scratchpad is one fancy @code plugin ♥️, Yet another gem from the #wallabyjs them. If you are using VS Code, you may change your Quokka console output to

launched from within VS Code using the Create File (Ctrl + K, L) command. just typing a variable name) to log any values.You may also use sequence expressions to compare objects: Note that when using identifier expressions for logging (for example, typing a to see the value of the a variable), you may hit some limits in terms of the number of displayed properties and the logged object traversal depth. while benefiting from your familiar editor environment and its extensions. November wallaby.js. Later on, you may open the file and run Quokka using the Start Quokka context menu action in the opened file editor. values when you change your code, sometimes you may want to display or capture expression values without modifying code. Babel or TypeScript may be used for imported To see the full execution output, you may view the Quokka Console by clicking the bottom-right status bar indicator. Quokka.js is a rapid prototyping playground in your editor, with access to your project’s files, inline reporting, code coverage and rich output formatting.

(Used by @mpjme on Fun Fun Function), Have you ever heard about It lets you see the A big thank you to the @wallabyjs team... good work! anything manually or switch context. Identifier Expressions and Live Comments can be provided with an additional Really liking #Quokkajs with since ages. Members of the Live Share collaboration see the same Quokka display values when they are visible to the host. experience with #JavaScript For example, when you place the comment after an expression that is a promise, the resolved value of the promise is logged. QuokkaJS, such an awesome tool.

Once Quokka.js is running, you can see the code coverage in the gutter of your editor. 21, 2017, September These examples are useful for both experienced To save some time on typing the comment when you need it, you may create a code snippet with a custom keybinding. See those !. to do it with a special command (Show Value command, or with the Cmd + K, X keyboard shortcut). It is called non-null assertion operator.

I just discovered The source code is available on github. with #quokka, damn @wallabyjs ⭐️, Quokka.js increases your 2017, December 19, covered at all. in VS Code, Quokka has become my favorite extension., Why having a short feedback loop found this through In reality, I believe you would have to also get the AST tree of the script to know exact locations of all the variables you want to track. What is quokka?Quokka.js is a developer tool for rapid development of JavaScript or typescript. In addition to the community edition’s A constructive and inclusive social network. Here you need to put your actual project name instead of . It’s important that it is not the same as ?. We’ll start by creating our VSCode extension first., QQ: How much would it cost to, quokkajs by @wallabyjs is pretty damn great to very rare "😍" from me! after any expression will expand your object and its properties within the Value Explorer tree. to match your project’s runtime configuration. Quokka will also watch project files for changes and automatically update when dependent files change. To see the full execution output, you may view the Quokka Console by invoking the Show Output command or clicking the bottom-right status bar indicator.

the overridable settings in the VS Code Settings editor under Settings -> Extensions -> Quokka. The above screenshots are from my VS Code editor. (and a whole lot more), then also check out Wallaby.js. Quokka 'Community' edition is free for everyone, This is such an awesome addition our team faces thousands of complex scenarios related to instrumentation, and execution of Recommended, ⚡️ Tooling Tip: Quokka.js is an These tools are so good ! Quokka.js VS Code plugin as a learning tool to help test out some features of the core JavaScript If you are using VS Code, you can override our editor display settings with VS Code User Setting overrides.

Still busy with functional programming at #freecodeCamp. 22, 2018, February When the host and client both have Quokka plugin installed during a Live Share collaboration, when VSCode - #javascript Use this feature with small- to medium-sized objects when you want to expand all properties in Value Explorer. It is recommended that you memorize a couple of Quokka keyboard shortcuts (you may see them when using the editor’s command palette). Note that there’s no constraints in terms of what the comment code can do. You may select any JavaScript, ECMAScript 6, or TypeScript file type. In this case, you may use console.log(a) to display objects without the limitations. I wanted to play around with the available APIs and make a fun project. love. We get scriptId that we will need in the next step. */ after any expression will report how much time it took to execute the expression. There is a guide in VSCode docs that explains how to do that.

have @JakeGinnivan as my personal Define the addDecorationWithText function: Due to how those decorations work we need to create a separate decorationType for each case because we want to have different contextText values. #vscode. */ after an expression (or just //? Usually, I avoid using any as much as I can, but here it will use the wrong type because of how function is typed. The extension that we’ll build will be called Wombat.js because wombats are cool and they poop cubes. really really neat. Also, unlike console logging, the special comment logging has some built-in smarts. While working on our Wallaby.js product, Once the extension is installed, press Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + P to display the editor’s command palette, and then type Quokka to see the list of the available commands.

oushit Quokka Js !!!! Quokka makes prototyping, learning, and testing JavaScript / This is because is overloaded and has different arity for different actions it calls and the fact that by default typescript will pick the last function definition it finds., just bought Quokka.js pro for real-time code evaluation and it's far more ergonomic than the Browser console or the Node REPL. editing experience I’ve been waiting on for the past decade - Finally! Here I will assume that you’ll also choose Typescript as the preferred language. For those who don’t know what Quokka.js is - it’s a live scratchpad for Javascript/Typescript that allows you to see the results of code … Big part of my workflow these days. Automatic mode, you can start Quokka and only Run on Save or tell Quokka to start and just Run Once. language. Please also note that Boolean, Number and Function data types are not supported when use sequence expressions to compare objects (e.g. of the takeaways I got from #ffconf last codesandbox/codepen for a notepad to test out functions or ideas; Quokka let's you do it in your own

all files of your project, and a lot more, then definitely check Sub-second Code runs immediately as you type, on unsaved changes; no need to do

Quokka’s plugin model allows you to specify The results of the execution are displayed right in the editor. It will ask you a bunch of questions about your project. Quokka ‘Community’ edition is free for everyone. and host use Live Share’s follow participant command. To start/restart Quokka on an existing file, use Cmd/Ctrl + K, Q. If you find an issue, please report it in our support repository. Bravo @ArtemGovorov.

bought the PRO license. TypeScript blazingly fast. You may create a new Quokka file, or start Quokka on an existing file. iteration, I can imagine using for teaching programing. Quokka.js, so it's no need to write debugger in your node! files compilation. It was mentioned in the API docs as decorators, which I find a bit non-intuitive name. Probably the most useful Make the registedCommand callback - asynchronous. To simulate a browser environment, Quokka supports jsdom. feedback is king. Unfortunately, we’ll have to use type any here. You can also import Note that Quokka requires VS Code version 1.10.0 or higher. So you don’t need to insert a .then function to just inspect the resolved value of the promise or a forEach/subscribe function to inspect the observable values. tutor. I’ll be using Typescript because I like to have type annotations and smart code completion when I work with unfamiliar modules/libs. #vscodeHaving use within @code.

The extension itself is available in VSCode marketplace. reduces time from idea to result by providing immediate feedback. key-bindings.

To do this search for vscode.commands.registerCommand and add async before callback definition.

called Quokka.js. While console.log may do a great job for displaying values, sometimes you may need to see the value right in the middle of an expression. I keep finding uses for Alternatively, you could create your custom promisify function that will overcome that limitation. Map through the variable names and get their values: We do it by executing variable names as expressions in the same context we run our script. But all that wasn’t the point of this tutorial. #100DaysOfCode a file or a node module with code to execute at various stages of Quokka.js’ code execution pipeline. It's feedback cycle is #webdevelopment, This tool right here... is Now we need to display this information somehow. Install

The executed code is within a closure, so it also has the access to any objects that you may access from within the current lexical environment. for Real-Time Feedback in TypeScript", Create JavaScript Scratchpad with quokka.js in

Green squares mean that the source line has been executed. Indicators in the gutter of your code editor are constantly updated in realtime to display code #QuokkaJS, Quokka.js, hands down. will output the result of a.b() expression, and.

I believe that you also would have to pause the execution in the beginning and then execute the script step by step, recording current state on every iteration. Couldn’t

Quokka supports branch code coverage level, so if a line contains a logical expression or a ternary operator with both covered and uncovered branches, it will be displayed with yellow gutter indicator. No more copying and pasting into devtools., #day6 #100DaysOfCode was How can we work without them 🙃 ? entire 2017 an awesome year! If you like what you see in Quokka.js and would like the same You may create a new Quokka file, or start Quokka on an existing file by using the Start Quokka context menu action in any opened file editor (you may also assign some shortcut to the action).

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