Of course, perhaps the most fundamental aspect of defense is tackling. Superstar abilities are always on, meaning players with the Shutdown ability, like Jaguars corner Jalen Ramsey, always have an increased chance of disrupting receiver catches. Not anymore. This position is also not as well researched*: *Note: Offensive Linemen abilities have not been fully researched*, Nasty Streak - available for every archetype, Threat Detector - Pass Protector and Agile, Secure Tackler - available for every archetype, Unfakeable - available for every archetype, No Outsiders - Run Stopper (for DE's only), Edge Threat - Speed Rusher (for DE's only), Tip Drill - available for every archetypes, Secure Tackler - available for every archetypes, Unfakeable - available for every archetypes, Tip Drill - available for every archetype, Pick Artist - available for every archetype, Universal Coverage - available for every archetype. They create it. But is around a million coins worth a kick returner and gimmick offensive player?

QB Playmaker – Passers with this ability can elicit immediate and precise playmaker reactions from any receiver. If you’re outside of the pocket you can always throw it away instead. I’m going to actively campaign against madden and you’re going to lose money. Most players rarely have a problem with this in the first place. Auction House Value: Xbox – 159k/PS4 – 150k/PC – 190k. He is so slippery. The ones I gravitate toward are the accuracy abilities when outside the pocket like Dashing Deadeye (when throwing on the run outside the pocket) and Roaming Deadeye (when feet are set outside the pocket). 89 speed, 89 agility, 78 trucking, 88 elusiveness, 91 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm, 83 spin move, 95 juke move and 90 break tackle. He only has 86 speed, but he makes up for it with 80 strength, 91 trucking, 85 stiff arm, 80 spin move, 90 juke move, 90 carrying and 90 break tackle. Add in 88 lead block, 84 run blocking and 92 impact blocking and he is a backfield do it all. That being said, the current X-Factors in this department seem limited (see Are They Worth It? document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); Christian Okoye, the Nigerian Nightmare. Superstar Abilities: Edge Threat Elite, Evasive, In/Out Elite, In/Post Elite, Out/Corner Elite, Pass Lead Elite, Pass Rush Elite, Pick Artist, Post/Flag Elite, Route Apprentice, Run Stopper, Tackle Supreme, Universal Coverage. Currently nobody has the Gunslinger ability, which speeds up the animation and ball speed for bullet passes, so this is one I'm really looking forward to using since it's often paramount to get the ball out quickly when the receiver is between zones. Where Okoye is raw power, Barkley can do it all. Auction House Value: Xbox – 1.1m/PS4 – 958k/PC – N/A. If I had to go with one, I'd look for a player with Outside Zone Guru since outside runs can be big gainers, and sometimes the A.I. Auction House Value: Xbox – 250k/PS4 – 259k/PC – 230k. I’m not saying it’s not useful, I’d just rather have another X-Factor instead. I like doing slants, so Slant specialist is good to hold onto the ball while going over the middle, but Slot-O-Matic might be more generally effective since it confers different advantages to short routes from the slot. At the time of this writing, there are some X-Factors and Superstar abilities in the game that aren’t utilized by any players yet. Gordon’s juking and break tackle ability are a problem, and you could run wild with them. Superstar Abilities: Conductor, Dashing Deadeye, Gift Wrapped, Gunslinger, Gutsy Scrambler, Identifier, Inside Deadeye, Last Ditch, Lofting Deadeye, Long Range Deadeye, No-Look Deadeye, Pass Lead Elite, Pocket Deadeye, Pocket Lead, QB Playmaker, Red Zone Deadeye, Roaming Deadeye, Secure Protector, Set Feet Lead, Sideline Deadeye, Sleight of Hand, X-Factors: Bazooka, Fearless, Gambler, Pro Reads, Run N Gun. Which players are going to be the best at running through defenders for your team? In order to do that, you’re going to need a little help. The Human Joystick. Freight Train (X-Factor) – Currently only Cam Newton has this ability, which gives him a better chance of breaking the first tackle (like First One Free). Apart from the mobility-related abilities for QBs listed above, most of the rest are related to throwing accuracy under specific conditions (called Deadeye) and precision passing. This Series 2 Master card reflects that.

Human Joystick ability is crazy good. 94 return, 92 speed, 93 agility, 94 elusiveness, 94 ball carrier vision, 93 spin move, 94 juke move and 93 break tackle. These abilities are used throughout the game, but they can only be switched in/out in Madden Ultimate Team and QB1 Face of the Franchise. Trademarks and brands are the property of Reinforcement is a close second, which helps defensive backs shed blocks and make stops closer to the line of scrimmage, but also aids in pass disruption.

There aren’t many that fit into this category, but I think almost all of them bring something to the table, affecting play from pass breakups to defensive line moves, better tackling, hits, and interceptions.

Gutsy Scrambler – Passers with this ability won't be adversely affected by pass rush pressure while throwing on the run. Cheapest Price, Security Guaranteed And Fast Delivery, Copyright © 2016 - 2020 MMOGO.COM .All rights reserved.

To see the current list of which players have which abilities, their full descriptions, and the requisites to turn on/off the X-Factors, click into the special rotating menu (the far-left panel at the bottom of the screen) from the game’s main menu screen. Madden 20 has a new control allowing QBs to pull down the ball, giving them full access to any ball carrier moves in the pocket. The game’s Superstar Abilities revolving around hot routes apply to QBs as well as running backs, receivers, and tight ends. Bazooka (X-Factor) – Cover star Patrick Mahomes has this, and I’m as big a fan of his as anyone, but frankly I don’t know how many situations I’m going to be in where I have to throw an 80-yard bomb. Game Informer. To start a new Franchise file, simply select its tile from the main menu. I’ve broken down the game’s current abilities based on a few broad categories: These abilities combine two separate Superstar abilities, making them rare and particularly effective. Conversely, if you’re playing against an opponent with these abilities, you’re going to want to know what you’re going up against. Run N Gun – Many passers use a combination mobility and aggressiveness to make big plays. Long Range Deadeye – Perfect passing accuracy on all deep throws except high & low throws with the QB's feet set. Gunslinger – Faster passing animations & increased max pass speed on bullet passes. On Madden, there isn’t much that is more infuriating than a player breaking your best attempts at tackles all the way to the endzone, or more satisfying when you’re the one doing it. This isn’t super useful since it doesn’t increase the chance of causing an actual fumble. or it simply wasn’t useful to me, like when the running back is highlighted coming out of the backfield when I'm looking to push the ball downfield instead. The Human Joystick. With 84 catch, 79 catch in traffic, 78 spectacular catch, 82 short route running, 78 medium and 81 deep, but just getting the ball in his hands means trouble. 6’1”, 253 lbs, 88 speed, 90 strength, 93 trucking, 92 ball carrier vision, 90 stiff arm and 92 carrying. In practice, I didn’t find it super useful. If you earn a nickname like that, you obviously did something very right during your career, and as you may have guessed, Hall’s came from his ability to make people miss and break slip around contact. © 1991 to Based on this season, for the most part, this card may seem like it is overrating Gordon. Secure Protector – When pass blocking, provides more time in the pocket when engaged by not allowing quick pass-rush blocksheds, unless defender has Edge Rush Elite. Strip Specialist (Superstar) – This makes you immune to broken tackles when going in for the strip. Bulldozer – Excels at the truck special move when carrying the ball. Focused Kicker – Kick-meter cursor speed is significantly slower for more precise place kicking. Fullback *note that this position has several abilities that repeat. A handful of elite abilities combine multiple abilities, so you know these are valuable.

their respective owners. In the future, if you see a player with one of these abilities, you should give them serious consideration because these sound valuable. Both X-Factors and Superstar abilities can be very useful, but some are definitely handier than others. Check out this page for tricks and tips on how starting up your own league in Franchise Mode of Madden NFL 20! These Superstar abilities and X-Factors naturally aid in specific routes and catch types, making them all useful.

Once the X-Factor is turned on, it can be turned off, and the conditions for this are similarly prescriptive.

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