Simply survive her attacks. Use this gold to buy items that will be beneficial for your HP, then go to spare the Royal Guards. What you do has varying effects with your ratings, experiment a bit and see what works! The elevator can take you back down to the MTT Inn before you entered the core if you want to stock back up on items. Spare all other enemies first and then it won't attack you anymore, becoming spareable. I only found the forums today though, seems like you guys have pretty much got it covered anyway. Just ignore it a few times.

1 Profile 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Personality 2 In Battle 2.1 Appears With 2.2 Attacks 2.3 Strategy 2.4 Quotes 2.5 Flavor Text 3 Trivia Vegetoid appears to be a large carrot with a face that covers its entire front. It’s a Final Froggit, a Whimsalot, and an Astigmatism.

icezolation – Additional Papyrus sparing info. You have a moment to move freely but she will eventually catch up to you so you’ll have to try again. That might have a bigger effect! I keep sparing Moldsmal but at the end it shows white text “Found the new cave” instead of yellow “Backup dancer” Or don't. That might have a bigger effect! The game’s motto is “A game where nobody has to die.” This includes your encounters! It’s also on PS4 and Nintendo Switch, both as a hardcopy and a digital download.

You can end the fight with Papyrus by losing to him often enough. Immediately spareable. I made a thread like 2-3 days ago and it’s already on the second page.

EDIT: Never mind, I found the bird that carried me over a disproportionately small gap. But why would you, it's so adorable! So Sorry doesnt give a Exiled Queen ending if hes the only one you killed, so this is an understandable misconception. All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. You'll be a yellow, shooty heart again but your bullets won't damage the robot at all. But if you want to try and ease their worries, try talking to it. METHOD 2: Heckle it (more than once?).

Edit: Keeping the steps as simple as possible / without spoiling anything. Now choose act and convince Mettaton to turn around, then flick the switch. Maybe even give it a gift for its troubles! Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 43,695 times. MISCONCEPTION #2: Killing the dummy in the Ruins ruins (heh) the run! We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. I forget. METHOD 1: Beckon > Pet > Play > Pet twice. Cheer 'em up 3 times and you'll make a very good friend! Migospel: When all other enemies have disappeared, Migospel will open up to you, allowing it to be spared. But its hard to test because it seems like it takes longer everytime you do this unique Act to get him to leave. It’s a whole bunch of dogs, so you can use the Stick! If so, you don't need to sing as much to Knight Knight to get him to fall asleep! Is it some sort of in-game thing or something? For the disco ball, shooting it will turn the lasers from white to blue. MISCONCEPTION #3: Killing So Sorry does not count against you. After making your way through Hotlands and the Inn, you can move on to exploring the core. Bonus: It’s a whole bunch of dogs, so you can use the Stick! Someone said to Console Whimsum alot to get hers. What do you do? MariettaRC – Initial FAQ/Paths/Sparing guide author. 9/30/2015: Added sparing info for Waterfall, Hotlands and CORE, added info on sparing Papyrus/Undyne/Mettaton EX.

Addition to the Spare guide: Woshua will run away if you touch it after hugging Moldbygg. From here you can continue to the next area. In this path, you spare everything. After some trial and error eventually, you'll know to head through the left door. hide spoiler. This article has been viewed 43,695 times. The more expensive the food the better as everytime you eat 'on brand' food the audience will enjoy it more depending on how expensive it was.

You’ll know you can spare it when Dogsong starts faintly playing. While you can run as soon as you’re red again, she is incredibly fast and will catch up to you and immediately turn you green again when she does. They will flicker just before coming back on giving you plenty of time to stop. I’ll have to try this out and see, I don’t remember what monsters I’ve gotten yellow names on…. I made a bad decision by spending all my money on tem flakes and can’t use them for HP, now my bag is full and the guards won’t stop killing me, what do I do? This also must be done before you reach the area’s boss. For a pacifist run just choose to act in between each dodging sequence. It actually completely turns things around in terms of how RPGs usually work. Moldsmal (/ˈmoʊldˌsmɔːl/) is a species of monster encountered in the Ruins and Waterfall.

You’ll know you can spare it when Dogsong starts faintly playing. Melon Bread: She’s Shyren, Moldbygg, and Aaron, so Hum, Un-hug, and Flex. The guide has been updated! Both by ACTing, and literally in her attacks. I had just gotten past the Mettaton quiz show, how much farther till I reach them? Did you improve your singing with Shyren? Immediately spareable. muscles r... NOT CUTE!!!! METHOD 2: give tem.....TEM FLAKES!!!! A neutral ending is done if you’ve either killed no one and did not befriend everyone (see True Pacifist – this happens regardless), or have killed at least one monster. You can find videos of what happens if you kill them on Youtube. You have to complete the laser and jump pad puzzles, and get through another encounter with Mettaton first. Anyways the first slime can be spared immediately but gives 0 gold. Woshua: Here you'll start to encounter new creatures: Next up you'll have to hit a switch to continue. So, without further ado: Aaron: This guy is all about showing off his biceps, so show off yours, 3 times to be precise. METHOD 1: Ask it to clean you and grab the green water! Wait to see what this guy wants. Drop those items. Mad Dummy: Talking does nothing, sparing does nothing, just dodge his attacks but try to make them hit him as often as possible. Play around with that ability a bit! There’s another way to spare Madjick in the CORE. Undyne: One change to what you have listed. Final Froggit needs to be mystified before you can spare him. I find Alphys’ expression hilarious if you choose “The Human” on Mettaton’s quiz.

That is, the way to spare that turns a monster’s name yellow in the credits! This game is meant to be played as blindly as possible. This Whimsum is battle hardened after so long. It's also worth mentioning that you can pay her to weaken her next attack, which is shown by the small spider with the sign. I’ve also done Hard Mode, but I didn’t include it because I don’t think it counts as an ending. I’ll also stop being lazy and update the True Lab section. Pray in front of Whimsalot. If anything, I’d consider that to be something more for the Tips, Tricks and Tidbits thread. Alphys will give you some bad advice about the orders the lasers will appear in. The following tags are for those who either wish to know about the game’s system in more detail or already know but aren’t sure what to do to fulfill what they want to fulfill in their playthroughs! Surviving mettatons will then shoot hearts at you. Flirting isn’t required but it’s certainly more fun. Sometimes, she'll actually weaken her attacks for a turn.

METHOD 1: Encourage it. Temmie will be instantly defeated by your lack of cuteness and an Aaron will take her place. She’s Shyren, Moldbygg, and Aaron, so Hum, Unhug, and Flex (in any order). There is a starting requirement for this, and it will be made clear once you have obtained it; In the ruins, you must kill every monster (you are allowed to miss the first Froggit that Toriel scares away). Shine their armor. Toriel

The Alphys date and True Lab are only available if you beat the Neutral boss with no kills. Done your work for ya. Then run away from battle. Updated FAQ. It was glorious. While I'm not sure about the guards specifically, I would suggest researching the Punch Card glitch. So what IS Undertale? TIP: If you survive her attacks for a while (Pleading helps), she will eventually grow tired (you’ll see it in her face and dialogue) and running then will make her not catch up to you as quickly. Also added a question to the FAQ. If you want to…. His heart attack will shoot lightning bolts - you need to dodge those and shoot at his heart to end the onslaught. Use this gold to buy items that will be beneficial for your HP, then go to spare the Royal Guards. BONUS: Continue to hum with Shyren to better your singing careers. Muffet: One thing to add, you can avoid the fight entirely if you buy something from her own personal bake sale…the one where everything costs 9999G. It prefers people to not be in its personal space, so even if you have not done so, Unhug it. THE GOLDEN CHIMERA IS MY GREATEST ACHIEVMENT, [UNOFFICIAL] Undertale Historia: A Chat Room for Discussing Undertale, Undertale: FAQ and Spoiler-free Spare Guide. Muffet < > Showing 1-13 of 13 comments . Snowdrake: Posted about 5 years ago (edited almost 2 years ago), You missed one additional mode, though whether it counts as an ending, I cannot exactly say. Shooting his heart does not count against you, nor is it required (but it’ll make his attack last longer if you don’t shoot). Whimsalot: This Whimsum is battle hardened after so long. TRUTH: Doing the True Lab, let alone dating Alphys to begin with, is impossible on the first run before the Neutral boss. This article has been viewed 43,695 times. (but then you'll invite someone else over...). Choose Dinner, then absorb the green projectile in order to spare this monster. Approach her instead. Choose Dinner, then absorb the green projectile in order to spare this monster. BONUS: Pet it MULTIPLE TIMES for ENDLESS FUN. Does the Nice Cream guy come back after Waterfall? Hey! Not a dog person? Later knives will also appear on the sides of your box during his heart attack. METHOD 1: You can't pet it until you have dodged its attack by NOT MOVING. METHOD 3: muscles r... NOT CUTE!!!! Here you can find frequently asked questions about the game, as well as a SPOILER-FREE how-to guide if you’re stuck on anything. There are two Bake Sales in the game. If not, I’ll include one for Mettaton, at least for the quiz portion. Don’t worry about her name not being yellow, spare her multiple times. Moldessa: Fix this creature’s face to spare it. Throw it and Mettaton will do something that the crowd will go hog wild for! He’s under the BOSS spoiler in the CORE. Undertale is a traditional role-playing game where no one has to get hurt. Showing it a peaceful prayer will remind it just who it really is. Alternate method: Use the Stick if you still have it in your inventory as an item. Once you've touched the green attack enough times (you'll know when you have), whisper to 01.

I may reformat this guide in the future.

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