We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote! “This is why we hate teachers,” another student noted.

Suddenly my comment section transformed from one of supportive educators empathizing with me about the struggles of responding to students during a time when stress makes one prone to gaffes and mishaps, to one of traumatized students burned and bitter about their history with hypocritical teachers who attack them for their shortcomings and make their learning experiences unbearable.

We are only human and we will make mistakes.

Legal Statement. I remember what it was like to resent my instructors with every fiber of my being. Many students can only interpret a teacher’s response from their side of the situation, and therefore they translate our reactions to their behavior in a limited, one-dimensional way. But we are only human and we will make mistakes.

Not fitting into any of those categories myself, I began to post videos about my life that garnered very little interest. There is a difference between a mistake and poor work ethic ― you owe it yourself to discern between the two. All rights reserved. Though trends like this have taken off in the past, like those found on the Awkward Family Photos social media account, this is the first time such a "challenge" has gone viral on the TikTok app, which is especially popular with Gen Z. I had a modest amount of followers and used the app as a bit of creative therapy. They had found a place to challenge one another’s views on the humanity of those entrusted to provide them with an education. If they don’t demonstrate that they’re ready to move forward to the next grade or to graduate, the teacher’s professional reputation and livelihood can be at stake. I know that they are being asked to respond, to perform and to stay focused, which can be difficult in “normal times,” but is even harder during a pandemic. From the teacher’s perspective, if students don’t respond to and complete their lessons, they won’t show mastery of that information on their tests. "I'm just a kid and life is a nightmare," Simple Plan's lead singer Pierre Bouvier sings on the "I'm just a Kid," released in 2002.

They also used the comments section to argue with each other about whether these adults who were so hard on them and often caused them so much pain and stress should be allowed to be lighthearted about their own human failings. Called the “I’m just a Kid” challenge, it involves families filming themselves recreating old photos to the tune of an early-aughts’ pop-punk song of the same name, by the band Simple Plan. However, it turned out in this case, I had never even uploaded an assignment in the first place! All rights reserved. Flustered and fed up, I had begun to chastise them for refusing to engage in the online learning process after I put so much work into developing the lesson (which actually happens a lot).

As a sensitive person who was new to this platform ― and had never experienced this kind of attention or public scrutiny before ― my first impulse was to take down my video. As a teacher struggling with online learning, I had made many mistakes in the past week alone, and one in particular really made me crack up.

This is absolutely insane and incredibly special to us. As educators, we are often told that sometimes the best teacher for students is the students themselves, and as I watched the conversations unfolding in the comment section of my little six-second video, I realized these kids were being given a place to scream, to vent, to comfort each other, and to let each other know they were not alone in the educational process. Then Everything Changed When The Angry Men Showed Up.

I guess everybody makes mistakes. It was, for lack of a better word: atomic. It was, for lack of a better word: atomic. How do I know all of this? By leaving the video up, I committed to allowing whoever views it to create their relationship with it, as well as a place to share, to shriek and, ultimately I hope, to learn something about me, their teachers, and themselves. The challenge has been so popular, in fact, that multiple YouTube users have already compiled some of the "best" examples into longer compilation videos. The mistake I decided to talk about was a moment during remote teaching when I was frustrated with my students for not beginning their online lesson.

Get all the latest election results from across the country, with up-to-the-minute maps and more. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR LIFESTYLE NEWSLETTER. “I did this with my Google forms ― I was so embarrassed!” another shared. You've successfully subscribed to this newsletter! Powered and implemented by FactSet Digital Solutions. Even though I was certain that I would never become part of the upper echelon of “Tik Tokkers,” I still relished the opportunity to share a bit of myself with this new world. In my case, I have no problem apologizing for my mistakes and correcting and adjusting the learning process when the situation requires.”, They also used the comments section to argue with each other about whether these adults who were so hard on them and often caused them so much pain and stress should be allowed to be lighthearted about their own human failings.

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