Thus, an "A" rank in "K.O."

2 through 4 weapons. It is the smallest Map, with one less Battle than the Termina Map, and as the name implies is based on Koholint Island from Link's Awakening. 2 weapons that cannot be unlocked in Legend Mode. Defeat the enemies harassing them (the one's marked on your map) and the gates to the Enemy Base will open up.

Okay, here's how the first phase of the Ganon fight works. Swords of Demise (most powerful version of Ganondorf's Great Swords weapon) - "A" Rank reward. Use in keeps cursed with Barriers of Water.

Use to reopen all areas affected by the Twilight Realm. As soon as Cia's Weak Point gauge appears, hit her with the Bow to freeze her in place for a moment then rush over and beat on her.

It is divided into two halves- the left representing Hyrule, and the right representing Lorule. The Map is based on The Legend of Zelda's Second Quest Hyrule map. Capture the West Town Keep, Town Center Keep, Statue Keep and Central Square as fast as you can.

Guardian's Gate (more powerful version of Lana's Summoning Gate weapon) - "A" Rank reward. The adventure map is divided by grids. Use in keeps cursed with Barriers of Lightning.

Give to Mother Maiamai to obtain hidden rewards. Heart Piece (Ghirahim) - Capture the Northeast Keep. Head on in and defeat Darunia. The Map contains new "Mask" costumes for characters, several Heart Containers, and new 8-Bit weapons.

Use on rocks in the water to destroy them. Items such as the Cannon, Boomerang, and Hero's Bow can get rid of these hazards. The Termina Map provides new missions and challenges on a Map loosely based on Termina from Majora's Mask, and includes additional new Item Cards based on items from the game. Defeat them as soon as you can. Defeat the correct enemy in each room. Endless Night Rules for this map include: Hyrule Warriors Legends DLC only map that contains additional recolor costumes, heart containers, heart pieces, weapon ranks, and Gold Skulltula.

It's not necessary to do this (in fact, if you're going for "A" Rank you probably shouldn't) but it can make your life easier. Use a Power Bracelet Card on the third statue in the top row to unlock the "A" Rank reward. Do the same thing here.

Reconnects severed railways on certain squares.

The Lv. Use on green glowing circles to unlock new rewards.

Adventure Mode is a game mode in Hyrule Warriors.[1].

8-bit weapon skins are replaced with Lv. Lv.

Search an unexposed area of the map to see where other item cards can be used.

Maxes out Special and Magic gauges for one battle. 3 weapons for non-DLC characters that aren't obtained in Legend Mode. Some Battles restrict which Warriors or Weapons can be used in them.

2-4 weapons for Marin and Linkle's Boots are found here. KO it before heading to the Enemy Base to fight Ghirahim.

For more Cucco fun, two different Cuccos will appear and start fighting. The player moves an 8-Bit Version of their Warrior across the different missions until they choose what mission they want to challenge. Great Forest Fairy (more powerful version of Link's Great Fairy weapon) - "A" Rank reward. Once a Network Link appears, the Battle on the square it stands at can be played for an extra Reward, including Weapons and Materials.

These clauses can be removed with the Tear of Light Item Card.

Heart Container (Ghirahim) - Capture the Southeast Keep.

The exact requirements for an "A" rank vary by Battle, but are generally similar. Sometimes a mission requires to be cleared in a certain rank before they may open to the next block. Manhandle will expose its Weak Point gauge if you hit its four heads with your Boomerang after they turn green. Skulltula - Complete the first mission and KO 1,200 enemies without losing more that 4 Hearts worth of damage and it will appear in the same place as the last one.

Use on windmills to reveal hidden passages. Beating the first Adventure Map will unlock the Great Sea Map, then beating that unlocks the Master Quest Map.

In the first room, defeat Zant.

Skulltula - KO 1,000 enemies and you'll find it in front of the large statue just south of the Allied Base.

Use all four on the square containing the clock tower to unlock a hidden section of the map. In the third, defeat Midna. The Map contains new "Twilight" costumes for all characters but Twili Midna, several Heart Containers, and six new 8-Bit weapons. Skulltula - KO 1,000 enemies and you'll find it on the path leading south from the Enemy Base.

Defeat Darunia in the first room, Sheik in the second, and Ruto in the third. Once all of the Nightmare squares have been cleansed with the instruments, players will be able to use them at any time. The counter can only be stopped by finding and defeating the Dark Ruler who is hidden somewhere on the map.

Causes Golden Frogs to reveal enemies within warping squares. Increases completion time battle rank for 3 battle turns.

If all of the sand falls to the bottom, the curse will cause all squares to require an A-Rank to progress. Certain battles may pit players against third-party forces in a fierce challenge.

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