STOP REDBOY OR YOU WILL PAY FOR IT. I’ve been trying to figure out for a while how to buy these addons and the most I’ve gotten as far as information is “chinese minecraft” thats not enough information.

Could you try and make the tentacle animation a bit more like the engender mod? Only tractor beams can catch creatures and players.

redboyCaster YOU STEAL CHINESE IDEA AND STEAL CHINESE ADDON. (I can’t create Addons but I can Edit them with a little Trial and Error.). and your wither storm is thick! to summon 晚枫歌’s titan zombie. Maybe in few days you will see it on MCPEDL.

Maybe instead of telling people to quit making their addons because they used your code, maybe ask them to give you credit, that’s all.

Toxic, Toxic Can we be friends? My add-on is cold wither storm apologise. Stop defending him bros because he is just a thief.

Really cool! The Wither Storm is a mutated Wither found in Minecraft: Story Mode. He is just a thief and made me angry. -WB, Its a spawn egg also this mod is amazing update it more though, Holy shi* This looks just like ageofminecraft *faints*. That would be awesome if you could.

Lifespan THE FIRST MAKER OF ANYTHING, BASICALLY, SHOULD ALWAYS BE GIVEN CREDIT. Make each block increase his health by 1, and so it’s not glitchy. The final stage of the wither storm is really hard to kill cause of hitbox’s error. And here is the link. Since the thief quit YouTube now, plz stop copy pasting stuff. “From your understanding”

if redboy own that add-on he should post this add-on for along time ago…. Anyways 鸥吃鱼, UPDATE THIS ADDON FOR 1.16 PLZ!!

Don’t worry, I’m not download you think red boy a their you little rascal, So your logic is that even when he/she gives proof that redboy stole his addon, you call him a rascal?!!!?

He also stole my Orespawn Addon(it used to be called the kings resurgence.) This has got to be the most hate-filled rant I’ve ever seen from someone who couldn’t get it to work.

It doesn’t even pull out very many blocks but a ton appear to be moving.

yey!!!! I was defending that thief.. but now.. i change my mind… I’ll go to your side. HA! im just send if anything change on this addon or same of redboygamer?

OH MY GOD IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A WITHER STORM THAT IS LIKE THE STORY MODE ONE FOR MONTHS AND HERE IT IS!!! :D, How to Scale your builds in Minecraft! ? I just want you to respect me. Can you fix the sound bro and can you remove the thunderstorm. Thank you.I dare say you mean very kind. Season 1, Episodes 1 - 4

Each head has one huge, purple eyeball that can fire a tractor beam, which sucks in anything from blocks to mobs. The original creators are also working to fix the bugs This is so COOL! I honestly loved this patch, I hope your partner can solve the sound problem and there will be everything perfect, And also redboy did not steal it a different redboy did that, Well don’t just say it none of your business PLZ. The answer is YES

But why you can get it freely? I found out redboygamer’s wither storm is better! But you provide free ultra drowned addon while it’s for sale in MC box. Join us!

yeah thanks bro

You can kill it if you are enough strong and clever. Hurry release v3. He just cheats by finding the coolest addons and claims them as his own content. Quick! Only the body tractor, can attract any block to it, not mobs. I will deliver sans addon in few days. First of all, it is a BLASPHEMY to bring God into this topic. The laser that are you talking about, is tractor beam.

Your opinions are all wrong.

It is all because red boy open it freely. Okay this creator is 100% Chinese because I’m Chinese but was borned in Thailand haha and I could speak English too.

And sorry tho he steals codes, although I’m not really sure how that’s possible sorry…AND WHO ARE YOU!?

Anyway, the addon is COOL!!

I have to say redboy lied you for a long time. The final stages is when wither storm spawn 1 severed wither storm per five minutes. He’s a thief! The Wither Storm was created by Ivor, programmed to follow the amulet belonging to Order of the Stone, and was intended to be used to outclass Gabriel the Warrior.

The components are really good.

He’s making it to the REAL WITHER STORM as POSSIBLE!

And is going to be just like the engender mod we all know. H2Vwither123 even is not going to submit his addon on MC box anymore. He brought this on himself. You can also see this video. So redboy went and did it himself and you guys call him a thief? Yes, he steals addons. Step Three: Spawn a Wither on the Players team with this command: /summon WitherBoss ~ ~1 ~ {CustomName:"WitherStorm",CustomNameVisible:1,Invulnerable:1,Team:"Players"} Step Four: Set the gamerule “MobGriefing” to false, then, also execute this command: /scoreboard teams options Players friendlyfire false Great! ninguem é obrigado a seguir suas oredens, imbecil, if they really are your mods then create the orespawn addon that according to redboy was going to create ok, Why does it twitch so much, this is so bad tbh, I think u must take redboygamer’s wither storm and upgrade it, Redboygamer’s wither storm is better, i dont care if he stole it or not. And which of the 3 options do I download?

© 2010 - 2020 By 鸥吃鱼 Being yelled at. Thanks for this! Can you add the severed wither storms and grows 3 head that would be fun! Your dream comes true!

(w/ saddle!) The Wither Storm's appearance has some similarities with the regular Wither. And Redboy stole an addon I made, i love it so much i feel like im fall in love in this. I love this addon but its so buggy, maybie you can colaborate with redboygamer to make it better. Not everyone is perfect!

Make the tentacles and heads separate parts, and to top it off add the f bomb tnt. The death. His titans’ animation is same as 晚枫歌’s titan zombie.

When the tractor beam is aiming towards any blocks, F**k you.

Hope you like it. Thanks. Two smaller duplicates of the Wither Storm and one main Wither Storm (the one with the command block) were formed as a result.

Use/summon titan:zombie

THE MODELS LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME AS BEFORE (excluding stage 5). He renamed himself RedBoyCaster and he stop stealing. Hello, I discovered your name. 10/10 addon! Please give me a ZIP file link, I also was wondering is it from TheEndermanOfD00M’s Engender Mod… My sister can access it and it looks a lot like TheEndermanOfD00M’s. I know that a lot of people will hate me for my opinion but Redboy was still a really nice person for giving us the ultra drowned for free, and as well as helping viewers with suggestions. But wither storm suck blocks to heal itself and grow up.

When the the wither storm becomes its giant form and the heads appear and it roars it just dies immediately, how do I fix this? Tractor beams attract mobs to the Wither Storm, so it can eat the mobs. i put ur name through translate… and it said gull-eating-fish, im sorry for all the hate ur getting u dont deserve it.

Redboygamer steal 晚枫歌‘s idea about titan zombie and wither storm Cheers! Hey still has not fixed some bugs.

wait and see, I will provide the evidence that redboygamer steal 晚枫歌, I have deliver the evidence that redboygamer steal 晚枫歌

Sorry, my iPad glitched and I thought this wasn’t published.

Add Formidi bomb and amulet! LET’S JUST STOP FIGHTING OVER PEOPLES ADDON(REMAKES), OKAY?! He is a Chinese and he only submit it in MC box. I was testing it in a flat world and it decided to go to the below-world-void and the void damage only took him 2% of his health.

JEFFY: (my name don’t judge) creator I say the sh word all the time. BTW it is an epic Addon.

I saw it on twitter.|Material+Icons&display=swap,//,//,//, How To Summon The Wither Storm in VANILLA MC! Hey creator if you are reading this Redboygamers wither storm is WAY better I care about him so ya freak the addon creator, DESTROY REDBOY IMMEADIATLY OR ELSE IF REDBOY DOESENT STOP STEALING EVERYONES MODS I WILL TRACK HIM DOWN AND I WILL DESTROY HIM AND ILL EAT HIS FLESH KILL THE POLICE IF THEY TRY TO STOP ME AND I WILL DRINK REDBOYS BLOOD DESTROY HIS DEVICE WHERE HES STEALING ALL THESE MODS AND WHEN IM DONE DESTROYING IT I WILL DESTROY HIS HOUSE (oh and if he hasa pet i will make it my pet cause i love animals) CURSE YOU REDBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Redboy is such a f***er, Legit dragon sad for you just ask all of your supporter to report him sorry for bad English, The funny part about this is he talks about redboy more than the addon.. And now I fix it. Also why is it all had he shared the ultra crown for free!? So Redboy Is A thief We Will Report Redboygamer on YouTube!! Littary. I don’t say Redboy copy me. Cool but when will you fix the tentacles going sonic speed?

Cause he deserves to leave.

The tractor beams.

Most of Chinese player spent 30 yuan on it. If you watched his channel carefully, you will see that he use Chinese software called MC box(In his video called ‘You need a diamond to get it). Then this mod is special for you. Yes, it is the engender mod but it’s going to take a lot of days to make my new wither storm addon. You are so disgusting. Can you fix it later? AND I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT TO A PERSON UNLESS THEY ARE VERY MEAN TO ME SO CHUANSY DAVIS OH WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO SAY HMMMMMM I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE GOING TO SAY TO ME OH AND THOSE OTHER PEOPLE YOU BEEN MEAN TO OH HMMMMM I’M WONDERIN WILL THEY FROGIVE YOU HMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

First of all he didn’t steal code.

I love this addon whiter storm . You guys should have known better than to showcase content without making it accessible to your viewers.

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