch. Sign in with your existing account to enjoy our all-new mobile interface. The first thing we want to do after seeing a movie is talk about it, and Letterboxd is a great place to connect with fellow film buffs. No.

You may auto-publish content from your profile’s RSS feed (namely new diary entries/reviews and lists) to selected third-party services using a service such as IFTTT. If you subsequently log or mark a film as watched,

With this slick, streamlined app, we can easily share lists and reviews—and comment on friends’ updates—from the couch or the movie-theatre lobby. Some filters are automatically disabled when redundant; for example, you can’t show or hide watched films when looking at your own list of films (by definition, the list of films on your profile is already your watched films). Apple refunds the unused portion of your Pro fee and charges you for a full year of Patron. New comments in subscribed threads—use the bell icon to subscribe (email, push), New likes for your reviews and lists (push only), General service and account alerts (email, push), Use the ‘Import your data’ link in your Settings screen on our website to import films, ratings, diary entries, reviews and more into your account using the.

We add all watched titles to your Films Letterboxd is for reviews of films you’ve seen, not those you want to see.

132, Bri Our plan is to eventually make different types of embedded content available to all members, but if you’d like to be considered for early access, please get in touch.

To resend the email for a non-validated account, Save Changes on your Settings page. If you’ve logged any films two or more times within the period, your Diary Entries total will exceed your Films total.

As of August 2018, Facebook no longer permits external services to automatically publish content to its users’ timelines.

Use the grey “eye” icon at the top of a poster grid to access the Filters menu (a slash through the icon indicates that one or more filters are active). Create as many curated lists as you wish, for favorite genre films, your collection of physical discs, or your favorite heist films. On the web, this option appears in the actions panel on the list page.

We support a limited set of HTML tags on our website for formatting and linking to other content. It’s fun to welcome suggestions for your lists from other members. Our apps offer similar reordering options—tap a row in the list while in edit mode to edit its notes and change its position in the list. Read more about the genesis of Letterboxd (or the short version) and follow us on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. No.

Apple sends a reminder shortly before the renewal date. For more information, see our Migrating from IMDb guide. Yes. Yes.

Duplicate film entries are sometimes created in TMDb, which means they end up on our service as well. Yes. Read more on our film data page, and please report any duplicate or non-film content to us using the Report option on each film’s page. Older revisions of reviews and lists are not stored when you make updates, so it is not possible to restore an older version. If you’re a Pro or Patron memberPro or Patron member, you can pin up to two reviews on your profile by tagging them as profile. Posters for unreleased films are updated regularly based on TMDb user votes.

Our native apps provide toolbar buttons for applying formatting while editing content. From here you can create a list of your own, browse more popular lists, or browse by the tags applied to each by its creator. To avoid followers missing your updates, log watched films in a timely fashion, and add your review later—your review will show in your friends’ activity the first time you save the diary entry with review text. You can retrospectively add diary entries for films you’ve marked as watched, in order to complete your Diary. Wikipedia defines letterboxing as the practice of transferring film shot in a widescreen aspect ratio to standard-width video formats while preserving the original aspect ratio.

The first time you make a list public, it’s shared with your followers.

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