It appears to have a 26" barrel and is probably chambered for .303 British though the BSA was available in different calibers. I have seen them when visiting his home and appreciate them as antiques and pieces of history that will never be seen again, but they never have sparked an interest.

The same lions also appeared in the film "George of the Jungle (1997).". From Internet Movie Firearms Database - Guns in Movies, TV and Video Games, Snider Enfield Mk.II* Enfield Artillery Carbine,,_The&oldid=1316323. A fine Irish gentleman, a brilliant engineer. The point being to find something about which you are …, A Guest Post by Lucas J. Mather, Ph.D., Orange County Gun Owners Board Member I’ve …, Many of you are probably familiar with the shooting incident in Kenosha, Wisconsin involving seventeen …, This is a guest post by 17-year-old high school student Kaylee Allen.

They typically had two or four barrel designs. The following weapons were used in the film The Ghost and the Darkness: The Lee-Speed Sporter rifle is used by Patterson (Val Kilmer) throughout much of the movie.

There was no howdah pistol in the real story.

A friend in Anchorage has an outstanding collection of howdah pistols in all calibers and gauge sizes, both two- and four-barreled styles.

The hippopotamus hide on which the .577 howdah was photographed was taken by the author in Tanzania in 2006, but was not shot with a howdah pistol!

In the primitive conditions of Africa in the late 19th and early 20th century, the British Army was often a source of supply for hunters and colonists, which would have included spare parts and ammo. – Something Else California Anti Gun Politicians Are Stealing From You. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. One of the characters in the book was armed with a Howdah pistol and having never heard that term before I had to look it up.

The two weapons would give him greater flexibility for different game and situations. CCW Lifestyle Series # 10 – What’s Your Everyday Carry Ammunition? If you’ve seen “The Ghost and the Darkness” the Michael Douglas character is armed with two Howdah pistols. Famous because what took place at Tsavo never happened before.

Just a neat photo from the forum. Hunters, particularly in British Raj India, used howdahs as a platform for hunting, and needed large-calibre side-arms for protection against close quarters animal attacks.

Howdah pistols have featured in popular culture such as the film The Ghost and the Darkness, the video game Battlefield 1 and the TV series Westworld.

What If Someone Sees My Concealed Carry Gun?

I saw the rifle when it lived in Alaska many years ago. A BSA Lee-Speed Sporter, Farqueson falling block single shot rifle and a Holland & Holland double barrel rifle. Howdah You Do? It also makes sense that Samuel would own both a rifle and a shotgun. Hunters would ride in these baskets and were often attacked by tigers, thus the need for a powerful close range gun. The Rifles That Killed the Man-Eaters of Tsavo. The Howdah Pistol is a term referring to several different types of 19th-century large-caliber multi-barrel handguns. On later hunts, Patterson is accompanied by professional hunter Remington (Michael Douglas).

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